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I had to go digging in my deep freezer again this week and came up with a couple racks of Baby Backs. It was nice actually getting to do a low and slow cook again. Enjoy!

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back tell you what abeautiful day this is Sunday the daybefore Memorial Day and same situationas last time guys I’m not going to rentthis time I promise but the beauty thefood situation in the stores is the sameso I went back to the deep freeze to saywhat I could find and I round up acouple just a baby back racks with babyback ribsI do have an addition to my truckgorilla grill as you know I had to throwaway my bar rack and I got my horsegoing guys I apologizehit that a new addition to my grill Iwas out the charbroiler website I’mactually kind of searching to see if Ican find a new smokerI do miss doing my stick birds but it’skind of hard to do without a firebox butI ran across this guythis is a charcoal basket made for thecharred gorilla it’s made for the adultgrills that they got obviously I haveone and I’m really excited about givingthis thing to try I’m a good Louis lowmobility I’ve gotta set it and like asnake method and by the small portionlet it burn over and smoke and I’venever used this for so hopefully thetemperatures how black can control thatso it’s going to learning experiencetape can I get to bring you guys a nicelow and slow rib cook and I don’t get todo a lot of low and slows anymore so I’mreally excited about today so let’s getgoing guys okay I hope you can see thisreally cool little basket doesn’t costvery much on a target a website as thisis designed just for this type of thingthis type of said it I’ve got it mostlyfilled up over here with charco I’ve gotjust an over emptyI’ve got my small chimney over here I’musing just that just to light thecharcoal and I’ve dumped it in herehopefully we’re gonna have that low andslow effect going across this is pecanwood were used in today and that’s howwe’re that’s how we’re gonna roll withthisno like I said I’m using pecan wood onthis cook but I’ll tell you what Ijumped back but forth between the pecanwood and hickory wood I’m doing ribs andit’s probably my two favorite woods letme ask you what is your favorite wood touse on a baby back ribs it great pecansomething else cherry I’ve used thatbefore so yeah let me know down below inthe comments okay as you can see I’vegot two racks of baby backs here I’vealready removed the membrane and trimmedup some of the fat I didn’t do a wholelot to them didn’t really need tothey’re roughly we’re slightly underthree pounds apiece so and I’m gonnakeep it very simple because I have notbeen to the store at all I’m simplyusing what I have on here on hand hereat the house alreadyand I’m going with my blend of saltpepper garlic guys that’s all we’regonna do here the only thing we’re usingon these ribs I’ll call it my blendthere’s really not it’s I used the sameversion of salt pepper garlic that Jamesover a mom and claimed them smokers usedit and I’m gonna put a link up abovehere so you can go check that out it’sto tell you what he hid the ratio saltpepper and garlic that he come up withand it’s amazing and I use it oftenthat’s it folks I’ll turn this overat this other side the same way when thegroup is up to temp these babies aregoing on smoking for a while you can’tgo in there and get this thing heated upI really don’t know what we’re gettinginto there so gonna play this one outgive me some great song in here what isa warm one already today just so I canwork with the fire I’m gonna leave thisin great off of it completely today trymy best to control these temps as if wecan’t get this thing up to temperature[Music]all right guys let’s see what we can dohere get these ribs on right at temp I’mhoping this will be a real simpleprocess sure it willnot in the big hurry today I’m excitedto get to do it low and slow set thatthere so we can try to control our tempsI’ve got one extra piece of pecan herewe’re gonna get this going guys we’llcheck back probably in about an hour orso hey we are about an hour into thisand I’ll tell you what remember I didnot put any rub on this guy’s just somepepper garlic which looks like we arecoming along sorry about the backgroundnoise folks we got yard work going onevery yard in this area I’m gonna rotatethese in and outlooking pretty good books actuallyrunning slightly hotter than I want allright let’s just got some apple juiceI’m gonna spritz ease up a little bitguys straight apple juice this timegetting some little color on here and Ilike it remember we did not rub these sostraight soft pepper garlic so that’swhat we got going looking good