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Bbq Smoked Turkey Legs, Pork Loin Pork Chops, Texas Hot Links, Boudin, Texas Ribs, Chicken Wings…

Deirdre Clemons | #deirdreclemons

Happy Sunday, May 24. 2020

#CookingCommunity #cookout #family #memorialday2020 #memorialdaybbq #Mukbang

Menu: Dinner I cooked on Memorial Day Weekend | Bbq Smoked Turkey Legs, Pork Loin Pork Chops, Texas Hot Links, Boudin, Texas Ribs, Chicken Wings, Hamburgers, Beef Franks, Potato Salad, Pinto Beans. #Mukbang
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#CookingCommunity #cookout #family #memorialday2020 #memorialdaybbq #Mukbang #barbeque #memorialweek #chill #threedayweekend #thankful #grateful #mdwcelebration #memorial

#barbeque #memorialweek #chill #threedayweekend #thankful #grateful #mdwcelebration #memorial

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Deirdre Clemons

#CookingCommunity #cookout #family #memorialday2020 #memorialdaybbq #Mukbang #barbeque #memorialweek #chill #threedayweekend #thankful #grateful #mdwcelebration #memorial
#barbeque #memorialweek #chill #threedayweekend #thankful #grateful #mdwcelebration #memorial
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Video Transcription

