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Indoor Grilled Pork Chops

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Video Transcription

hi everybody welcome to my channel LOdysseus’s out today we’re going to bemaking grilled pork chops I’m stilltrying to decide though if I’m going tocook them on the indoor grill or theoutdoor grill I’ll make a decisionbefore I season this meat up I’ll make adecisionafter i season the meat all right so I’mgonna season the meat up and then I’mgonna let it marinate for about an hourin refrigeratorall right so here we go okay so we’regetting ready to season this pork tothese pork chops we’ve got some slapyour mama seasoning that we’re gonna usewe’re gonna use some onion powder I meangarlic garlic powder we’re gonna getsome liquid smokewe’re gonna use some Weber’s kickinchicken bit of seasoning okay then whatthe ingredients are we’re going to useokay so we’ll go back with the garlicpowder next I should have just made aconcoction with all of it mixed togetherthat would have been easier probablyGod on everything receiving this sideokay I’m gonna pull out this excess forwater and hand because it’s a gonna takemy seasonings off and go with myseasonings hereokay next we’re gonna use be obey obeyobey is wonderful on me this gives anextra little kick flavor to itOhokay I’m gonna finish seasoning thismeat and we’ll be backokay I’ve added my seasoning and I’vealso added my liquid smoke to theseasoning it’s hickory flavored liquidsmoke that I’m using and it makes itsmell give it that smoky smell when youdon’t want to drill on the outside grillso I think I’m gonna do it on the insidegrill but I may do it on our cycle Idon’t feel like doing with all thatcharcoal today and it looks like it mayrain so I’ll probably do it on theindoor grill okay I finally made up mymind my decision so what I’m gonna do isjust gonna cover this up and we’re justgoing to wait till we get our grillready and we’ll get started okay[Music][Music][Music]I don’t want to cover up their drainhole okay so we got six um we have sixpork chops on the grill right now six ofthem so we’re just gonna let them sizzlethey cook until they’re done and we’llcome back how can we flip them over okayso you see the pork chops are lookinggreat here they’re getting Brown andluscious[Music]these are some of the ones that arealready grilled waiting for these to getready they’re pretty much done becauseyou don’t want to cook them too long andlet them dry out because when you reheatthem they’ll finish the cooking processso I’m gonna go ahead and turn this offnowlike it and we’re done thanks for tuninginto ello dishes it out and that’salways on Appetit

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