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Grilling Pork Chops on MHP Gas Grill

Learn how to grill perfect pork chops on an MHP Cast Aluminum Gas Grill. (Model JNR) This is our first video of many so please excuse any camera mistakes and leave suggestions below! Check out our website and see all that MHP has to offer along with a few other QUALITY grill brands. Happy Grilling!

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Video Transcription

hey guys I’m Anderson and I’m going toshow you how to cook some thick cutbone-in pork chops on an image pea gasgrill now this is just a standard MHPgas grill twenty-two inches widestandard burners all the way acrossthose infrared here the first step isgoing to be to buy good quality porkchops you don’t want to buy any of thethin stuff that stuff tends to get drypretty quick you want to do all I preferbone-in fit for that pork chops and thenI took them out of the fridge about anhour before I’m gonna put them on thegrill here and then I’m using some fireand smoke society we’re gonna learn theseasoning you can always just use koshersalt and coarse ground black pepper ifyou don’t have any seasoning that youlike so here we go I’m going to show youwhat the different all right so I’vebeen preceded by preheating the grillhere for about 30 minutes or so youdon’t have to go that long just get thegrill up as high as you canmy intensity up to about 550 degrees soI you know usually that takes about 20minutes I’d let it get about thirtyminutes this time so we’re gonna goahead and try to sear the pork chops onboth sides pretty quick and then we’llmove them over to one side turn thatburner off and indirect cook them forthe remainder of the time the searingprocess is pretty quick so you’ll wantto stay by the grill and after the firstfew minutes or so go ahead and get thempretty quickly on both sides and thenwe’ll get them to the indirect side sowe’ll put it back in just a minuteall right thanks it’s been about twominutes I’m gonna go ahead and rotatethese about 90 degrees I’m gonna swapthem over to the hot side of the grateshere I’d be this because excuse me Iwant to get them on the other side andget some good sear marks going in across pattern it looks kind of nice beback in about two minutesalright thanks it’s been about fourminutes of these pork chops have beencooking on this one side our grill stillholding a good 500 degrees which is thebenefit of these MHP cast aluminumgrills and it’s holding the heat reallywell so what we’re gonna get B now is goahead and turn these over to the otherside and as you can see there’s somegood cross pattern sear marks there thatdoesn’t serve any function other than itjust kind of looks nice that’s reallythese guys go for another two minutesand then we’ll rotate and we’ll be rightback with you alright folks it’s beenabout two minutes so we’re gonna goahead and rotate these we’re gonna goahead and throw them on the other sideof the grill as well these good searmarks move them to the hot side of thegrate and let those go two more minutesand then we’ll start our celebrityprocessall right thanks we’ve completed asearing portion of the cook and we willactually do a quick sear on the sideshere you go thick pork chops have somegood fat on the side some miss and Istack them up right here and try to getthis fat a little bit crispyin the meantime we’re gonna turn thisburner off on the left side completelyleave it on high on the right side leavethat for about 30 seconds yeah whatwe’re gonna do in this final stage is toindirect cook the pork chops for thelast 20 minutes or so all were doing iswe’re gonna get them up to the properinternal temperature which for me I liketo take them off at about 142 degrees Iuse this thermal worksdermapen to get the internal temperatureof the meatthe key to pork chops is taking them offthe grill at the right timeso you want to make sure you have a goodmeat thermometer that allows you to dothat properly so let’s go ahead and openit back yep you situated on the rightside I’m gonna get them pretty far awayfrom the burner put the bone in betweenthe burner here and the meat kind ofhelps protect me we’re done searing sothere’s no need to expose themunnecessary heatbest bityou want to see the grill attempt surecome down a bit this sides completelyoff so direct heat here that is castaluminum is gonna kind of create aconvection cook on the inside the grillit’s gonna hold in the heat nicelywithout searing the meat we’re justgonna basically bake it from this pointforward we’ll see you in the back about20 minutes or soall right thanks it’s probably beenabout 15 minutes I’m going to go aheadand check these I don’t want to overcookthem it’s better to check a little bitmore often so we’re at 135 we need toget up about seven degrees more they’reall about the same thickness I’m notgoing to go check each one of them I’llprobably let these go for another fiveor so minutes and check again they’reright where I wanted to be around 145probably take them off a couple minutesgo that’s okay I’m gonna get a plateform all right so these guys are readyto come off put them on a plate what I’mgonna do is cover them over with thealuminum foil for about ten minutes letthem rest that’s gonna let the meatsettle down a bit loosen the meat up alittle bit that’s how you cook porkchops on a cast aluminum MHP gas grilland that cast alone really holds in theheat well and lets you indirect effectindirect cooking without losing too muchheat it it really does a good job withthat so I’m gonna let these rest and I’mgonna come back and show you the finalproduct okay folks I’m back here withyou to show you the final product hereI’m going to zoom inyou see what it look like alright sohere’s the final product this is afterten minutes of resting I’m gonna goahead and cut it in about three or fourpretty big pieces to serve it as you cansee it’s nice and juicy it’s notovercooked we took it off at the righttime so that’s that’s pretty much thekey there thank you for watching thatfirst video guys it’s my first timedoing a cooking videos I apologize forany of the camera mistakes do plan ontrying to improve that every time I doplan on making a bunch more of thesevideos if you like grilling videos hitsubscribe if you’re interested in MHPgrills or any other quality gas grillfor charcoal grills click the link belowand go to my website gas lighting drillcomm thank you see you next time

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  1. Made this tonight yesss was a hit with the family everything but the cornpudding I didn’t want to over do it.. thanks for the video I will be staying tuned for more dinner ideas

  2. Ray mack you are the man with these wonderful recipe. Beef stew and rice one of my favorite. Thanks ray mack ☺😋

  3. I love it it all looks so delicious I can’t wait to try your recipe and I have one suggestion can you send me a plate please🙏🤲🏽

  4. Get hot sweaty on that beach, take a dip in the ocean, go back to the crib where the a/c is set at 68 degrees, eat them vittles and take a nap listening to the Dead Presisdents soundtrack. Happy Sunday to you and yours. Yhanks for sharing some of your blesssings.

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