sunday dinner okayso this right here is the turkeysmoke you saw me when i first took outthe grillwell when i put it on the grill okayso that’s one so everything my dinner isreadythis right here is my hot dogwith the beef frankchicken wingamber oh that’s what you calluh my pork chopsee how thick it is alsothis is my texas hot linki’m just showing you guys my dinner isready what i cook on sundaythat’s what i’m just showing you guysbecause some of you probablywatched the whole video but that’s mytestiriamy boudinuh hamburgerwhat i did i didn’t want to i used tomake my own potato salad but i didn’twant to make no potato salad so i justbrought it from sam club and i broughtthis before so this is really reallygood you guyscan’t go wrong with that also this is myhot dog bunhamburger bun okayfor my hamburger and[Music]and my famouspizza is already seesee how they looksee how that is and that’s what you callpitot b not chili beans pitot beanssouthern style this is how my mom makeit and this is howit looked one of my recipein my recipe so this is southern easttexas styleokay so even though this video the firstpart in this video is gonna betwo minutes three minutes but i justbecause i know most you guysprobably not gonna watch the whole videosome of you guys might i don’t know butanyway my dinner is readyokay so this is the first part soplease try to watch if you want to knowhowi prepare everything okay all righty i’mout of hereand um i might come back and show youguys howi make my plate and i may notbecause i’m tired yeah because it’sreally hard when you have to cook andcompareeverything season everything you knowwhat i’m sayingso i might i might not without the pennow mr hand me a glass of wineall rightokaylet me should drink it right now okayenjoy the rest of my video you guysall readyalso this is what we’re gonna grilltoday on sunday fori know we’re gonna eat some today andmondaythat’s uh memorial dayprobably just showing you guys whatwe’re gonna put up what we’re grillingtoday on sundaythat’s the baby back riband i’ll season this overnightuh this right here isi seasoned this overnight as well it’scalled theboneless pork lunch chopyup i always season my food overnightalso look at these bigbe frank like hot link down itgot this i got all i got all thiswith this sam clubalso we’re gonnagrill some of thatcheck out this you guys got this pickthisalso at sam clubit’s called the smoked turkey drumstickpromise very expensive only threefrom 1104 this is the texasand so what i do is when i cook my pintobeanlike i said it’s soaking all night i’mgonnaput after the my video being get doneabout halfway then i’m gonna put one ofthese uhuh smoked turkey drumstick in my pintobean to get legsnormal time i don’t do that but hey i’mjust gonna try to see howit tastes alsoi try to get the regular what you’reputting on the grillthe beef brisket but thenthat brisket calls a hundred dollars isaid pleaseno sorry so i just went ahead and gotand these are good i got this before thebeefbrisket it’s already cooked just heat itup probably put some on the grill justto getmore smoke also i’m going to dohamburgerthat’s still in my refrigerator now idon’t know you guys know nothing aboutthisthis is called texas heart lake got thisdenimmeat market also i don’t know if youguys hearduh boudin that’s that’ssouthern style that’s texas style idon’t know if you guysknow that fresh you could tell thisfresh from the meat marketalso wingsi’m not going to open these package iprobably uhwhen i start putting everything on thegrill i’ll show you howthe boudin look and and the texas topicalso wings that’s what we’re gonna havetwo on the grill so once i open thisbecause i’m gonna go ahead and start uhput it on my umi’m gonna start go ahead and put mypinto bean in mycook that thing so oncei startonce i start putting everything on thegrill i’ll show you guyshow this look all right hello i’m mrwalkeri’m your examiner for todayokay now i missed that go ahead and uhi took the old water outand i watched i watched about two timessee see howsee how perfect they look when you soakit overnightand if you guys see i kind of put someonion about and that’sit this is how my mom do it back in thesouthshe don’t put no kind of chili powdernothing untilshe might um like it saysshe might put like salt porkin cooking on the stovebut i’m gonna cook mine in the crock potif i don’t have to keep watching and putwater and stuff inso i don’t think i’ll be just pulling inthat’s itanother put the lid onsee how it look then just put the lidsonand then once did it cook maybe aboutfour hour then i put in my meatand i might have to add a little saltedblack pepper but that’s iti’m not going to put no chili powder init because my mom didif she wants a good southern pitot beanyou don’t put no uh chili powder it’sjustbut you put chili powder just likeyou’re making chili beansand i don’t want that this was the firstpito beingoh yeah my business iscooking oh you know what i forgot to putwater in my bagi had to feel the nutand that’s all you have to do just putwater maybe aboutjust covered up the beans see how i didthatyeah just just make sure you cover upyour beaniesnowso that’s it let me start makingme some breakfastokay let me show you guys some peopledon’t know what boudinis but this is what i now show you guyshow i look insideyeah most of them sell it in texaswell yeah well it’s a big thing inlouisianasee how they look you guys this stuffrealoh just kind of go research you’ll seewhat it’s all stuff in iti kinda you know forgot but that’s whatyou call boudinrice and whatever sausage yeahit’s really really good so we’re gonnaput this on the grill toothat’s what you call boudin most likelyyou ever go to louisianathey sell a lot you know so yeahand this is fresh from the meat marketwhat i knowhello okaythat’s the porch i’ll show you guysearlierand look at you guys it’s raining incoloradonever faillook how thick it is the pork chopthe bonushuh and that’s the hot linkand of course that’s the real on toptake a picturesee the realsmokeokayyeah it’s raining on this sunday y’alllike my flowerbeautifying it well at least it’sraining elise is goodfor my temporaryfloweroh it doesn’t look good you guyslook at thick the porch huhthermometer looking good looking goodthat’s the taste of hot linkdon’t put too muchyou to hear that what he saidno i didn’t hear i said did youtube hearthati ain’t cooking everything for youwhateveryou know i don’t like a lot of barbecuesauce eithersoyou know what i’m saying okay now he’sputting the last thing on the grill theboudinand that’s the chicken wingthat’s the last two something real isstillon the grilloh you know whattell me i got some hamburger bun i meanohi forgot you guys last thing i forgotabout the hot dogsthe hot dogsyeah i’m gonna go ahead and season thehot dog and we’ll not seize the hot dogseason the hamburger patty when this getcold out herehot dog you guys put on the girlthen i’m gonna go season my patty myhamburgerit’s a big beef that’s what you callthisbeefrainy rainy day you guysgood thing we got a patioyup see don’t have to