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60 Seconds SMOKIN – BBQ Smoked Pork Chops (Ukulele Jay)

SUNDAY 60 Seconds Mini Episodes: This is how I smoke my BBQ Pork Chops. It’s so simple, it’s one of my staple smokes during the week when I only have a short time after work to do it (about 1.5 hours). I get nice grill marks and a fantastic juicy boneless pork chop that’s SCINTILLATING!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi everybody get those pork chops readyand get your favorite barbecue seasoningliberally coat those pork chops withthat barbecue goodness and don’t beafraid to use too much we’ll take careof that in a secondmake sure you pack the seasoning downreally good adhere to the meat nobinders needed just keep patting tap iton the edge get that extra off flip itover and do the other side with the sameamount of seasoning again you’ll have abeautiful coating like this and thenwrap it up and put it in the fridge andI put mine in there for about four hoursthen get the smoker going nice bluesmoke put it on the smoker and bamyou’re ready to go paired with couscousand Brussels sprouts this super juicysucculent pork is scintillating[Music]

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