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Hey guys, I’m back with a great idea for valentine’s day if your stuck and you don’t know what to make for your loved one, then look no further!
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2 Scotch bonnets
1 Ginger
4 Clove of Garlic
3 spring onions
5 pieces of clove
1 teaspoon of Thyme
1 onion
Black peppercorn

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello everyone welcome to African foodout everybody is in them thank you forcoming today to watch us and if it isyour first time coming to our channel wewelcome you do please do take a seat andwatch were we going to make today sotoday we have our POC Grier what are wegoing to make for vuelta specialValentine’s Day so if you have ideas oryou don’t have any ideas for Valentine’sDay this is itso watch it stay here and we’re going toshow you what we’re going to do so herewe have all things here we have our poolwe have pork shoulder boneless there’sno bones in a shop already washingeverything and here we have our channels- scotch bonnets once more fresh gingerand here we have one spring onion greenonion we have a five clove of garlic onelarge onion and here we have clove andblack peppercorn blend together and herewe have anise seed want one teaspoon andalso type 1 teaspoon also and here wehave 1/2 tea spoon of chili pepper andhere we have our bullion beef booyahhere there we going to use them soplease and I’m going to blend a wholeginger and onion and pepper and thegarlic I’m going to blend all of themtogether in a bean so I have blendedmarket pathogen onion and the garlic Ihave added 1/2a cup of water into it and blend ittogether so I’m going to add this intothe pot with the mix now I’m going toadd almost slices here we have blackpeppercorn and applause yeah and thenI’m going to add the boot beef blue orsmall and if you want you can add a bitof salt into it as wellnow I’m going to add a bit of salt aswell okay what is spoon of flour seasalt and here and I’m going to mix atogether mix it and make sure it goeseverywhere properly so I’m going toleave it for about five minutes and thenI’ll add water into it and leave it forabout 20 to 25 minutes to cook and makesure that the seasoning goes in reallywell so I forgot to mention earlier Ineed 1/2 a piece and their meat a pieceothers they as well will give a nice ithas been 5 minutes now so I’m going toadd the water into it so i have to cupof water here dump into art and makesure you taste for the salt if it’salright for you and I’m going to addalso a bit of my chili because thescotch bonnet is not enough I wannareally hot and spicy[Music]shakers in properly so I’m going tocover this now and leave it for about 20to 25 minutes so it’s going here allergyit’s going to grill nicely beautifulspecial Valentine’s Day program that’sit here and we’re going to cover thisand put it on him yeah I’m going to putit on 30 minutes and on 25 225 degreesfor thirty to thirty minutes roughly 30min so our stump is nice it tastesreally good so I’m not gonna throw itaway I’m going to keep it so next timewhen I’m making a my stew or anythingelse I can use it so don’t throw thisaway soon this is how our meats looklike is done nicely juicy not too drymmmTakada look at this mmm and it smellsbeautifulI’m going to take them out yeah so whatmeat is done I’m going to try some foryou to see okay this man is moist andeverything I’m going to tryhmm and if spicy as well is reallyreally very very tasty and nice hmm Wowbeautiful so hey this is war have donefrom our gum fried young black wokgreen oh and our meat on the sidethat’s for your Valentine’s Day dinneror lunch wherever you prefer yeah so mixthis work on this Valentine’s Day andthanks for coming hope to see you againand try this[Music]


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