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GRILLED PORK CHOP WITH SWEET & SOUR PEPPERS: A Gordon Ramsay in 10 recipe tasty & easy to make

This is from his hit series “Ramsay in 10”…. although mine was more like Ramsay in 50!!! Hahahaha the one thing I was missing was the fresh sprigs of thyme (I used dried) which would have infused even more flavor into the pork chops. This dish would work well with chicken too. The sweet and sour peppers are heavenly. It’s so amazing to cook with healthy fresh foods!!

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Video Transcription

hi everyone welcome back into my kitchentonight I’m going to be making somethingfrom one of my favorite chefs GordonRamsay I love his show Ramsay inten iget so inspired everything he makes lookso so so delicioustonight I’m gonna be making pork chopswith caramelized red pepper and redonion well actually my peppers aren’tred because I didn’t have red peppersbut it’s gonna be fabulous come take alook at the ingredients so we’ve got ourpork chops I only had one little redpepper he was using the regular Belsizepeppers but all I had were the baby bellpeppers in my fridge so I’ve got theorangish and the red the red onion we’regonna be using red wine vinegar oliveoil garlic sea salt black pepper andfresh basil so those are going to be ouringredients tonight and it’s just gonnato be fabulousokay step 1 is I’m slicing my peppersnice and thin so little thin pieces ofpepper into the bowl and I’m going to bedoing the same thing with the onion aswell so right now I’m working on thepeppers okay so I’ve got my onion cut inhalf and now we’re just doing littlethin slices of onion I definitely needto master Gordon’s knife techniquesbecause I do not have that talent andI’m sure my fingers are a little in theway so I better be careful so we’regonna take all these beautiful slices ofonion and add it into all of our peppersand we are prepped and ready to grab ourfrying pan and warm that up with someolive oilokay I’ve turned my pan on and it’s onmedium-high we’re gonna put a little bitof olive oil in there and I’m gonna letthat get warm before I put the peppersin cuz it should sizzle a little bitbefore I put the peppers in okay we’vegot some heat in our pan so it’s abeautiful sound okay so we want to add alittle bit a little bit of sea salt nowGordon did actually add about I think hesaid a tablespoon of sugar I’m actuallynot cooking with sugar right now andthey will caramelize but they won’tbreak down quite as easily in thecarmelization without the sugar but I’mgoing sands sugar so and I’m trying tolearn his technique of push out pull into flip the veggies I’m getting betterbut not that great okay so we’ve got thepeppers and the onions nice and brokendown the next step is we take a littlered wine vinegar about a tablespoon andwhat we’re gonna do is we’re just gonnadrizzle some of thatin there like soit’s gonna help give it a nice beautifulcolorand a little flavour so it’s gonna getnice and beautiful cold my gosh itsmells so aromatic so you can see it’sreally getting a lovely color to it nowwe’re gonna turn down the heat on thisto low and we’re gonna let that stew twoto three minutes to help cook off thered wine vinegar so let’s go over hereand we’re gonna chop some fresh basilcome with me okay now we’re ready I’vepicked off some fresh basil and he saysto take the basil huh and just kind ofroll it up together like a fresh cigarand then just chop down through it againmy chopping techniques are not to beadmired but I’m learning the more I cookI’m trying to keep my one finger out andtwo fingers back is what he says so I’mtrying so we’re gonna take all of thebasil put it into the frying pan mix itin and he said cook it for about 30seconds so I’m assuming that’s justuntil the basil gets slightly covered inoil and a little bit wilted but stillfreshso we take this off the heat set itaside and we get ready to do the porkchops next we’ll be doing the pork chopsin the same pan so there’s our pepperswe’re ready to season our pork chopfirst thing he said is to keep them fromcurling up in the pan is to pinch therind just make a cut through the rindwith your knife my knife is not toosharp now is it to keep it from curlingup there we gothen we’re going to season it nice andseasoned with some cracked black peppersea salt press that in and then we’regonna move it to our hot pan where wehave the oil already heating up nowwe’re gonna take some Bartlett cloves hesaid don’t peel them don’t cut themdon’t do anything except for lay themdown and just crush them we will beadding those into the pan yeah that’s acouple plates that’s why it didn’t breakso we’re gonna be adding those into thepan after we put the pork chops in solet’s put the pork chops in because theoil is all heated it’s sizzling hotlet’s gothe Fed put the garlic in early becauseit’s going to break the garlic down andinfuse that flavor now the one thingthat I forgot to get at the store was anice fragrant bunch of thyme and thatwas one of the key elements because wewere going to cook the pork chops on thefresh bit of time so I’m kind of bummedabout that however I do have some timein my cabinet yeah I know it’s dried itwon’t add the same flavor but I am goingto put that on the pork chops to helpgive it a little bit of the flavor thatwe were looking for so we’re gonnasprinkle that nice over here and the keyto this is as we cook it we’re actuallygoing to spoon some of that nice freshjuice continually over the pork chopsthat’s gonna be a key to keeping themmoist so let’s let these babies cook upokay we’re gonna add some thin slices ofbutter into the pan to melt that downthat’s gonna be part of our saucethat we help spoon over top we kind ofas the garlic this cooking just press itdown so it releases that nice flavorinto the butter and that continue tospoon that over the chops okay I’ve gotthe bookshop flipped over there lookinggood[Music]soothing that butter it’s still got acouple of them sitting on top of thegarlic and fusing that in these arelooking fabulous okay so now we bringthem off the heat we put them on a plateand Gordon says the secret to a greatpork chop is letting it rest for alittle while so we’re gonna let thisrest a few moments and then we’re gonnaget ready and plate this up get all thatgarlic it’s so amazing the peel cooksoff the garlic and you’re left with thefresh clove and that clove looks amazingoh don’t those look delicious let’s gotake a bite lord I thank you for thisamazing meal okay let’s try a bite ohthat looks like perfection all rightwould you like a bitemmmokay it may not have been Ramsey in tenit was more like Ramsey and fifty cuz Iam the slowest cook ever but oh my godthe pork is so melt in your mouth sogood let’s try the peppers mmm I am abig fan of peppers this wholecombination is stellar I’ll linkeverything below for his video and youcan make it at home this is a dinnerthat will shine for your guests and yourloved ones enjoy don’t forget to clicklike subscribe and share it if you likeI’m making videos every week I’ve gotcooking videos horse videos just funlifestyle things so I really appreciateyou for stopping byhave a great evening

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