to mecheck back in about another hour yes weare roughly two hours into this got somegreat color going on baby what I’m gonnawrap this and go ahead and keep it onthe heat and I tell you what I’m prettyimpressed that’s what I’m singing so allright let’s go face down here I’m notgonna do any sugar I need that stuff onhere cuz I’m trying to stay away fromsome of that stuff but I am gonna giveher a good apple juice Fritz here get upunderneath there I just smell to makethis[Music]double-wrap thereall rightall right here we goso far we’re still holding temperatureso I don’t let it go for a little bit I[Music]believe that this have probably been thenoisiest day filming I’ve ever had I’llshake some of that off I’m probablygonna add some more charcoal ain’tworried about smoke right now with themall wrapped but I’m gonna add some morecharcoal in there[Music][Music]all right let’s take a look at this didsome pull back there do you see that I’mgonna go ahead and get these off of herebecause I can tails it’ll get some goodpull back I don’t put them on here whenI throw some more smoke to them and leteverything set back up and then whatglaze them guys all will be done we’rehere we’re about three and a half hoursin so everything’s looking good of thisover here looking too good guys lookingvery good I’m gonna throw some smokeback on this let everything sit back upin maybe 30 minutes or so I’ll checksome temps and see where we’re at Ibelieve we’re pretty much done anotherpiece of the con on here and then we’llsee if we need to add some more charcoalhere shortlyalright guys I think we’re back thereyeah almost start glazing these guys formy sauces I’m going to use two differentsauces one I’m gonna finish up some deepbarbecue sauce I got from killer hogsand I’m gonna use that and probably bethe last of this I have to get some moredown the road so y’all remember killerhogs on the left here don’t let meforget I’m sure I figured that once Itaste itwe’ll probably Clay’s these two or threetimes but we get this process startedhere and on the let our I’m sorry on theright over here I’m using just somesweet baby Ray’s honey chip up they wantto add a little heat to this one[Music]different bro so we don’t mix them upbut if folks I’ll probably do thisanother two or three times and then I’mwhen I bring you back we’ll be insideready to cut them up and give us a tastetest gasps would you look at that yeah Iremember which ones which give that hogsauce is on the left here cut the honeyChipotle over here beautiful ribs guys Ihope they taste as good as they smellwe’ll go right down the middle heresisty filler holes cut me old hipreaction going on hereI’m gonna spin this around don’t forgetwhich ones whichyou divide it this the honey should fallday Wowget in between the bones there mr.Odgers here we goturn this back around so we can rememberwhere everything’s at let’s take a lookwe can see that definite smoke ringthere they’re juicy put some juice thereto wipe my hands off before it touch theother oneI always forget there’s a little spicein that killer hogs- honey Chipotle same deal with thatsmoke ring plenty of smoke green looksgoodgive these guys a taste guess that it’shot that it’s not a complaint I’ve had aball out there today loved every secondof this I’m gonna get started here we’vegot some ideathey’re both baby backs of course I gotsome of the killer hogs barbecue sauceI’m gonna try first here guess I knowwhat it tastes like this there’s been awhile since I’ve done although it’s lowlove itdon’t so goodyou know that’s uh kind of how I like itI don’t like it following up phone Ilike it pull off the boat real easy andI got that we’re there we are theresmoke here and give you some of thishoney okay I’m sweet baby rayhaters gonna hate but I like sweet babyRay’s girls always have there’s somethat goingas expected delicious as you seenearlier I did not do any special rub buta bit of salt pepper garlic it wasperfect for this cook guys perfect justas plain good thank you thank you somuch I was so good to get outside and dolow and slow my schedule don’t get to doa lot of the lowest local cooks so thiswas especially fun and as I filmed thisthis is with Sunday before Memorial Dayso gotta be sure that give the good Lordof things for those who gave all for usI know that you’ll see this a week afterbut be sure to do that that’s why westill have our freedom so we fight forour freedoms every day and those thatcome before us have already done that soit’s our time to pay them respect soguys thank you so much again hit thatsubscribe button board say hit that likebutton that helps us bad also so tillnext time guys god bless ya

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