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Best BBQ Pork Ribs | Weber Kettle 26″ | St. Louis Rib

These are my favorite way to make bbq ribs! I call them uncle Larry’s style ribs!

Dumped B&B charcoal on one side of the pit then lit 15 coals to start it up. Add Pecan wood chunks, any fruit wood would be good too.

Brought the pit up to 250f degrees, and cooked the ribs at 250-275f degrees for approximately 4 hours.
Wrapped the ribs in foil when I liked the color on the rib not necessarily by time, you’re looking for a mahogany char color on the rib.
Wrapped in foil for 1 – 1.5 hours, till probe tender.
Sauced them then put back into pit for another 10 minutes and then EAT UP!

1 part Corse salt
2 part freshly cracked pepper
2TB Garlic Powder
1TB Paprika
1TB chili Powder

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Video Transcription

[Music]all right so these are the ingredientsthat were gonna be using for our rib rubwe have garlic powder paprika chilipowder some coarse salt and black pepperI already went ahead and cracked itbecause that takes a while to doobviously make sure it’s freshly crackedit does make a difference so we’re gonnause about this much which is aboutquarter cup and this is gonna be ourbase our base of our seasoning of ourrub is gonna be black pepper and saltand our ratio there’s gonna be two partsof black pepper one part salt so we’regonna eyeball it it’s about that muchall right so we got our salt in we wentahead and do one part salt two partspepper add some garlic powder I wantabout two tablespoons not add its ownprevious lead to starting recordingabout two tablespoons a tablespoon ofpaprika for some color not so muchflavordon’t do it a little flavor what thismean for this color okaychili powder but I’ll give it a littlebit of flavor just about equal parts ofpaprika another tablespoon and that’s itso just to recap we have two parts blackpepper one part salt and then we haveabout two tablespoons of a garlic powdertablespoon of chili powder tablespoon ofpaprika mix that upall right so we got a sort of mixed upnow we’re gonna put it into an oldshaker cup that we have laying aroundokay so we got our seasoning into a noteshaker cup we had laying around and thereason for this is because when we applythe seasoning to our ribs we want tomake sure that it’s an even coat acrossthe rib that way it’s not splotchdonald’s on certain spots of the ribswhere you can even become Katie andthat’s the blue we definitely want toavoid that so alright now that we gotour rub mix up let’s go on to seasoningour ribs we’re gonna use worst shortsauce but what’s the fear whatever yousay to use it as a binder on our ribsjust liberally coat that I’m not surethis really gives it a flavor in there Ilike to think so I am what I like aboutit if for the route to steak so there’sthatI do an even coat[Music]all right now that we’ve seasoned thefront part of the ribsgo ahead and flip them over all right sowe do have to prepare the backside ofthese ribs we’re gonna have to removethis membrane that we see here that’sjust let people leave it on but I preferto take it off just in case it is hardit’s not gonna render down and it’s it’sgonna be tough if we if we don’t take itoff so the way we’re going to do thatwe’re gonna use a butter knife we’regonna get under the skin here I’ll justraise it I’m gonna raise it grab a pieceof paper towel we’re gonna rip it offhopefully comes off as one piece lookslike it’s not butevery time we’re getting that hardmembrane off not exposes all the meatdirectly get yourself a knife mr. Perrythe back of these ribs let’s go aheadand take this off right of course youcan use this for for maybe some beans orsomething else that you’re trying tomake in this case we don’t need it we’regonna take the fall this excess fat thattry to clean up the back of the ribs asmuch as you can spy removing all thisextra fat that it has it’s okay to eatit but I personally like to take it offand you see this little like it’s just apiece that’s hanging off go ahead andcut it off that’s all gonna burn away ifwe don’t then actually this kids goodthere’s some tendons right here so let’stry to get those squared away okay[Music]square it off so I want to score off therib but right here let’s get rid of thatextra meat that we don’t already carefor and there’s a little bone here wemight just leave it in it’ll probablyfall out now we’re gonna do the same forthe second right here again and move themembrane get a butter knife under theskin grab yourself a paper towel andpull the skin apart now you’re gonnawant a piece see this stuff does nottear so we do not wanna eat thatthis one this tracks a little cleanersong this one the only much fat on thisnight or anything so let’s cut off allthese little hanging piecesand we’re good all right now that wehave the ribs prep from the back removethe membrane cut off the flaps removethe excess fat let’s go ahead and add amore severe sauce and get them rubbeddown and this is just a binder to helpthe rough stick and create a nice sparkfor us here’s our seasoning and go totown[Music]all right now that we got the ribsseason we’re gonna go ahead and I’mstarting on fire but these ribs stayhere for approximately 15 30 minutes allright guys so we got our coals set upoff to the side here we’re gonna do anindirect smokewe have about 15 coals in here readyashed up what we’re gonna do is from thebowl here we the goal here is for thecoals to light up these coals in thenext four to five hours all rightall right now that we got our clothespoured in we’re gonna have some Conroychunksgot a good-sized tongue