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Instant Pot RIBS Recipe | The EASIEST Pork Ribs

Those Instant Pot Ribs are the most juicy 😋flavorful and easy pork ribs 🐷you will ever try. Smothered in homemade super healthy awesome BBQ sauce or use healthier store-bought. Ready in unheard of for ribs 1 hour. Instant Pot ribs come out wonderfully tender with minimal effort. Instant Pot magic, one of a kind ribs experience!




● 2 racks of ribs
● 1 tsp chili powder
● 1 tsp smoked paprika
● 1 tsp onion powder
● 1 tsp pepper
● 1/2 tsp salt

● 1 cup water
● 6 oz can tomato paste, low sodium
● 1/2 cup applesauce, unsweetened
● 3 tbsp unsulphured molasses
● 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
● 1 tbsp honey or maple syrup
● 1 tbsp onion powder
● 1 tbsp garlic powder
● 1 tsp yellow mustard
● 1 tsp salt
● 1 tsp liquid smoke
● 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper


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8 Quart Instant Pot DUO
6 Quart Instant Pot LUX

Instant Pot trivet
Small silicone spatulas
4 cup glass measuring cup
Henry, Ruby, Nelson and Otis steam diverter (Duo/Smart/Ultra/Viva/Nova)
Donald Trump steam diverter 🙂 (Duo/Smart/Ultra/Viva/Nova)
LUX model steam diverter
Silicone baking mat
Baking sheet




