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ASMOKE Recipe | How to Make BBQ Pork Chops with 100% Applewood Cooking Pellets


Pure applewood gives ASMOKE its signature taste. No blends. No fillers. Create mouthwatering BBQ dishes infused with real, fruit-smoked flavors.
At ASMOKE, we put flavors first. That means we do not use any fillers, binding agents, chemicals, oils, or additives in our pellets. Only pure, food-grade applewood straight from the orchard. Applewood pairs well with anything, create a light, fruity smoke that enhances beef, Lamb, chicken, pork, seafood, vegetables, Wild game. SO YOU DON’T NEED OTHER SMOKING FLAVORS.


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Video Transcription

if someone asked me what is the one dishyou can’t live without this would haveto be it the smooth glaze and theflavorful fullness makes this dish standout from the rest the recipe to end allrecipes hands-down the best barbecuepork chops with bourbon glaze you’llneed the following ingredients to getstarted let’s start by laying down somebutcher paper in your pan place thechops in and generously season itcoating the entire nough sub the chops[Music]once covered set it aside for now nextwe’ll make our glaze mix in some ketchupbrown sugar molasses honey garlic wishto Shire sauce and sweet barbecue add ashot of your favorite bourbon and mixuntil your glaze is smooth after thattransfer it into an ovenproof saucepanset you’re a smoke grill to the smokesetting and smoke the pork chops forabout 60 minutes[Music]adjust the heat settings to 350 degreesFahrenheit place the saucepan on thegrill and allow it to boil glaze thechops on both sides for a nicecaramelized texture and grill for 10 to15 minutes until it’s lightly charred oruntil you get an internal temperature ofa hundred and forty-five to a hundredand sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit letthe chops sit for about five minutesglaze them again if you choose serveimmediately for the best tastingexperience and you got the perfect dishready to enjoy a smoke we put flavorsfirst

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