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How to make Fire Cracker Pork Ribs Oven Baked | Beginner Level

Tasty Fire Cracker Pork Ribs Oven Baked | Easy to make in 4 hours | Beginner Level Cooking for people that want to make great tasting food but don’t know a lot.
This is an easy recipe using Johnny’s Firecracker Sauce and Johnny’s Seasoning Salt.
Instructions: Season the ribs with the Johnny’s Seasoning Salt and put in the refrigerator for 1 hour.
Set your oven at 250 degrees to be ready when it time to put the ribs in.
Put the ribs in the oven for 3 1/2 hours.
Then take the ribs out and baste the ribs with the Johnny’s Firecracker Sauce.
Turn the oven up to 350 degrees and put the ribs in for 1/2 hour until the ribs reach the temperature of 190 to 200 degrees.
Now it’s time to eat!!!
Here are the links to the items I used in this video below:
Johnny’s Firecracker Sauce:

Johnny’s Seasoning Salt

Bbq and Oven heat resistant gloves

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey what’s up everybodyguess what today I’m cooking for you Iam about to make some awesome ribs and Iwant you to do the same thing at homeand let me know how it goes for you sotoday I’m making some Johnny’s firecracker ribs that’s right these babiesright here and I’ll be using theJohnny’s fire cracker sauce if you guysdon’t know about the Johnny’s firecracker sauce you’re missing out if youdon’t know about the Johnny’s whole lineof sauces then you’re missing out allright so I’ll be using to Johnny’s firecracker sauce of mr. chicken seafood andstir-fried but I’m gonna do it on thepork just because the senses for chickendoes it mean that it’s only for chickenmake sure you remember that when you’relooking at seasonings sometimes whatcompanies will do is they’ll make asauce or a seasoning and they’ll slap alabel on it stand for chicken thenthey’ll create the same sauceprobably a little bit of salt orsomething if that to it and then they’llsay it’s for beef or pork so just keepin mind just because it says this forchicken it doesn’t mean that it’s onlyfor chicken experiment in the kitchenfind out for yourselfI’ve tried this before and it’s awesomeokay so we’re going to use the Johnniesfirecracker sauce it’s a bold sauce fora bold meal remember that and then ofcourse I’m going to be using some of theJohnnie’s seasoning salt that’s rightI’ll be using some of that so I’ll beusing johnny’s seasoning salt Chinesefirecracker sauce all right now I’mgoing to be using some good old ribs therack of ribs right here all right let memove the camera down all right voilathese babies right here is what I’mgoing to be seasoning up and everythingnowusually I put my ribs on the smoker butsome of you guys don’t have a smoker orgrill if you live in an apartment orsomething like that you might not haveaccess to a smoker or grill so we’regonna do these babies in the oven allright so first what I’m going to do is Ialready took off the devein or themembrane in the back I already took thatoff so that’s good to go it’s alreadyrinsed them off and clean them so that’sgood to go so they’re ready to beseasoned and then I let them sit for awhile now when you remove the membrane Iusually put them in a ziploc bag andthen I throw them in the garbage canbecause you know I don’t want to throwit in there by itself and then it kindof starts smelling funny and then mywife gets mad at me and all that crazystuff wondering what the heck why doesthe garbage stink somebody just took thegarbage out earlier today so I put mymembranes and whatever cuts that I havethat I’m gonna throw away I’ll put themin a ziploc bag so remember that guysremember that keep your wives happy youdon’t want the garbage can to besmelling like raw meat all right so backto itall right so first what I’m gonna do weget my cutting board voila and then I’mgonna put my ribs on the cutting boardbecause there’s more room alright so getthat out of the way now I’m just gonnaseason them up mix my hand off lalalait’s like a hand show something you knowalright soso what I do is I take my Johnny seasonassault flip the ribs over and then Ijust season my don’t go crazy with thesalt cuz I don’t want the ribs to comeout saltynow here’s a little bit informationabout when you’re cooking your ribs andthe of it I like to put my ribs up toabout 190 200 degrees because I want allthe fat and the meat and everything tobreak down so the ribs are tender now ifyou want to cooking it according to theUSDA regulations go ahead and cook it atup to 145 degrees but I like to cook myribs up higher because what we’re goingto do is when the ribs are almost donewe’re gonna base the ribs with that firecracker sauce yeah we’re going to basteit with the fire cracker sauce and thenwe’re gonna let that sauce cook into themeat for just a little bit all right andthen once that meat hits 190 to 200degrees then they’ll be ready to eatall right so just some information aboutwhat we’re gonna do with the ribs theribs are going to take about four hoursto cook three and a half hours and 250degrees last 30 minutes we’re going toJack the oven up to 350 degrees allright what this salt is going to do justgonna bring out the flavor so as you seeI don’t put a lot on there I’ll put someon the bones on the edges of it becausewhen these babies cook up and get niceand crispy in the ovenI love the edges of it I love thecoloring and the flavor