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Make the best BBQ Ribs.
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Video Transcription

alright guys and of course this video isbrought to you by money seasoning calmwe’re going to be making these ribs withharmonious seasoning we’re actually justusing the works spicy I believe so wewere able to do the work spicy inmarinate these these these ribs you guysaren’t going to love it as you can tellby the pictures looks really good sothis is me basically preparing the meatshowing you the nice cuts that we gotthem the nice board that I justpurchased too which is actually awesomeand so if you see those little tincontainers there that is our seasoningand they come in those tin containersand the great thing about that is youonly have to buy the tin one time andthen we sell you the refill package torefill that 10 the cool thing about thetin 2 is that it has you know the threeholes where you can control the pour alittle or you can do it I just did thereand pour it on and for meat like thisI like pouring it on I like giving it alot of lot of flavor and it actuallyhelps in the cooking process as we useall natural products we actually smokedsome paprika which is just a red pepperand smoked and it’s a sweet red pepperso it gives us that sweet smoky taste soyou want to make sure that you getenough seasoning and that’s what I’mdoing here and this this part of thefilm also we need to talk about the panyou want to make sure your pan is niceand hot so take some time to get thatpan hot first throw your oil on afterthis nice and hot very very key tocooking at a good temperature at a goodrate and your meat is gonna come outawesome so check it out alright so guyspan is nice and hot now what you want todo is you want to put the oil I likeusing of avocado oilof account avocado oil and a lot ofpeople do the mistake of putting the oilon then turning on the heat don’t dothatwait till your fan is nice and not toyou so now you start seeing a little bitof the smoke that’s what you want tostart living deer meat in we want togive it that nice crisp is then whatwe’re going to do with the ribs theseare going to take them out of here andwe’re gonna wrap them in aluminum foilput the barbecue get that nice wake-ups[Music]placement is crucial you don’t want toovercrowd[Music][Music]and it and they just want to get thesebrown on its side could add someoneavocado oil and sidesmells like delicious right can you hearthat sizzling you want to UM want tokeep moving this so it doesn’t stick tothe pan but it’s good we want to do thatnice and brown perfect and you don’twant to worry about cooking it all theway because we’re gonna finish it off inthe ovenand that’s what you’re gonna get withour Sudanese you get that nice crispylook okay smoke flavor without turningyour smoker onbeautifuland then I let this go on this side allright so we’re getting close to ourfinal cooking process of this what Ilike to do is I like to take some butterput a little bit butter butter we madethis long trail nice and fresh it goesinto one of our seasonings so it’s todry it out it’s fresh cilantrothere’s a good thing about of ourseasoning does is that we do everythingfresh so the garlic is fresh garlickyoniony powder that’s fresh onions[Music]these panda heavy butter[Music]that’s the way you make nicefall-off-the-bone written what we’regonna do now is we’re going to pick itoff[Music][Music]I’m gonna get it into our oven we usethe ninja foodie oven which we lovebecome a household essentialspeaking of essential make sure you’restaying at home unless you’re essentialand they’ll say I’ll do it a bit beforeall right so after you’re done with thatprocess what you want to do is you wantto put the mini aluminum foil put somebarbecue sauce in them we throw it atthe oven for I think it was 375 forabout 20 minutes and it came out awesomeso the money seasoning calm everybodyget your free samples if you click onthe top there just click on get a freesample and we will ship it to youabsolutely free does not cost youanythingso grab your free sample I believe it’spromo code sample at checkout to zerooff the shipping so promo code sampleget your for example we appreciate youeverybody stay safe thank you there’llbe more videos like this in the nearfuture

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