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Master Your Grill – Pork Belly Burnt Ends on the Weber Smokey Mountain

Welcome to Schueys BBQ, where I want to help you Master your Grill.

In today’s cook I’ll be showing you how to smoke Pork Belly Burnt Ends in a Weber smokey Mountain.

In this video, you’ll learn the tips and tricks to help you Master Your Grill.

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Ingredients –

1.5 kgs (3.3lbs) Pork Belly
Rubs of your choice (I used Lanes Honey Sriracha and Four Monkeys Pork)

¼ cup of brown sugar
¼ cup of honey
½ cup of Blues Hog Raspberry Chipotle
½ cup of Blues Hog Tennessee Red
¼ cup of apple juice
¼ cup of chicken stock

250 grams (8.8oz) of salted butter (cubed)

¼ cup of brown sugar
¼ cup of honey
¼ cup of Blues Hog Raspberry Chipotle
¼ cup of Blues Hog Tennessee Red


Method –

Cube up pork belly into 4cm (1 ½”) cubes
Cover with dry rubs evenly

Put into smoker at 120c (250f) for two hours on a wire rack

Warm up sauce ingredients (cube butter and place aside to get to room temp)

After two hours, place in foil tray and cover with warmed up sauce ingredients and mix up.

Place cubed up butter over the top and cover with foil.

Put back into the smoker for one and a half hours.

After one and a half hours, remove foil and stir cubes of pork belly through sauce.

Remove and put in another tray and cover with glaze, leave uncovered and put back in smoker for another half an hour.

Eat and enjoy.

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Second camera person is Emily Schumann. Ruler of all button pushes and keeper of all burnt ends.

I always listen to music while BBQing and therefore why I like to have some background music in my videos. The problem is the royalty free music can be quite bland at times and getting the rights to the music I do listen to, well that is near impossible.So I have teamed up with Greg Kitchen from The Dojang Studios in Sydney Australia, who is going to write ongoing original music for my channel. In this video, the tracks title is “Kickin it”, an original and copyrighted piece from Greg Kitchen.He is available for other collaborations and is contactable through his Facebook page

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Video Transcription

hi welcome to shoe is barbecue wellyou’ll learn the tips and tricks tomaster your grill today I’m going to besmoking some pork belly burnt ends nowif you do like this video don’t forgetgive me the thumbs up share it with yourmates but the best thing you can do foryourself is hit the subscribe and thebell buttons that way you’ll be notifiedevery time upload a new video so let’sget in that’s right I’m making porkbelly burnt ends today you know trust meonce you’ve made these your family andfriends are going to request them allthe time now to make these obviouslywe’re going to need some pork belly okayand you’re going to need to cut thatinto four centimeter strips and once yougo all the strip’s cut cube it down intofour centimeter cubes the opposite wayokay now you want to use whatever rubyou want today I’m going to be usingsome lanes honey sriracha for the firstcoating and make sure they’re all coatedevenly and then I’m going to use somefor monkeys pork rub and again just giveit a good coating make sure they’re allcoated then you just want to transferthese onto a wire rack that’s just goingto make it a lot easier to get it in andout of the smokertoday I’m going to be setting up the WSMto be smoking at a hundred and twentydegrees Celsius I’ll be using the minionmethod and that is in the charcoal ringI’ll have thatpretty much full of unlit lump charcoaljust leaving a little well for we’re alittle off and go I’m gonna get achimney starter 3/4 full light that upand then when that’s ready I’m going todump that into the center it’s alwaysgood to have a spare pair of old tongsjust to neaten up that piles becausesometimes they scatter and I’ll be usingsome cherry wood for smoking and I’lljust use about three good-sized chunksand just put them just on the outside ofthat with chargoal so the WSM is at tip and it’s beenstable now for 30 minutes so it’s timeto get that pork belly on so let’s grabthat rack of pork belly chuck it on thecooking grate put the lid back on makesure the the top lid vents wide open wewant to get the smoke and the heatrolling over our meat okay and we’regoing to leave it in there for two hoursand we’re going to get some nice colorit’s a nice smoky flavor on it and thisis the start of rendering down that porkfatokay our pork belly beans have beensmoking away for two hours while thatwas happening I just put together a nicebasic sauce to put over and now it’sjust time to lift the lid and see whatwe’ve created look at the color on themjust pick one up just test they shouldbe starting to get a little bit spongybut they’re nowhere near done yet weneed to transfer these into a foil traycover with the warmed up sauce and thenwe’re going to cover that with these 250grams of cubed up salted butter now I’llcover that with some aluminium foil andput that back into the smoker for anhour and a halfso today’s cooks gonna take four hoursor for those of you who like to use mybeer timer you’re looking at eight beersyou just remember while you’rebarbecuing keep well hydratedokay now pork belly burnt ends have beenwrapped up in the foil boat for an hourand a half with all that sauce and thebutter so it’s time to get them out justgive them a bit of a a toss around inthat sauce but we’re going to transferthese into another pan and I’ve againmade a nice just a glaze sauce to goover them just drizzle that all over getthem all covered put them back in thesmoker and we’ll lead them for about 30minutes just to let the sauce tack upit’s time to get the pork belly burnhands off the smoke in here you shouldremember they are going to be hot oneither 10tation is to dive straight in and starteating you it doesn’t matter how manyyou make with family and friends you’rejust gonna run out really quickly youare going to love these thingsso the only thing left to do is to saythanks again for watching and Cheers[Applause]why babbled on they got a Maui’s lawnall dayHey he finished have another beerstuffed out are you recording

10 Replies to “Master Your Grill – Pork Belly Burnt Ends on the Weber Smokey Mountain

  1. I’m Tom-I had to do the same thing a few weeks ago. There’s no ribs ( at the time) found a rack in my freezer. Great video, don’t need a lot of seasoning, taste the flavour of the meat. Looked yummy after the glaze

  2. Amazing looking ribs 👍🏻. Looks like the news charcoal basket works well. Can’t fault you on the Sweet Baby Rays- it’s my favorite store bought sauce as well. Enjoyed the video. Stay safe and well.

  3. Fantastic cook Ken. I love the love you sent out at the end for the ones that serve, served and gave all. Great lookin ribs and as far as the sweet baby Ray’s I haven’t found a better one yet. I love how you are getting every last bit out of your chargriller. A couple of my last videos is showing me grilling on what I call my ugly drum grill, my chargriller rusted out so I threw it away and put a drum on the frame and used all the parts to make this grill. So in a way I’m still using my chargriller. Have a great weekend brother

  4. Haven’t watched in a bit, but Ken you knocked those ribs outta the park. Got my mouth watering for sure!!

  5. Nothing like a lazy afternoon low and slow rib cook. Those looked amazing. My go to wood chucks are red oak. Great on beef but works great with pork too.😎

  6. Just got done wiping the drool off my laptop. Glad you finally got some time to do a slow cook. I have been diving to the bottom of my chest freezer as well. Things are starting to turn around in my neck of the woods and the shelves are looking fuller every day. Stay safe and God bless.

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