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Masterbuilt Gravity Series Charcoal 560 Charcoal Grill / Awesome Baby Back Ribs!

Let’s Smoke Some Baby Back Ribs on the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560 Charcoal Grill, Awesome!

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Video Transcription

well you folks how’s it all goingwelcome back an old man in the land ofgrillslet’s cook on that oneyou betcha let’s get out the master bail560 let’s do some ribs I tell you whatwon’t you go take a look at the ribsI’ll get this fired up hi folks servesthe ribs they’re smaller baby backs it’sall I could find with the three storesto find what I found today we’re goingFEMA Steve’s all the way I got theFamous Dave’s rib rub and the FamousDave’s barbecue sauce sassy so tell mewhat let’s get these on the master billalright let’s get fired up folks I’mtrying something different here one ofmy subscribers and I tell you what I gotgreat subscribers I talked about usingthese fire squares and they come likethis and I’ve broken off two of them andthose fit right in there like that sowe’re gonna fire that up and I tell youthat that’s gonna be a lot simpler thantry and get those damn little pieces ofstraw in there so let’s get that part upand see how it worksI folks let’s talk about setup for todayyou can see I’ve got this thing isamazing 160 you can do and that’s whatit said 160 the lid is reading rightaround 150 ish mark that’s what I wantto see how it doesn’t bother me at all Ilike to see numbers so that’s why I putthat on thereTom horseman YouTube people want to seethe mods where I painted this and putthat on also the tinfoil that I put upthe whole luminance oil that I put up ontop to make this a better seal you cansee I’ve got no smoke coming out on thetop and that’s what I like to see alsoI’ve got filled it up with charcoal I’vegot three chunks of Hickory down towardthe bottom and I actually put anotherchuck of Hickory here in the fireboxright there and apparently that’ssupposed to give you more smoke too sowe’ll keep going with that let’s take alook at the ribs here just put them onthat’s a nice foam to react to ribsthey’ve got a water pan underneath withsome warm water in it and that’ll catchmajority of the grease and we’ll justkeep on going here I’ve got some water alittle bottle there that I’m a squirtedevery hourjust to keep it nice and moist and we’regonna do this everybody’s asking is thisgonna be three two one it’s gonna bethree one one I like three one one sothree one one is probably what we’regonna do and then I’ll show you how Iwrap them I do it a little bitdifferently than most and this girl willwork really great for what I’m gonna doso keep on watching and show you whatwe’re gonna do all right folks about anhour and a half in I did one hour at 160I just wanted to see I had not triedthis at the lowest setting which is 160and I tell you what it worked flawlesslyand now we’re at 225 and just dancingaround you can see how it goes up anddown really kind of fastyou know when we first started this wasat 218 now it’s almost 2:30 so it’sstill dial on itself in if you look atthe lid temp the temp is uh there’s alittle over I’ll tell you what it’s Idon’t know what why my master billwouldn’t want to put numbers on therecuz look at that that is that’s 225 andthat’s 225 so let’s take a quick look atthe ribs did just spray them a littlebit of water getting a little color onthemlooking buddy nice keep on going heregive you a couple more looks easealright folks 3 hours uh kind of set to25 and you see even even the dial to 25minutes that there is impressive let’stake a look at the ribs we’re gonna wrapthem I’m gonna show you how I wrap themoh man got the Sun coming in through thevent there that needs something needs tobe done about that vent because in theevent of rain snow and wind I thinkthat’s gonna look too much wind in sowe’re gonna do something about that butI’ll tell you what some tinfoil show youhow are you gonna do this alright sothere’s some aluminum foil that I’ve gotbent up and I’m gonna show you how we’regonna put this in there and it’s supersimple to do alright there it is overthe ribs I’ll tell you what woodywithout even taking the ribs outremember I got that water pan underneaththere so I’m gonna turn this up to 300now and let this go for about an hourand I’ll tell you what this is the wayto do it folksand then we’ll sauce them up stay tunedfor thatall right a little over four hoursremember three one one so you can seeour tin foil there–let’soh man look at that look at mighty nicesee him thereI just pull back on the ribs we’re gonnago ahead and sauce these up room or I’mgonna sauce them up a little bit of thisfamous days hot and sassy so can youlook see when they’re finished oh mannice-looking bones there through thatnicely done on the master bill take alittle bit off taste test oh man hmmHema steve’s talked about Tom horsemanof YouTube folks don’t forget tosubscribe leave a comment and as alwaysthis is awesome thanks for watchingreally do appreciate it

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