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Air Fryer BBQ Pork Chops | Chef Lorious

Air Fryer BBQ Pork Chops will make you rethink what’s possible!

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Video Transcription

[Music]today in the airfryer you guys we’remaking barbecued pork chops juicybarbecued pork chops in the airfryer nowthis is gonna be over real quick so payattention y’all let’s cook for startersI’ve got my air fryer preheating toabout 390 degrees okay now you want itto preheat because that was when youstart cooking it’s already ready to cookyou know I’m sayingI freaking in your oven this is veryquick okay so this is so simple I’ve gothere for almost workshops okay I’m gonnajust put a little olive oil on each oneokaybrush it you don’t need a ton of oil butyou need a you know you do need a lowflame or me come on okay and I’m gonnatake some barbecue seasoning this is myhomemade barbecue seasonings and chefLori’s when I use this on my ribs andthings and I love it I guess I shouldfind a way to package in your sonlike let me know ok and how this is howsimple this is going to be you’re gonnaput this in your air fryer ok on thefirst eye for about seven to eightminutes ok sorry then you’re gonna flipit in the air fryer and cook it forabout another seven minutes or so andyou’re gonna be done and you’re gonnasay you’ve got to be kidding me girl Iwouldn’t lie to you fan I wouldn’t dothat little bit the same thingand again just putting a couple drops ofolive oil on here I hope you notice anyoil is fine use that little brush spreadit out like so much seasoning as youwantI like seasoning know I can they gonnabe born is he by being boneless thesebonus chops are really good it’sactually a very lean kind of meat againthis is keto friendly it’s kinda ketoright I mean there’s little there’s alittle bit no better sure there’s alittle sugar in his neck folks its ketoish about that all right you have tolook at this I’m gonna take it rub thisPat that in just like so okay here wehave the basket now this air fryer I’musing today I have several today I’musing my hamilton beach toaster oven airfryer combination deal so this one has alittle more shadow of a basket but itstill does the same thing okay see let’sjust get creativehow about we make a pattern y’all go oneup one down yeah here we gobut there’s no reason I’m just donutsomething trying to keep it interestingokay here we go now our air fryer ispreheated it’s ready to go I’m gonna putthis in for about the first sevenminutes or so then we’re gonna take themout and flip up and we’re going to checkthem let them cook some more and they’llbe done alright let’s do itand here are our pork chops after theirfirst 10 minutes we’re going to flipthem over say look ya’ll you think theywon’t look this good I did you oh Itried the Tyrian okay we’re gonna putthese back in I’m gonna also check thetemperature of them because we want tomake sure that this port gets done youknow you don’t wanna play games beforeso just gonna take this one now that Iknow it’s not completely done yet I justwant to see kind of where it’s coming inall right this is going around onehundred twenty-eight hundred thirtydegrees and we want pork to get to about150 hundred forty-five hundred and fiftyso we know that it’s not overdone that’sgood and you have little ways to gowe’re gonna put this back in theairfryer for another seven minutes or soguys would you look at this these chopsare beautiful in the airfryer aboutseven minutes on the first side anotherseven minutes on the second side oh yeahI’m slipping it’s so juicy i’ma turn itover so it looks pretty alright look atthat this is a little warm so be carefulyou know I think I’ve kind of messed upmy whole situation with my fingers andheat guys I’m kind of barbecue sauce onthese this is my homemade thick barbecuesauce gonna startI’m going to take this brush and justlightly glaze that on there thisbarbecue sauce has been warm so whateveryou use warm it up just a little bitlook at that oh oh yes 20 minutes in theairfryer you guys and we got pork chopsready pork chops I’m gonna clean theplate up a little bit and I’m gonna takea taste make sure you clean it up alittle bit y’all know I’m in that room Iwant the food to taste good I’m not allabout the food got it tastes good I’dlike the plate to be pretty maybeMelissa’s not take too longokay let’s taste it here we go I’m gonnapick up this little baby right here ohyes so juicy that they just move aroundwhen you pick them up they’re like whoathere Jesse so that the book shop issupposed to do here we gothe pork chop this is good everydayyou’ll love itfamily will love it not a lot of dishesI love our free sausage put them onthere see look if you look on the bottomyou see look at that’s the juice ofstuff these this is a good dinner it’sso easy and it’s healthy you’re notusing a whole lot of oilhold on creature just accompanied with alittle olive oil put the seasoning on itand letting it go all right y’allthat’s all for today thanks for beingwith me I’ll see you next time from workAlabama cooking

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