that sits on theedges of the ball like that season theflap up a little bit flip it overlike thatsee I don’t go too crazy with it but theseason I saw this is just to bring outmore of the flavor when you season yourribs with seasoning salt or you can justuse basic salt as well all right so Igot that now I’m about to wrap theseribs up and some saran wrap and then I’mgonna let them sit pray for about anhour so the flavors can soak in therereal good and then I’ll be right backso that way we can get these ribs cookedall right seeing in just a minute allright so now it is time to put theseribs in the oven my neighbor found outthat I’m making ribs and also it’s hisbirthday so I decided to throw in anextra slab of ribs for them all righthave a birthday Roy we about to put theribs in the oven at 250 degrees forthree and a half hours and then we’regonna Jack that heat up for the last 30minuteswe’re going to jack it up to 350 degreesso that way we can get that meat to niceand to get nice and brown and everythingand we’re also going to put on some ofthat Johnny’s fire cracker sauce so thatwe can cook into the meat for those last30 minutes as well all right so you guyson the meat is done all right guys sonow it is time to check the temperaturewith my trusty digital thermometer andif you guys are looking for a goodthermometer the man law is a very verygood oneit’s digital it’s not hard to figure outhere we gooh yeah look at those babies he’s doingmanall right turn this baby onnow you want to put it in between thebones so that way you can get a truereading of it so it’s not actually justsitting there all right so we’re ridingat about 180 to 183 so so far so goodall right here we go back in the videoall right oh by the way if you everlooking for some really really goodgloves that you can use for when you’rebarbecuing when you’re pulling meat offthe grills or meat out of the oven thesebabies right here really really goodthey’re called the Kouga didn’t getthese babies on Amazon oh I have to linkdown below in the description so thatway if you guys need to get some gloveskeep your hands safe and they’re all solong so that way you don’t burn yourwrists or anything like that so they’revery very good gloves they’re insulatedand you can wash them you can just handwash them rinse them out let them drythat type of thing all right so let’sget this meat up so we can put thisawesome don’t forget to turn the oven upto 350 degrees all right while you putit in the sauce on so all right so nowwe start pouring the sauce on it thenwe’re gonna use this little mop righthere and we’re just going to mop it onthere then we’re gonna put it back inthe oven this man you guys got to trythe sauce you have to try it has a nicearoma to it has a little bit it’s notsuper spicy it has just the tiny kick soI don’t think this is like a firecrackeras in like a super hot spicy if you everhad firecracker shrimp or something likethat it’s similar to that all right soall right[Music]all right so now they’re going to goback in the oven for another 30 minutesand the oven temperature is at 350degrees all right so that sauce can getcooked in real goodall right it is the time that we havebeen waiting for yes it’s time to pullthe ribs out slice these babies up so wecan see how they look you guys ready allright here we gooh yeah look at these babies all rightsee how that nice charred look on therethat and then you have all the saucethat’s cooked into the meats mmm pullthe other one outhear the sound of those babies cookingand now it was time to check thetemperature turn my thermometer onalright let’s see what are they sittingat okayall right so they’re sitting at about200 and that’s where the fat is nice andit’s broken down 200 201 perfect allright now it’s time to cut these babiessee how they look on the inside pull offthese babies right here look at thatyummy now I didn’t sauce the bottom ofthe ribs because I figured I put enoughon here so it’s up to you if you want toput more so if you want to flip the ribsover put sauce on it that’s fine too butthis is this is gonna have plenty offlavor right here all rightall right now the time to taste thesethings I’ve been waiting waiting andwaiting now it’s time to enjoy the tastealright so here we go nice beautifulcolor mmmmoisture look at that don’t know if youguys can see it that good but thesebabies are moist all right here we go[Music]Oh tastynow you guys want to impress somebodydo these firecracker ribsJohnny’s firecracker soft and Johnnyseason assaultI’m started gonna need just followinginstructions slowly mple so alright sohere’s the recapslapper ribs season it with Johnnyseason and saw it puts the oven at 250degreeslet it cook in the oven at 250 degreesbut then after that take the ribs output some of the firecracker sauce on itJack the oven up to 350 degrees intemperature put the rooms back in for 30minutes check the temperature on theribs make sure they’re sitting about 190to 200 so that way they can break downreally really nice and you guys willhave some awesome ribs alright if youguys are interested and the productsthat I used are the softest in theseasoning just click on the link downbelow and then just take you straight toAmazon so you can order it alrightthanks for watching guys enjoy theseribs because I am and I’ll see you guyson the next video bye

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