here I’m gonnaput it right there gonna create enoughslope for the next two hours yourselfI’m gonna have another little trunklet’s pick it let’s just go right herebehind it[Music]alright there’s our fire alright so wegot our talk already going it’s got aprobe to get our internal temperature ofthe pit and now let’s close it up andbring it up to around 250 and 275degrees all right at 206 all right guysso our temperature is at 268 we’retrying to get to 275 for the night soour ribs are underpaid we’re gonna letthem sit for about an hour and a halfspritz them with a apple juice andvinegar apple cider vinegar every 45minutes or so that way we can keep themmoist all right so our temperatures at277 right now and I want to keep itaround 250 to 275 so what we’re gonna dowe’re going to choke down this wind justa little bit keep it about halfway andthe vents down here i’ma keep them justclosing just a little more about halfwayand we should see that temperaturesstart coming down all right it’s beenabout 45 minutesgeez really see how they’re lookinglooking pretty good just rip them down alittle bit with some apple juice still alittle bit of moisture all rightwe see them to the course pepper thesalt looking pretty good here’s our firestill got a few clothes left would stillburning we’re good on wood judge allright going for another checkfritzschepretty good we’re gonna check them underprobably flip down looking good allright so we got a nice color on them thefront side nice golden mahogany color ontheir back as well not overly tarredso we’re gonna grab these put them facedown on a foil got a little bit of saucelike that a little bit more sauce andjust breathealright so we’re gonna go ahead and getthese in for bring that in then thisall right Rosie a coupleand meat side down up in here all rightget that one in there meat side downlet’s prepare our over here more saucegrab this rackbeachside down a little more sauce onthere I’m gonna get it real tight andfilledthis is gonna do is gonna help tenderizethe rib and leave it in there for aboutan hour hour and a half really justgonna go by temperature and and feel theother knee and how I feel all right sothis is the barbecue sauce we put in thefoil I just wanted it to go more intodetail on what kind of sauce it was soas we see it’s really liquidy right soit was just like these right herebasically I did mix these two togetherthis one’s a little sweeter and thisone’s a little more 10-year so we payattention to it alright guys so it’sbeen about an hour of the ribs beingwrapped up they’ve been sitting at 250degrees so now let’s just take a look atthem all right yeah this is what youwant to see so it’s been an hour you seethe disintegration on the bones righthere that’s what you want to see nowwe’re gonna poke it with my family pen Ireally I’m just checking for tendernessbut I do want to see 202 degreesmake sure not to poke through the foilso yeah oh yeah it feels like it startsfeeling like it’s going through likebutter you’re definitely ready yeahthere’s a good spot to prefer over thereyeah so we want to see 201 202 and 201point seven – OH – all right look atthese ribs are done so what we’re gonnado now is just wrap them back up lightlynot too tight we’re gonna take them offput them out here on the also weak ifyou just notice you see that bench thatmeans they’re also real tender all rightso we’re gonna let them rest for parkingyou 10-15 minutes let them just collectall the juices are inside the foil letthem go back into the meat and keep iteverything will drill tender and juicyall right guys so it’s been about tenminutes I didn’t fit in out here yeah ifyou see they’re still real hot we wantto doand as we see it you see the bones arecoming apart they’re disintegrating butwe want to be able to pick up the rackon it like that you see it’s not fun inthe park completely we’re still able topick up the rack without it fallingapart now what I’m gonna do here I’mgonna put on back on the pit for aboutanother 15 minutes or so but I’m gonnaadd a little more sauce just a littlemore take a tack up brush it on theregive it a good appearance I’m gonnabrush the bones a little alright nowwe’re just gonna put them back in thepit for approximately 10 minutes or 15or so all right so this is the secondrack we’re going to do the same againyou see we’re able to hold up the rackit’s not turning apartribs are tear apart and fall apartthat’s no good that just means they’reovercooked it’s a dry ribyou want to just base it with sauce grabit put it back in the pit let them sitfor approximately 10 minutes or so I’llbe eating some bit rib we’re ready tocut into these ribs we’re gonna flipthem over now we can just have it beeasier to cut I’m gonna put in betweenthe bones[Music]all right so this traveling these ribsfirst this check out the texture on themso we see the rib is not falling off thebone the way you should it shouldn’t butit will come apart so that’s a goodeatin right here there you go alrightthat wraps up the video it’s time for usto eat some good eating ribs we’ve beenout here all afternoon cooking thesesuckers last time for us to enjoy onecrab one of these take a bite out of it[Music]mmm so they just that just fall off thebone but it still keeps its its textureyou seeokay he’s perfect like what we’re doinghere make sure to hit that like buttongo ahead and subscribe and as our secondvideo on the channel it would have somepatience with me we’re working ongetting the tripod and having or settingup a little area and everything so weappreciate the views[Music][Music]

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