BBQ Pork Recipes

叉燒飯. Char Siu Over Rice. BBQ pork over rice

如何煮叉燒飯.食譜. 簡單步驟.美味.粵式.港式. How to make Char siu over rice. Barbecue pork over rice. a Recipe. Easy Step.

Chef Michael Choi has more than 30 years of experience in Gourmet making experience. Former executive chef at Camino Hotel. Head chef in Restaurant of Chinese Cuisine. Japanese Cuisine. Asian Cuisine. A wide range of culinary skills and outstanding. won multiple awards. The purpose of establishing this channel is to summarize and show my experience. dedicated to all food lovers to share. If you like, please subscribe. I will update every week.
Chef Michael Choi有30多年美食製作經驗.曾任職帝皇酒店 Camino Hotel 行政總廚. 和香港北美等地的中餐.日餐. 亞洲餐廳的大廚. 廚藝範圍廣泛而出色.多次獲獎.建立此頻道目的是想總結和展示自己經驗.獻給各美食愛好者分享.如果您喜歡,請訂閱.我會毎週更新

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