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How to make Spicy Pork BBQ (Stir-Fried Pork) (Quick & Easy)

◎ (Quick & Easy) Spicy Pork belly (Stir-Fried Pork) 제육볶음

You can serve with just a bowl of warm rice, it is such a good pairing.

[Ingredients] *For two servings*

1/2 pound. Pork belly ▶ the nearest mart
Vegetable oil (not olive oil) ▶
one medium sized Onion ▶ The nearest mart
Scallions (or green onions or spring onions, any type ▶ The nearest mart
A handful of Garlic ▶ The nearest mart
1/4 Cup. Sou sauce ▶
1/2 Cup. Organic Sugar(White or Brown) ▶
1/2 Cup. Hot pepper flakes ▶
2 ts. Sesame oil ▶
Ground black pepper ▶


1. Wash the ingredients. (Oninon, Green oninon, Garlic)
2. Cut onions, green onions and move to the bowl.
3. Add the sliced pork and mix all the marinade ingredients in a bowl. and mix well.
4. Put some garlic on a pan with a vegetable oil, roast over medium heat.
5. When garlic is golden, grill the marinated pork.
6. If too much oil has come out from pork belly in the pan, take out some oil.
7. Put in a plate and sprinkle ground sesame seeds to finish.10. Sprinkle sesame
8. Enjoy it.

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