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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]hey what’s up YouTube this your boy rayMack today we’re doing a soul foodSunday collaboration that’s what thecollaboration is gonna be called hashtagsoul food Sunday and the people will bedoing the collaboration with is soulfood cooking check out soul food cookingchannel and also smoking and grillingwith a be and I think a few lot of thechannels will be doing this yourcollaboration so um we’ll be using thehash tag and then we got other peoplethat’s out here right now my position onthe Sunday and I’m also going to bedoing a young narration of this yearvideo while I’m not healing appeal soyou will be hearing some wind in thebackground that’s just me I’m here doingthe narration of the video so let’s getinto the video and you guys stay tunedand this have fun before I get into thevideo check out this year in NorthCarolina barbecue shrimp and sausageskillet and this here ray Mac’s homemadeMorial day coleslaw recipe along withthese homemade crispy french fries sowith this recipe that I’m doing today isjust beef – beef stew recipe and rightso I want you to go ahead and clean outyou mean clean your meat very well ifyou have to you know the same well it’sa must that you clean your meat go aheadand add water to your pot and I got thison medium high heat and I just want youto put the water level just enough letthe water just come above the meat butdo not submerge to me totally in waterbut just enough to arm cover than mealong with that what we’re gonna do isadd in a nice size onion so I got heretwo medium sized onions that I sliced upand I’m adding to the pot and I’m alsogoing to add in some black pepper andthese are some of the basic season isthat I pretty much started it start outwith so we got black pepper and then I’mgoing to add in some of this here koshersaltand next I’m gonna add in some of thishere beef flavoring all right this isKnorr beef flavoring this is some goodstuff y’all and like I said I’mrecording this on the pier I’m doing thevoiceover on the pier so you will hearsome you will hear some wind in thebackground so go ahead and throw yourlid on that part and let it cook for atleast round by the hours so so you couldtake you some flour along with somewater and make you a slurry just like Imade here now the hour is up so what I’mgonna do now is just pretty much add thearm the slurry the flour and the waterslurry to the sphere pot but I want youto go ahead and mix this while you’repouring because it will turn into doughso you don’t want dumping it in yourbeef stew all right so after that we’regoing to add in some of this here thisis on beefy onion soup mix Lipton onionbeef and soup mix this is going to giveit a nice beefy and onion flavor as welladd it flavor I must say so you go aheadand mix this in and we’re gonna add insome a few more ingredients just justjust jazz up the taste so I’m going toadd in some of this here regular basiland tomato seasoning and for those ofyou who do know I use this stuff and Ibought it from Ross I missed some goodstuff here on channel then I guess I’mGod[Music]so give it a try so I have some positivelengthsall right so once we incorporated all ofour seasons what we’re just going to dois just mix it all up real good then Iwant you to go ahead and put this on thestove and pretty much cook this forabout one hour but before I cook it I’mgoing to add in some of this yearbrowning things all right so this isjust gonna bring give it a little colorand just a little bit is all you’regonna need once we got this stirred upthen you can go ahead and add your leadto the on pot and then let it cook foran additional hour or until your meat istenderonce your meat is tender you go aheadand taste this here after the I whizzedup and see if your seasonings is to yourliking if you have to add more salt youthat if you don’t then don’t add itwhatever seasonings you want to give itto fit that flavor profile you like sowe go ahead and stir this up and I gotthis ready and it’s ready to serve mymeat is tender and I’m gonna serve thisover a bed of seasoned riceand what we have here along with that wegot us on some peas on the cornbread andsome corn pudding that’s exactly whatyou’re seeing in the photo and I got myseasonal rice in a bowl after that we’regonna just cover this right on up withsomebody to see a succulent tastefulhearty beef stew mix anything this issome good stuff y’all I’m telling youright now mama will be so proud of youas you were to try this recipe I’mtelling you and it’s like I said it’svery simple and easy some of youringredients is definitely in yourcabinet so go ahead and try to sayrecipe and trust and believe me you willenjoy and once again forgive me of allthe wind background noise I’m out hereon the pier trying to hurry up to finishthis video because there’s gonna be aawesome collaboration and like I saidyou’ll see the hash tag hash tag soulfood cooking if you see that hash tag goahead and click on it these are peoplewho are participating in this year’ssoulful Sunday meals were giving you thebest of what we can give you as far asit goes with so full cooking and as yousee we got some corn bread some cornpudding and some sweet peas to go withthis year beef stew and rice if you likethis recipe give this video a thumbs upif you’re new to this new YouTubechannel I want to say welcome to the raemax pecan family if you’re not asubscriber go ahead and hit thatsubscribe button right now as we speakand don’t forget to hit thatnotification bale I want to tell youguys thank you so much and I really doappreciate each and everything that youguys do and if you have any suggestionsor any on future videos that you wouldlike to see please leave it in thecomment section below and I thank youand I love you and I always say thislove and not hate love somebody and hatenobody peace

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