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Very easy and simple recipe for ove bbq ribs

Liquid smoke sauce 1/2 cup
Whorshtire sauce 1/4 cup
Meat seasoning
2# ribs

Season ribs with sauce and seasoning

Place in 350 degree oven for 35 minutes uncovered
Remove from oven and baste in thick bbq sauce
Cover with foil and cook an additional 35 minutes or until tender

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Video Transcription

Oh y’all chef Geoffrey back with anothervideo hereold-school slow food hey today we’regonna be doing something I love countrystyle barbecue oven ribs you know doingthe wintertime which it is right nowwhen I’m doing this video it hillshappen to be December you wanna youdon’t want to be outside on the fear andI love the barbecue nobody can barbecuelook by the cute more than me butsometimes I got to cheat and do it inoven I’m gonna show y’all a nice way todo them in the oven and when it come outnice tender and flavorful so these justa little cut up uh you know that theycall these are the country reels the waythey’re cut here so what I’m gonna dofirst thing I’m gonna do here I’m gonnaput some Worcestershire Worcestershireon them I wish the shy when you do BobbyKim you can’t do a barbecue withoutwatch the shotwhat’s your shot on there the liquidsmoke so give that feel like you likeyou did on my side all on the pit letthe smoke on there you know my it’s mymy favorite seasonTavern is me seen it you remember withit and we’re gonna turn over and do theother side like I said it’s the niceeasy way to do the to do the ribs insidenice flavorfulwhen I’m through with these you’ll neverknow I’ll never know you get them insideso flip them over saying when I get theother side Worcestershireliquid smoke and seasoning here andwe’re not gonna put the barbecue sauceon it until after they cook a whilethat’s a different process you can dowhat I’m seeing in your life I justhappen to like cavernous you can use abarbecue rub season if you like but thisis what I like okay now what I’m gonnado I’m gonna take a pan to have a rackin it because I want the juices separatebunch of meatI don’t want it sitting in the juices Ireally wanna do this to come out ofthere so I’m gonna put in a rack hereall rightlike a half an inch apart okay touchingand be okay but I like to read likemaybe half an inch apart from each otherright here okay now we’re gonna put themin up juices on there this is flavorhere got all that on there that’s allflavor that okayput in the oven for 375 degrees forabout 30 to 45 minutes then we’re gonnatake them out we’re gonna drain all thatliquid out we’re gonna rush the barbecuesauce on them really really good thenwe’re gonna cover them and cook them anadditional 30 45 minutes let’s takeabout an hour and a half almost twohours of duties where they falling apartso we’re gonna put them in there uncoverthem goodbyeOh 45 minutes come back and put thebarbecue sauce on them coming back upcook up another 25 minutes so we’ll beright back all right y’all we back heredon’t see we got here we go then we’regonna cover them and it has a lot ofmoisture in the bottom of the pan andthen moisture is gonna help tenderizethese reels[Music]they’re gonna be ball off the ball tenminutes ticket and they’ll be readywe’ll be right backare y’all we back here okay now I’mgonna do some barbecue sauce on that sonicewrong with thatoh yeah now we’re gonna play them uphere we’re gonna try these things wegotta tastecome over thereeither way to cook reels you just waitto cook reeled in the wintertime look atthat I’m just so tender so tender letthem cool just a little and I’m gonnacome back and we’re gonna taste one I’llbe right backall right y’all we back here and we’regonna tasty you don’t get this pieceright heregnarly try this recipe awesome flavorand delicious tender you can see sotenderdaddy’s recipe give this recipe thumbsup please comment piece the spot keep mypage to my channel until next time havea blastold-school soul food day


  1. Looks delicious! I was trying to decide what I wanted to cook for my New Years dinner and these ribs are a Winner!!😋

  2. Love your videos food always good don’t take a long time right to the point ty for taking time out sharing your soul food cooking skills. Keep. Making videos I’ll keep watching. God Bless

  3. I really enjoy watching your videos. I would love to make an appointment for a cooking class with you sometime this year. I can’t wait to purchase a copy of your cookbook. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on the proper techniques of cooking the old skool way

  4. I’ll be making these today! 🌹I didn’t catch the name of that meat seasoning. I heard you say it but you said it so fast 🙂 please share

  5. Hi that video right on time for the holiday always cook BBQ ribs and like cooking brisket also ribs look delicious I know they is going to be good thank for another great video 👍👍👍🙌🙏

  6. Love the Ribs. If you ever do anything with Shake, I would LOVE to highlight the video and put it out there in a big group.

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