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Grilled Pork Chops and More All For Under $10!

Check out his video where I make grilled pork chops, corn, asparagus, and garlic bread all for under $10!

Pork chops for the two pack was $6 total.
Corn was $1.15.
Asparagus was $2.19.
and one hamburger bun out of a pack of 8 that equals about 34¢.

For a grand total of $9.68. 😊

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

Jabil easy coming at you grilled porkchops guys asparagus and corn are thesejobs those are no dead jobsmarinating not to go in the grillseasoned to a teeyou go guys quit garlic bread if you’rein a bind for time that’s all you needwe got the one here and bigger buttonsflipped over pat about herlook garlic powder parsley flakes theoven on broil so I’m in there garlicbread perfect if you’re in a bind fortimehere we go guys finished product grilledpork chop corn asparagus garlic breadgot a leftover pork chop leftoverveggies nothing garlic bread guys onceagain this is another one of my favoritemeals and believe it or not all thismill was bought at Publix all this foodfor under $10 this is under a $10 milright here guysso big leaves he coming at you hopefullythis helps you make a delicious mealpork chops on the grillveggies little bread under $10 foreverythingJabil easy coming at you thanks forwatching please subscribe J blizzy 38thsee you next time

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