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How to make fall off the bone ribs

Garlic powder
Your favorite bbq sauce
Rack of ribs

I didn’t measure the ingredients for the dry rub, I just added equal parts to a bowl and mixed.

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Video Transcription

okay so let’s get right into the videoall of the ingredients will be listed inthe description below as always you’regoing to need garlic powder paprikablack pepper and salt you’re going tomix it all into a bowl and this will beyour dry rub for the ribs[Music]okay next you’re gonna want to removethe membrane from the back of the ribsand I know a lot of people say this isoptional but I highly recommend thisbecause it’ll ensure fall-off-the-boneeffect for the ribs um you can take anapkin and grab it like I did because itit’s kind of slippery so this littlemake it easier for you to just pull itoff in one previouslyyou know I’m just gonna be putting mycharm rub all over the ribsyou’re gonna sprinkle it on and thenyou’re gonna rub it in really good[Music]and I might flip them over and do theother side as wellokay now I have my crock pot set to thelowest setting just low and you’re gonnacook these for eight hoursnow I already cut them in half so Icould stack them on top of each otherand you’re gonna want to add just alittle bit of barbecue sauce for nowwe’re gonna be adding more later once weput them in the oven on broil[Music]and I’m just gonna stack the other oneright on top and add a little morebarbecue sauce on top of thatyou know you just leave this on low andit’ll cook for eight hours okay so eighthours later and look how good this looksthese are seriously so juicy and justfall off the bone you can see right herehow easy the fork just goes rightthrough it okay now we’re going to beadding more barbecue sauce to thesebecause we’re gonna pop them into theoven on broil for about five minutesjust keep an eye because you don’t wantto burn them but you when the barbecuesauce- like caramelize on top I didn’t haveone of those little brushes for thesauce so I just use this room but if youhave one that would probably work betterokay now back into the oven on broil forfive minutesI’m sorry not back into the oven butinto the oven for five minutes okay andthat is after the we’re in the oven onbroil you can kind of see the barbecuesauce kind of kamma lies on top so goodguys I promise thank you guys so muchfor like so much for watching this videoplease like and subscribe and I’ll seeyou in the next video thank you

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