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BBQ Basics: How to Smoke a Pork Butt – How to Make Pulled Pork

Do you want to learn how to smoke a pork butt so that you can be the pulled pork king at all of your gatherings? This video is perfect for everyone looking to get started. When I want to cook a pork butt for my family, this is the way I do it.

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Video Transcription

[Music]in most of the United States when yousay barbecue everybody thinks of pulledpork pork is the dominant barbecue inthe Carolinas in the Midwest in KansasCity area and st. Louis pork is king andtoday I’m gonna teach you how to getstarted on your journey to do pork thisis not a recipe for contests pork whatit is a recipe for is if you want tomake a great pork butt at home that youcan turn into pulled pork that’s perfectfor your family gatherings taken intothe potluck inward things like that it’sbasic it’s it’s time-testedand it’s gonna make you look like atop-notch pitmaster to anybody that eatsit now the first thing you should alwaysdo is pre prep your space a small amountof prep work upfront is gonna make cleanup on the backend way easier especiallywhen dealing with sugar heavy rubs trustme on this some of you are gonna have tododge a 10 piece from your significantother later because you left the kitchena mess that’s on you I did warn you nowtoday I’m gonna be smoking 2 basicPacker butts for more advanced cookswe’ll be looking for certaincharacteristics in our meat but we’llget into that on another video for thisvideo we’re not gonna do anything fancywith injections we’re just gonna go withthe solid rub I’ll be using my originalrub but you can use any paprika andbrown sugar heavy Road make sure thatyou get a heavy rub on all six sides ofyour butt’s half or more your flavor isgonna be coming from this room so don’tbe bashful commit to this now onceyou’ve completed rubbing your buttyou’re gonna want to pre-heat yoursmoker to 300 degrees we’re gonna gowith the hot and fast method for thiscook if you do it correctly you will notnotice much of any difference from thelow and slow to this method one crucialstep for using this method especiallyfor a beginner is we’re gonna be placingour butts and half pans for two reasonsone to keep your smoker cleanwe’re gonna be using a pellet smoker andit’ll create a huge mess – because it’sgonna trap all of that moisture thatcomes out of the butt in the pan whichyou can reintroduce later now I want youto look at how easy this is to clean upyour messI’m telling you 30 seconds is gonna saveyou 30 minutes all right now that wehave our Porter bullets rubbed we’regonna go ahead and throw them on thesmoker for this cook I’m just gonna beusing a pit boss Copperhead pelletsmoker it’s almost just set it andforget it so this recipe is really idealfor somebody who’s just breaking intosmoking their meats now we’ve got ourbutts on we’ve put a little water in thepan just to add a little extra moistureI’m wearing some dope crocs in aboutfive hours later our meat is lookingfantasticour internal temperature is exactly at165 degrees again the color is perfectthese aren’t gonna take any more smokeso the next important thing that youhave to keep in mind is that you need togo ahead and wrap these tandon how towrap your meat is crucial for anypitmaster but as an amateur I wouldrecommend that you always wrap your meatthis is going to allow it to cook alittle faster it’s gonna reintroducemoisture where you might have lost someespecially when we’re cooking in anelevated temperature like this it’s alsogonna prevent the smoke from turninginto pectin on the surface yearbut whichis gonna make it bitter and it’s notgonna taste good one of the biggestmistakes people new to smoking make isover smoking their meat less is alwaysmore remember the meat is the star allright you do not want to lose the flavorof the meat because you’re eating thesmoke now once you get them wrapped goahead and throw them back in your smokerfrom here you’re gonna be looking atapproximately two hours before you needto check it again all right so we’ve hadour pork blitz in for about seven hourswe’re gonna go ahead and check thetemperature they should be ready to gonow we’re not going to unwrap the foilwe can see where the meat is so we’rejust going to go ahead poke them righton through it’s going right in likebutter which is perfect[Music]there we go since I’m talking directlyinto the smoker and making amateurmistakes once again we got our meat at200 degrees which is exactly where Iwant it for this cook I’m gonna takethese into the house you can throw yoursin a cooler with a towel over it or youcan do it I’m gonna do I’m just gonnathrow these directly into the oven wherethey’re gonna be insulated and they cankind of rest for the next hour hour anda half and then we’ll get back to it nowwe’ve let our butts rest and about twohours later they’re still crazy hot Ican’t get my hands on any gloves due tothe current situation so I’m gonna usethese tongs to pull my meat don’t be apervert guys we’ve been talking aboutrubbing butts all daynow this meat should just clean pullapart and there it goes perfect look atthat bone that’s how you know you gotyour pulled pork perfect from what itpulls out without any effort I’ll goahead and turn your meat over in thejuices in the pan don’t let those juicesgo to wastethey are fantastic flavor that you canput right back into that meat cooking abasic pork butt that’ll make you theking of the cookout isn’t really thathard just be patient and let you smokeher in the mead do its thing now I’mgonna have a little taste here of courseand what I do I’m gonna give you thatcheesy thumbs-up so that you know that Ithought it was good and you know thatI’m very serious about how good it waspulled pork is king to most of thecountry on barbecue and that’s how youmake a great basic pork butt and makesure you like this video even if youdon’t like it hit dislike I guess Idon’t know but I prefer you hit likemaybe leave a comment hit subscribewhatever every little bit helps and Iappreciate you guys thanks for watching[Music][Music]

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