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How to make pork bun cha – easy recipe Vietnamese bun cha noodles / How to make sausage meatballs

Bun Cha is a traditional Vietnamese dish which is packed full of flavour and veggies. Try our sausage meatball Bun Cha noodles recipe when you’re fancying a tasty dish which takes very little time to make. Quick, easy but still delicious, we’ve switched the traditional Vietnamese pork meatballs for ones made out of our sausages. We used proper porkers but why not try it with our Porky Black sausages for an extra tang.

Recipe here:

This recipe for bun cha ha noi is delicious with our sausages, but you can switch it around and try this recipe for bun cha noodles with our streaky bacon, or even our black treacle gammon. We made our Vietnamese pork bun cha meatballs with our own sausages, if you visit our website you can see how! The sausage meatballs were quick to make and tastes exactly like traditional Vietnamese grilled pork with noodles. Even if you’re not making this traditional Bún chả with pork noodles, this recipe is great for learning how to make meatballs, which you can then use in pastas too or salads!

If you want to know how to make bun cha sauce, this recipe is great for you, as it talks you through the Vietnamese dipping sauce, nuoc cham, and shows you how to make it.

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