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Quick N’ Easy Pulled BBQ Chicken Cooking Tutorial

This is a quick video showing you guys how to make bbq pulled chicken! I eat this regularly. Super easy and full of protein! Great for meal prepping! Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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Video Transcription

how’s it going guys is awesome practicalpractical of it performance today I’mgoing to show you guys how to make pullbarbecue chicken super great meal supereasy super simple trying to saveyourself some time meal prep want to getyour protein in this is the meal for youguys so stay tuned and I’ll show you howto make it so what you guys are going toneed to make this pulled BBQ chicken ischicken breast fillets boneless you’regonna need a pan to put them on needtinfoil to wrap the pan and then you’realso gonna need some kind of cookingspray or like olive oil or something Ilike using cooking spray it’s justeasier less messy and then your barbecuesauce okay now what you’re gonna want todo is you’re gonna want to pre-heat youroven to 400 degrees for five between 400and 420 degrees okay we’re gonna setthat it’s going and then you’re gonnaonce that’s preheated while that’spreheating we’re gonna go ahead and wrapour pans with tinfoil spray our chickenand yeah alright now that we’ve got ourpans wrapped in tinfoil the next thingwe’re going to do is we’re going to takeeach of our chicken fillets just takethem whole as is and we’re gonna putthem on the pan on the on the tinfoil onthe pan and what you’re gonna want to dois you’re gonna want to go ahead andspray these give them a little spraymake sure that chicken doesn’t burn orstick to the to the tinfoil that’s kindof why we’re doing the tinfoil anywaysis to make this a little bit less messythan it needs to be alright now that wegot our chicken breasts on the pansyou’re gonna want to go ahead and spraythem a little bit just the tops they’vealready got it on the bottoms if you’vealready sprayed your pan so now thatthey’re sprayed they should be good togo that’s all you have to do you guyscan throw a little bit of salt andpepper on them if you want it’s notreally gonna make that much of adifference but sometimes I like to dothat and yeah now we just wait for ouroven to heat up and then once that heatsup we’re gonna put these into the ovenfor 30 minutesokay sometimes it can be like 20 to 30minutes depending on how good your ovenis but you want to make sure that youthat the chicken is cooked all the waythrough and that it reaches the properinternal temperature usually as long asyou don’t see any pink it should be fineafter 30 minutes so that’s that’s that’swhat I that’s what I do tip if you’relike me and you didn’t you know waittill the oven like warmed up to put thechicken in and you prepped everythingdon’t leave it sitting out on thecountertop or especially on the ovenbecause that’ll like slowly warm thechicken up and you want to try andprevent salmonellaas much as possible so yeah just popthem back in the fridge if you have thespace just you don’t to worry about thatPorter do you want some chick in yourface about it while the ovens stillpreheating on take a sec to talk aboutthis barbecue sauce it’s the only oneout there that I’ve been able to findlike in stores there’s probably othersonline that you could check out but yeahit’s called G Hughes the sugar freebarbecue sauce they’ve got a couple ofdifferent flavors like maple and sweetand spicy but I like the original I alsolike the maple Jessica doesn’t likespicy stuff so I try to you know not bea dick and like let her have you knowenjoy the food too so it’s not too spicybut yeah it’s really good guys I need toclean my oven it’s really good guys butbecause it’s sugar-free and so basicallyI’ve talked about this in other videosyou basically drink this whole bottleand only be 170 calories which isawesome especially when it comes tosauces and condiments because that’swhere they get you a lot of times sothis is pretty much if you throw this inwith all the chicken it’s very lowcalorie hi guys so the oven just beepsso we’re gonna pop these bad boys in theoven and then we’re gonna set the timerfor it to twenty-five minutes we’llcheck on the chicken at 25 minutesand if it’s still a little pink we’ll goahead and leave it in there for anotherten all right go ahead and set the timercome on almost therehi guys timer went off let’s check onthis chicken oh yeah it’s cooking realgood I’m gonna test cut it to see ifit’s cooked all the way throughI doubt it is might have to pop it infor another 5-10 minutes yeah guys it’sgonna be tough to do one-handed but I’mgonna try my bestmmm oh yeah not there’s still pink inthere see that needs more time don’treuse this knife clean it off don’t giveyourself salmonella guys all right guysso the oven beeped again I went aheadand cut and checked all the chickenbreasts they all look good look allwhite no pink look how moist that looksso what we’re gonna do now is I’m gonnashut my oven off all right it happensbefore clock and so what we’re gonna dois gonna take each of these chickenbreasts that are now fully cooked andwe’re gonna put them in a big metal bowlor like a Tupperware container and thenI would also advise go ahead and cutthem in half like I did because that’llmake it easier whenever you guys startshredding them which is what we’re gonnado next with the once we put them in theTupperware or Bowl okay guys this is thesecond to last stepother than enjoying it you need twoforks or if you have like a foodshredder like a blender type of thingthat will shred it which I don’t whichmake this a lot easier then use that butwhat you do is you going to take thesetwo forks and I can’t show you because Ineed both my hands but you’re going tobasically have each fork in each of yourhands and you’re going to take thechicken and justread it apart if you’ve ever made anycold type of meat before you know whatI’m talking about and so yeah so I’mgonna do that and then I’ll show youguys what it looks like afterwards andthen we’ll add the sauce in alright guysI have successfully shredded thischicken if by the end of it your handsaren’t sore then you are probably luckyand you didn’t have to use Forks butdoing that for like 10 minutes makesyour hands kind of hurt but that’s okayso I’ve already preached it aired thescale to have the Tupperware so we’llsee how much this weighs look guysthat’s like three and a half pounds ofchicken right there all cooked allshredded I know what we’re gonna do youtake your jar barbecue sauceliterally all you’re gonna do is justpour the entire thing in there and youknow based on what you guys are you knowusing what kind of chicken you’re usingif you’re using the chicken breast likeI am or like chicken thighs or whateveryou want to use like just take that intoaccount when you’re calculating yourcalories and if you know how much anentire bottle this is like 170 and thenweigh out your chicken and you canpretty much calculate the entire likemeal the calories and macronutrients forit and then just weigh it each timebefore you serve yourself some andthat’s it guys I’m gonna stir it up andthen I’ll show you the final producthere it is guys I’ll stir it up Ipromise it’s deliciousput it on a piece of low calorie breador just eat it as is last time I madethis amount there’s about three and ahalf pounds of it it lasted me andJessica like five days each of us havingit for one meal a day so you know I paidonly like nine dollars for all thatchicken and then this barbecue sauce thelow calorie barbecue sauce it’s likefour bucks for a bottle of it but if youcan get like anywhere and I eat a lotlike half a pound each meal so a lot ofyou guys out there might not be eatingthat much at a time so it could lasteven longer so yeah if you calculatethat out like per meal that’s nothingthat’s only like 12 to 15 dollars foranywhere from 10 to 15 mealso yeah they’ll save you guys some moneythanks for watching this video I hopeyou enjoyed it and let me know if if youlike the recipe let me know if you gaveit a try and how you liked it thanks andhave a great rest of your week

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