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Quarantine Day 68: How to Make Cuban Style Pulled Pork in a Slow Cooker

Great and simple recipe for a huge and inexpensive cut of meat. Plus, you can use the leftovers to easily create carnitas and BBQ pulled pork.

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Video Transcription

hey everybody so a few weeks ago we didan episode on how to make pulled pork onthe smoker just in case you don’t have acouple smokers lying around I’m gonnashow you how to make pulled pork todayin a slow cooker any cheap piece of porkwill workwhat we got here is a pork shoulder it’sabout 8 pounds so this will fit in therenicely need onion there one big one or abunch of small ones like this and somewhite vinegar and some salt okay what wegot here 5 quart type SC 20 to 60 Hertz220 watt slow cooker my crock pot okaywhat we’re gonna do first carefullyunwrap the meat so you don’t get meatjuice all over the placethe knife isn’t super sharp I’ll trysomething different that’s betterperfect get down there she’s plugged inso we’re gonna set this on lownow we’re gonna chop some onions usuallyI just use one large white onion wedon’t have that so we’re gonna use abunch of small yellow ones we’re lookingat about a cup of onions and we’re justgonna chop them up like this five-minuteslow cooker this is a bone-in porkshoulder so it will work with eitherforming four boneless top on there we’regonna start it off on high for about anhour and then we’re gonna shift it tolow for another five six hours whateveryou’ll see want to do it for Ali setamount of time but in a slow cooker youreally can’t over do it for a porkshoulder my girlfriend made me bogeypretty cool huhThank You telly you’re welcome that isdelicious and refreshing okay let’s takea look at this pork it’s pretty huhdoesn’t whine keep that who’s that forflavoring a soup or something I guess Idon’t know here’s the bone pull that outuse your fingers cause it’s hot thenmaybe use something better than a forkit comes right out of there no one leftwith pork break right off right plantainthat’s how to make Cuban style pulledpork in a slow cooker a lot ofadditional things you could do to thepork like add garlic or lemon juice orsome kind of citrus add whatever youneed to but I think you’ll be happy withthe way this tastes on its own you knowwhat because it’s delicious stay tunedbecause in future episodes I’m gonnateach you how to take that exact samepork and make barbecue pulled pork outof it I’m gonna teach you how to makecarnitas out of it thank you everyonefor watching please like please commentplease share they subscribe to myyoutube page remember to check in onyour loved ones support local businessand wash your hands I love you I missyou

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