worry about itthere’s a lot of way we still barbecueon this rainy dayyep yep yep indeedokay now mr season my ground beef andnext timeyou guys see me everything will be readyokay so just be on the one video becausei am tiredyou saw all this the pork chop is readytessa hot link is ready so now you sawme put the hot dogthe hotdog the beef prankand the chicken wing and the boudin sothis is my lastthis is my last cookie and everythingnext video will probably bewhen we you know get ready to eat okayso this is what i’m gonna season thiswithand that’s the only thing that you needto season your burgerwe got everything in it okayso and this i do have this little placeit’s not on my cameraso i’m go ahead and season itlike that that’s all you needyou see that yeah that’s what i’m doingthat’s how i’m seasoning my burgeryou guys this is oh this is ridiculouslook at my patio flow i’m talking aboutit it’s all wetlike whatever[Music]i’m not gonna put them on here rightwhy you better film every time i open itnow my beans been cooking for lifetwo hours so i’m gonna go ahead and uhi’ll probably put something to me notthe wholethis i’m not gonna put the whole thingin therejust the seasonjust put enough to have thatseasoningbecause i don’t have no kind of saltedblack pepperokay this is this is how much i’m justgonna cutbecause i forgot i had some ground beefthat i might justadd with it on but yeahthat’s how much i’m going to add in mypizza beanthen put this rest on the grillbecause it had threehuhrightokayi think i might add some more water tothisyou see how that look these gonna bereally good guysi’m gonna add some more water toookay so this is the extra ground beefthat i cook with some tacosi’m just gonna add this to iti don’t like the waste nothing you guysas she grew up y’all gonna have to addsome more water see how thick it isyeah i’m gonna have to add some watertooi might put[Music]maybe some garlic powderto ithey guy when you add more water justmake surethat you it be the water be really hotbecause i need some more watersee yeah make sureyou add hot water because it’s beencooking for four hoursyou knowsee how now see how that pitot b see thegravythat’s how i see that’s how it’s for thelook when you cut firstpicture now this is what you callsouthern pitot not no chili beans chilibeans where people put chili powderin it not gonna taste pizzaokayyou guys i’m just gonna addno i’m not gonna add it i’ll change mymindokay so i like mine’s another spice i’mgonna use this withitgive the spicy flavor to itnot too much i’m sorrya lot of garlic powder you know i gotsome freshi might use the first color i’m notgoing to use thatoops not too much okay yeah i’m going tousea little teaspoon of fresh garlic idon’t want to use the powderi want everything to be kind of freshand stuff okaywell i’m just going to add a teaspoon ofthis garlicmaybe a half this one but this this guyis very powerfuli don’t want to put too muchand some of this this is finished i’mjust landing likecook with our little season togetherand this is all we’re i’m putting in mypitot being my southern pitot beingand this isohyeah i feel like winter out herewow i knowyou could tell by my porch the bostongot all wetit wouldn’t feel like winter i’m givinganother couple hours probablyprobably gonna be hot and sunny you knowyou don’t think so[Music]all right all right it’s too cold outherei just want to show you guysguys i have to tell you guys one moretime ohneil what you call southern italysee thatthat’s how my mom cook it and like isaid these pizza bean isin my cookbook because if you want toordermy cookbook but yeahthat’s what you want and see the gravylet me show you the gravysee how the gravy hereyeah that’s the kind of gravy you wantyes yes yes yesyepall right okayjust wanna show you still cookingthat’s the hot dog it came off the grilland we saw the chicken wingsokay let’s see how we put the uh smallturkeyand now this right here is where iadded some to the pitot let’s find thatlike that look at them boudin see thegodadand this small turkeyjust showing you guys reallyi was actually almost finished i don’tknow what happened to stuff i had[Music]i seestill smoking smoking smokingsmokingi need control of my better kadhi isabout togo downguys like this is the new couchremember the big box that you guys sawon my patio when i barbecuedbut this is what it came in umwell we have also we have to put ittogether butthis is so neat this iswhat i pressed at america furniturewarehousejust had to come back and let you guysseegot my little wine that i’m drinking onsee this and then they got the littleextrasee that you guys this is so niceand then it’s got the lightcheck it out light and lightsuv is two and this you got its electricknow-how the recliner is electricso it come out and stuffand then on the sidethis is see how it’s electric soyeah this is so nice i’m really likingyou guyscan’t beat this this is ummy husband just put my little news standup because i need another onethat’s my daughter laptop she over herebut check this out you guysokay so this this part right hereokay you see watch thisthis go up seeand there’s now three people could sitdown in itit’s leatherthe regular price i think it was likenothing sheer 1300 1300but i they had it because it lay a moremore of a dayamerica fat furniture they had it onsaleoh see that’s another side goton both sides seeand then it’s got the sim cardyeah but uhyeah they had it on sale for 888yeah all electric and like i saidi got this at uh american furnace too myhusband just put it togetherbecause you know i need another littlestandyou know to do my work and stuffand this is nice yeah so we did a littleshopping this weekendand stuff but i really like it allleatherreally soft and comfortablelike last night when he put it up i fellasleepyeah i just wanted to show you guysbefore i eat my dinner on sundaythis is where i be sitting all the timedrinking my little wine all right okaybyeyet nope okaythis is my husband place so i’m nothungry i’m still drinking my wineand stuff so i want to go ahead and postthe videothat’s the boo dab the ribhot link you got the potato saladcan you guys see that myboy pinto beanokay come on baby i’ll take you i knowyou don’t mindlook because i’m trying to eati see you all time you’re that goodum that one want to eat the whole thingyeah yellow yellow yellowyellowokay now this is my plate i know i saidi don’t knowuh record my plate but anywayi just went ahead and did it because iknow i record my husband platebut here’s what i’m eating i’m noteating a hamburger i’ll probably eatthat tomorrowokay what else i’m not eating a hot dogso what you see on my plate isthe uh salsaoh the texas hot link this is the tessahotlinethat’s the boudin i just got onechicken one chicken legi mean one chicken wing this is iprobably want you to eat this halfi just cut it in half the pork chopand that’s one ribalso that potato saladokay and so alsomy famous sodapinto bean see thatall right i’ll just show you guysmy plate all right bye-bye we’re alsoyou

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