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Video Transcription

– Hey guys.
(hand clapping)My name is is Alina and this is iFOODreal.Today we’re making instant pork ribs.They’re not exactly a health food,but we’re gonna make them healthier.Hi guys.
(upbeat jazzy music)Hey guys.Hey guys.So here I have two
racks of baby back ribs.You can use side ribs as
well, one or two racks.As many as you want.Okay, so most likely your
ribs will have this film.That it’s best to remove,
so just put a knifeor a spoon under.And then, peel it off.(paper towel tearing)And it’s a good idea to
remove with paper towel.There we go.And I don’t think this one has it,so I’m just gonna leave it like this.And here we have an mix of spices,which is chili powder, smoked
paprika, onion powder, salt,and pepper.I’m gonna make a dry rub,
that we’re gonna stirwith the pork.And sprinkle on the brine.It’s on both sides.And I particularly like to
sprinkle, instead of rubbing,because a lot of spices
stick to your hands.And this is more rework
a way to season right.And don’t worry too much,
which side has more seasoningand which doesn’t,because we are gonna season them more.Now we are ready to put our
ribs in the Instant Pot.First you add one cup water
to any size Instant Pot.Doesn’t matter.And you can use three
quarts or eight quarts,as long as your ribs fit in there.Then you add a trivet.And it doesn’t matter
which trivet you use.I have this one with handles.
(metal clanging)And this one, without handles.It doesn’t really matterbecause we won’t be removing
breaks without a trivet.So I’m gonna put.This one came
(cooking utensil clattering)with my eight quart Instant Pot Duo.So that’s
(metal clanging)what I’m using today.Like this.So when you put the
ribs in your kinda way.Just go like this.Curl them.They look so pretty.And another one, this way.And you see, all this room.That’s where pressure will build up.There is piecing marks, to third line.Which you have to worry
only about more liquid.So let’s say you wanna make
a soup, then it matters.With ribs?Your good, so ribs can be
higher than two inches.Now I’ll put the lid on.And I find that the easiest
way to align lid with the pod,is align by the back.So this big chubby part.Just line it with the
chubby part at the end.And it beeps right away.
(Instant Pot locking)And you’re welcome.Make sure you’re valve,
pressure release valve,is into sealing position.And we will be venting a
little bit with quick release.So that’s when I like to
use the steam diverter.So here I have this three guys.So what it does when you put it on,the steam is not shooting up.So in your case, damaging cabinets.In our case, equipment.And it’s going out sideways from this guy.Both sides.One side from this guy.And straight from this guy.So today I’m gonna use this guy, actually.It works the best.
(giggling)(toy banging)And it’s important to put steam diverterbefore you turn on the pressure cooker.You cannot do it after.Okay so, this is eight
quart Instant Pot Duo.And we press pressure cook
(Instant Pot beeping)and we want the ribs,
fall off the bone, tender.So we’re going to do it 25 minutes.Make sure it’s on high
pressure, because it hasboth low and high pressure.And just press pressure cook, 25 minutes.And there is no start button.The display will say on.And Instant Pot will
take about 10 15 minutesto come to pressure.And only then you will see
25 minutes here, countdownto zero.And if you have Instant Pot Lux,you don’t have pressure cook buttons.So your pressure cook button is manual.(Instant Pot beeping)And you press it.And if you press it second
time, keep warm disappears.So, it doesn’t matter for us.So here, we are just gonna
(Instant Pot beeping)select minus to 25 minutes.And there is no low or high pressure.It’s all high pressure.And the same, just let it startup.And now we’re going to make super easyand healthy barbecue sauce.Here is a fun fact.This sauce contains four times less sugarthan regular, let’s say, babe your braise.And the first ingredient, over there,is the high fructose corn syrup.You can use it.I’m not gonna judge you,
but this is so easy to make.Literally 15 minutes.(tongue clicking)So start by adding one cup water.Then a six ounce can of
low sodium tomato paste.If you add regular one,
you can just add less salt.And a half a cup of applesauce.And three tablespoon molasses.These are byproduct of sugar productionand are quite thick.So the trick is,when you measure,
(measuring spoons clattering)you take measure spoon
(lid clattering)and you spray it with a
little bit of cooking oil,so then molasses come out easier.So when this is slow as molasses.Then we have two tablespoons
of apple cider vinegar.And here I have onion powder,
cayenne pepper, and salt.I’m missing garlic powder, but it’s okay.And one teaspoon of just yellow mustard.And this is kinda like
the main ingredient,which is really good to have.Liquid smoke, you can buy it at Walmart.At pretty much any grocery store.Look at sauces section.We add one teaspoon andthat’s what makes the barbecue
sauce, barbecue sauce.It adds this smoky flavor.So then you stir, bring it to a boil,and cook for 10 minutes on low.And that’s your barbecue sauce.So after 25 minutes of cooking time,we want to let pressure release naturallyfor 15 minutes.And that’s why I like to
have keep warm function on.Because this is indicated by the letter L.And it actually shows me
for how long the pressurehas been coming down.So we can actually go ahead and releasethe remaining pressure, right now.And how do you know that
the pressure is still up?It’s when this pin is still sticking out.So now to release pressure,
all ya have to do is turnthe vent from ceiling to venting.(steam hissing)And the pressure is down,
when this pin drops down.There is not much pressure left,because we let it come down naturally.On Instant Pot Lux, your pin
is not gonna be protruding.It’s gonna be more inside.And that’s fine.It’s just the way it’s done.And being able to put a lid like this,is one of my favorite
features of Instant Pot Duo.So now, I find the trickiest
part is to transfer ribsonto baking sheets, so we can brush themwith barbecue sauce.And broil for that caramelized
barbecue sauce on top.So if your ribs fall apart, that’s finebecause they’re so tender.So there is our healthy barbecue sauce.So you just brush as much as you want.And now, you just want
to broil them on high.About 550 degrees Fahrenheitfor about four to five minutes,until nicely caramelized on top.And now you can cut ribs there.I find them a little bit tricky to cut.So I’m gonna try different knives.It’s just because they’re so tender.And here is another great
feature of Instant Pot.Because I cook during the day,
I often just put food backin there.You can put your beautiful
ribs back in Instant Potand keep them warm, until
you’re ready to serve.Making these great not only
for dinner, but for potluckand summer barbecue parties.There ya go.Healthy barbecue ribs.Close the lid and press keep warm.And your ribs can stay
warm, for up to 10 hours.You can even make ’em at
home and transport themto a party.Instant Pot is amazing.I hope you enjoyed this video.And if you did, please
give us thumbs up, below.And see ya next Friday, 9:00 a.m.Bye.

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