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How to make BBQ Jerk Pork Shoulder

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hey YouTube family welcome back tocooking with CB CB that’s me so as youcan see today we’re gonna do a lovelypork shoulder we’ve got about a 5 poundbeast here we’re gonna smoke this thingon the grill I should probably take usabout eight hours or so I’m gonna dothat just on my weber 22 inch kettlegrill alright so let’s get started withsome of this prep work first thingsfirst we’re gonna line the stand up withsalt kosher salt just a nice thin layeralright so let’s go ahead and flip itover to that other side so now what wewant to do is we want to cut some somelines in this fat cap here becausethat’s gonna allow our jerk seasoningand our other seasonings to be able topenetrate down through the moon if wewere just to put it on top of the fat itreally wouldn’t penetrate down into themeat so now that we’ve got some someslits cut in there let’s go ahead andfinish salting make sure you lift upevery little piece of fat and get inevery crease get that clean cover allright now we’re gonna go ahead and startwith our marinade so again I useWalker’s wood jerk seasoning made in st.Anne Jamaica it’s authentic it’s prettymuch the best thing you can get where Iam so go ahead and put about fourtablespoons or so with that you’re gonnatake some olive oil do about atablespoon or two of that pour that intake some browning on just a dash abouta half a teaspoon and then I also do adash of Worcestershire sauce all rightso just go ahead and mix that up oh youknow what I almost forgot my blackpepper put that black pepper in about ahalf a teaspoon or so of that as well sogo ahead and mix that up with your handor your fingers work that in as much asyou can and get in all those creases tryto get it in wherever you can andmassage it in thereyeah just massage it in there so onceyou get to the point where you prettymuch got all your creases filledyou got it rubbed in as good as youthink you can we’re just gonna kind oflet this thing sit we’re gonna wrap itup and let it sit for about 45 minutesor so and we’re gonna go out to thegrill and get the coals started alrightso we’re gonna head on outsidewe’ve got our grill here we’re gonna goahead and dump our coals on one sidebecause we’re going to go indirect heaton this not a goal for this is to getthis first batch of clothes to burn upfor about three hours or so as you cansee I have my secondary grill over thereI will be using that to heat upadditional burr casts as I need themthroughout the cook so I just get mylittle fire starter there light it upand then I get like a little funnelsituation with my coals where they burndown the line kind of like dominoesfalling and that allows them to cook fora lot longer go ahead and put my gradein and then I’ll just kind of sit backand wait for my clothes to heat up okayso while those coals are heating up Ijust kind of kick back on the deck enjoya cold one and waiting today get heathigh that’s about 45 minutes all rightso let’s fast-forward to that 45 minutesmy clothes are starting to grate througha little bit so now I’m just gonna takemy internal a thermometer and I’m gonnaput it on that indoor web side whereI’ll be cooking put the lid on and giveit a few minutes and wait until I get tothat 225 to 250 range I’m looking forokay so I’ve successfully done thatafter a few minutes so now I will goahead and lift that grate off okay sonow once we have the grate off we’regonna grab our wood chipsthese are hickory chips here I’ve hadI’m soaking and beer for about half aday it’s just the morning so we’re gonnasprinkle those over the top they’vereally been saturated with that beer sothey’re nice and moist I was gonna putoff a decent amount of smoke for a whileand that’s what’s going to give us theflavor and that pink rain you know abouta quarter to a half inch inside of thatport and that’s where a lot of thatflavors gonna come from so go ahead andput your great back on and now we’regonna put that pork shoulder on we’regonna put it on with the fat cap sidedown and one thing that I neglected todo here but I caught it later was a goodyour drip pan underneath because you’regonna you’re gonna want those drippingslater to add them to your sauce allright so go ahead and grab yourinternal I’m gonna use it as an internalair thermometer because I want to makesure my temperatures staying at that 225to 250 that I’m looking for so I’m gonnaput it right there where the make makescontact with to meet put my top back onand just keep an eye on my temperatureand let this thing go for a couple hoursthen we’ll come back and check on allright we’re looking in about an hour anda half now as you can see it’s stillsmoking you know kicking up dust as Ilike to say so let’s fast forward hereto about three hours now we’re gonnatake the lid off this thing for thefirst time and see how we lookin it’slooking pretty good as you can see it’sgot a nice color to it but my coals arestarting to die down I was only holdingabout 209 for my temp so time to just goahead and pop the lid off and let’s takea look at it here and see how it’slooking yeah that looks real good sowhat we’re gonna do now is go ahead andset that aside and we’re gonna pop thetop on our secondary grill and we’ve gotsome coals there that I went ahead andstarted I got them grayed out and we’rejust going to shovel those into our maingrill so that we can so that we’re ableto hold our tent okay now we’re gonnawe’re gonna throw some more wood chipson top of the fire again we want thesewood chips to be able to hold for aboutthe life of the coals which is about 2or 3 hours maybe even soak through for areally long time now at this point sothey should be letting all that smokefor a decent amount of time there allright so now we’re gonna go ahead andput our pork shoulder back on the grillbut we’ve been cooking it on that skinside down now for about three hours sowe’re just going to go ahead and flip itover we want to switch size and then nowthat fat side will really render allthat juice and flavor all the waythrough the meat as a penetration thenwe’ll catch what’s left over in thatdrip pan as you can see we’ve alreadycaught a little bit I also go ahead andflip that over and then once again we’regoing up we want to really capture theinternal temperature of the grill asopposed to the meat at this point intime so we’re gonna go ahead and putthat back in there and put our lid backon alright guys so we let that thing gofor about another three hours at thefire three up there I’m just to kind ofremind myself so okay in Ohio Mother’sDay you had a huge storm so I kind ofhad to build a tent to cover up thegrill so I’m gonna try to speed thiscooking process up outside so I’m gonnago with what they call the Texas cheapmethod so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonnago ahead and wrap that pork shoulder infoil and put it back out there andhopefully I can get it up to that 190temp in about another two hours so formy sauce I just mixed about twotablespoons that at Walker’s wood andthen whatever your favorite barbecuesauce is mix those two up and get it kidup nice and warm and then put it on topof the other painting and that’s how itlooks I feel it put on there I’m gonnawrap that thing up and we’re gonna goingon a smoker for another two hoursalright guys two hours later the momentof truth is here I’ve been poking it alittle bit and tested out at that 190 by195 that we’re looking for so let’s goahead and peel it open and see how it’slooking it smells really good as soon asI brought it in the house I mean it justfilled up kind of room is just smellsamazing man this thing looks good itlooks really really goodman you can see where that fat just kindof went through and flavor to me thatjerk that barbecue sauce it’s just areally beautiful color alright now let’sgo ahead and take a look just put it upon the side here see that bone the boneis nice and white you could almost justpull it out of there alright so here’s aquick look at the size I’m I just didsome some spinach and some onion andgarlic um and then just roasted somepotatoes as well so that’s how it lookswhen you cut it open nice and juicywe done cooked through man it’s time toplate this thing up oh here we go we allplayed it up look at that pink from thesmokelook that’s that’s a great play happyMother’s Day guys until the next onepeace

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