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Easy Pulled Pork BBQ Recipe!! [[Boston Butt]]

BBQ is a universal term that is created by cooking meat over a fire. For generations the go to BBQ recipe is pulled pork. Be it a cut of pork from a butcher or a whole pig! Pulled pork is a favorite of so many and even has a festival celebrating North Carolina’s BBQ heritage.
Growing up in North Carolina BBQ pork was a large part of what we ate. Mostly on special occasions. This was always one of my favorite foods to eat. As a child I remember my Dad painstakingly smoking pork butts and shoulders for hours on end. All that work made a delicious meal for the whole family for a few days. My go to was always the BBQ sandwich.
Smoking a whole butt or shoulder takes time and commitment. Over the years as I started a family of my own time was not always easy to come by. Therefore I started to find ways to make the process faster without loosing the traditional flavor.
When smoking meat it only takes three to four hours to get that traditional smoke flavor. After this time the meat can be taken off the smoker and placed at a lower temperature in the oven. Doing this keeps the meat at a more ever temperature allowing cook time to decrease. As well as turning the temperature up to 300 degrees.
Smokers have come a long way over the years. Electric smokers are much safer but still have a very slight chance of catching fire. When I am using the smoker I will never leave home. Just to weigh on the side of caution. By moving the meat to the oven it is much safer to leave it unattended. Still only for short amounts of time. This allows you to do a lot more with your day and still have an amazing meal for the family.

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Video Transcription

abrade the grocery store yesterday andwent up the food line and they hadBoston butts on sell for 99 cents apound so today we’re gonna smoke someBoston butts barbeque gonna go ahead andI’ve got the sink good enflame downwashed it out and we’re gonna head andseason them up and we’re gonna lay theCreole seasoning to themyeah but ride this stuff it’s reallygood it’s got a little bit of spicereally good flavor we’re gonna put areal fit cutting this stuff on bothsides and I’m also gonna use old Texasdust Texas beef dust and this stuff alsogot a really good flavor a little bit ofspicy now I’m gonna flip them over anddo the same thing on the skin set thenwe’re gonna throw them on the smokerI’ve got it preheating outside to 275already got some wood chips in theregoing so I’m just gonna season up thisside and put them on the smokerall right the smoker is up to 275 andI’m gonna put these stagger my littlebit keep them not directly over the heatbut the biggest ones gonna go on thebottom I think that one was they give usten pounds so the other ones were about78 poundssomething didn’t get those on here aswellall right we got those on there so nowI’m gonna close this thing up all rightgot him closed up and she’s gonna comeback up to temperature again and I’mgonna leave him on there for probablyprobably smoke them for four hours andthen it’ll probably take them off andput them in the oven at 300 for anothertwo three hours just watch thetemperatures but I’m not gonna smokethese things for 12 hours I’m gonnacrank the temp up give them a good smokeand try to get these things done inabout six hours I mean sometimes I willhelp smoke them from 12 hours but it’sjust it takes so much time to do I don’treally like leaving the smoker alone ohand I shouldn’t have to tell everybodythis but I just feel like it probablyshould with everything going on makesure you clean the sink back out andwash it out and sanitize everythingnobody wants to go to the hospital rightnow that’s for sure in about an hour andI’m gonna just crack the door open hereand peeking so I’m gonna go ahead andadd some more wood chipsI don’t soak mine and I’m using an appletoday unfortunately it’ll still give ita decent would taste but it won’t be asgood as Hickoryso we’re gonna add some wood chips inthere and I just filled the tray up onthis thingit’s been about two hourspinky here keep on adding wood chips andwe already just spend about three hoursand right now we’re gonna see the meatis at 178 degrees internal temperatureso I’m gonna go ahead and cut the smokeroff it’s been on there for three hourssmoking so it’s fully coated and thenput 300 and in the oven for Ametek abouttwo hours just kind of keep an eye onthe internal temperature we wanted toget right about 195 degrees all right sowe got him in here in the oven and we’regonna check him to about two hours andwe want that an internal temperature toget up to about 195 degrees so thereason I’m putting them in the oven andnot leave them on the smoker is I’ve gota lot of stuff to do today and I don’treally want to sit around and just kindof keep an eye on the smoker so it’s alittle bit safer way and still turn outjust as good all right spent about twohours since putting in the oven and goahead up in an hour and a half I justlooked at the clock so we’re gonna goahead and check the temperature and seewhere right herewe’re going on up thereperfect all right she’s good to go andanother way if you don’t have a meatthermometer another way to tell is totake a fork and show you here in aminute but take a fork and if you cantwist and it pretty much just fallsapart good to go but this is the onethat was about 10 pounds that he’schecked it and it’s still way down thereso we’re going to stick it back in theoven I was about seven pounds I wantedto check it just to be sure but Ibelieve this one was on the bottom rackof the oven and this one was it spreadabout the top so this one is stillsitting about 103 close to 100 989 I’mgoing to stick this one in thereprobably another 30 45 minutes as wellanother 45 minutes and other small whenit’s done so I think the old one justcooked a little bit faster because itwas on the bottom of the oven I didn’tquite have room to keep them all in thecenter acts and the big one is still intheir teens probably another hour allright it’s been about another hour and[Music]the big one is up to temperature taxwith a little bit over 199 but prettygood so what I was talking about withthe fork is whenever you take a fork youcan just roll the meat pie down thenthat looks good the trapthat’s good still got a smoky flavor andI didn’t have to watch the smoker allday the best part so started these outat 10 o’clock this morningon the smoker and then let him smokethree hours put him in the oven on 313latnow it’s 5:30 and the 10-pounder is doneso so it took about seven hours for the10-pounder to get done but it only tookabout six hours for a 7-pound to getdone so these things are really goodit’s a heck of a lot easier you get thegood smoke flavor and go out to set bythe smoker all day long so hook this upsomebody out mmm have somebody give thisa tryappreciate your Washington subscribe

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