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Barbeque…..BBQ, Pork chops, buttered potatoes with garlic and chilli.

Barbeque….BBQ, with buttered potatoes, and chilli and garlic, (please try) the taste is divine, try to use big pork chops and with bone they always give a better flavour.

Look out for my cheese on toast with out cheese….lol.

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Video Transcription

alright here we go again let’s just do Ithink the diet of barbecue or thedifference okayjust nice and simple two pork chops somegarlic some droid leaf Tytos and butcherwell margin and we’ll get these partsand potatoes first okaysome small potatoes try and get thesmaller don’t leave them in front putthem in half as well for the flat you’llunderstand why that part boiling but putthem in are as well so you can see thesurface of the actual potatoes though itas well they give some container driverspecifically you’ll understand alwaysremember with garlic the more you’vechopped into it the more you break it upthe more flavor intensifies so the wayyou do it is use salt chopped it up withthe small pieces first love the salt init and then squash it down with a flatsoily ignite and this will get maximumflavors so put it and that’s it use theflatness of your north be carefulobviously your knowledge but that’s thebest way to do garlic and get the pureflavor that there you go into a pasteand the source it graduates all theflavors in today after the garlic theword if you believe they very tunes inthere you’ll get a bitter taste when youbite into that is a different favorintend to take from the actual mixturethat will turn now they’re going to bitsin any bottoms with your types ofdifference in your to our mains so tryand get all the pigtail or the shockedproperties more not a paste[Music]put some butter into a dish and they wewant to do is add the garlic and thequestioning into the water and mix oncemixed then put it back in the fridge andwhite potatoes to be done so after thepotato have been passed oils plus a longtable a what’s a mixture in each onethen wrap up block a parcel and then youcan put them on the barbecue when you’reready to warm back up with the chopsthere we go and you would serve them inthe foil the Chuck sort of tied for thesideall right that you Chuck’s on thebarbecue salsa and pad forum if youprefer or just pass out all the salt ordon’t put anything on them Sub Zerowhere you choose that I think pork or wealways need so put your parcels ofpotatoonly the barbecue as well the same timewe put the pork chops out and now theywill eat grow same time as your porkchops a copy it’s just a bit of adifferent way to barbeque em rather thanjust sausage by sausage burgersyou know just the normal average stuffand don’t forget we’ve got the the pastein there of butter garlic and chilies abit of confession to make this is mysecond attempt it’s two weeks laterprior to what should have been the videoI did the path of the video but I couldnot like the barbecue though honestlyhonestly the best policyobviously so word I forgot completely toboil the water blocksit’s not easy to light the barbecue intherepersevered and there you go after about15 minutescertainly chopsthere were say 50 minutes because weturn them over before and what happensis the texture the meter go would bedifferent to what you experience if youdo after 15 minutesa bit more robbery rather than texturedwebsite they’ve gotta be careful forlet’s turn to early and the comic stressthe importance of size length inbarbecue is always have gloves andsafety gloves quadrants and water and ifyou’re outside maybe Anastos able to getto a nose but always be careful employedus and the calculation to have any airwear a glove or thurman and control it abit better right with the potatoes pickthe lock with using prongs typicalupside-down come back use the funds fromwhat they stood potatoes are trying todry out with all that melted with thatinside that will try and compensate bysoaking the back offand then all the taste will go back intothe potatoes sorry about minesI would find their den folks as you knowif me a lot look good well donebeginner give it children always makesure it’s welcome and got no sightissues of you remember this one of thosepotatoes are devoid of chokingforgive you smellivision whoa there wegopork chops and buttered garlic and chilipotatoes it’s just a bit different fromthe barbecue I would have had some saladwith it to be fair but I forgot then aside but we all know what salads alwayseat em boys a salad next week is youknow it to be fair so that’s uhthere you go just beet burgers andsausages all the so on does itWow folks that was amazing I wish Icould share it with you this last pieceas well or is like oh it’s real andremember always be kind there’s alwayssomeone worse or up there was then youthe male and I’ve found that as a matterof butter you are or in what particularurine you always both of us in the sugarwithout overstating matter becausethere’s always somebody were and againon a good note I’m going to show younext time because it took so long to dothis video for you I’m going to show youcheese on toast without the changethanks crazy that cheese and televisionthings you learn in needthank you

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