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Jerk Pork Chops and Cooking Authentic Recipes – Season 3: Episode 2

Jerk Pork Chops and Cooking Authentic Recipes
HowToBBQRight Podcast S3E2
with Malcom and Rachelle Reed

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we jump right in and talk about Malcom’s Jammin’ Jerk Pork Chop recipe (4:25), what gives it those jerk flavors (7:10) and Malcom’s Caribbean retirement plans (14:18).

Then we talk about the Santa Maria attachment Malcom used in this video (24:02) and the history of Santa Maria Grills (24:17). Then we talk about Malcom’s Insta-Saturday (28:56). He explains how he cooked his Gold Rush Wings (29:38) and the easiest and most delicious Kansas City Ribs recipe that won the day (33:58).

We talked Malcom’s Super Bowl of Jambalaya he cooked on Sunday (39:03). And we debated what makes a recipe “authentic” (45:56).

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Video Transcription

welcome to Malcolm reads how to barbecuewrite a podcast where we talk aboutbarbecue share recipes and discuss allthings delicious and now here’s yourhost Malcolm and Rochelle Reid heywelcome back to the hala barbecue rightpodcast I’m your host Malcolm Reedjoined by my lovely and talented wifemiss southern chill chillit’s Friday season 3 episode 2 it snowedlast night the kids got a it’s big dealyou’re deciding you know the kids got atwo-hour delayed start that’s gonna makeyou go you just gotta go two hours laterMichael Michael kept asking so what’sthis day gonna be like go to schoolthey’re gonna probably bright at recessthey won’t let them go outside it’sbelow 40 degrees yeah and they’ve got alunch and then they’ll just I don’t knowwhat they do the rest afternoon orFriday probably not it’s kind of ahassle it worked for us cuz we got tosleep in a little bit but do you thinkif you’re if you had to be at the officeand like your kids gets delighted throwsyour whole day off yeah so what arethose parents do I mean they had to takea day off to take their kids to schooltwo hours late because I mean we’reflexible with our schedule work for usbut I get used to 30 start and then youI guess listen to that voicemail Ipicked my phone up first thing and sawthat I had a voicemail it was decidedcounting numbers as I call it andthere’s like two hour delay at school Iimmediately set my phone I’m laid right[Laughter]thinking about coffee so we’re heredoing our podcast now this is not thepodcast we planned because I plan tohave a guest this week but you were sickand we didn’t get to record it Justinwho’s our resident football sports guycourts guy he says to me he’s my brotherthe poster but he’s also a cooklikes to barbecue but he’s also awriting specialist yeah he’s a reallybig sports fan like that’s somethingy’all have in common and so we’re makinghim our I want to do a podcast with justyou in here or what everyone talkedabout as soon as we have a little moretime so we’re gonna bring Justin on inthe near future he’s supposed to comebefore say bro yeah but he couldn’t makeit he was out of town then he wassupposed to come this past week but Iwas sick and we’re having a fit inanywhere we can yeah so he’s stillcoming I don’t know whenI’m thinking maybe March Madness yeahtalk about some March Madness cookin sothe Super Bowl what we’re gonna talkabout that at all you got it on the listtoday sure I had it on the list forlater and okay that’s why I was gonnatalk about jerk chop that’s what we didactually I had a so last week Imentioned if y’all if everybody want tofollow us on Instagram we were gonna bedoing some cooking Saturday talked aboutbut then we talked about our jerk recipethis week we’re getting ready to go toJamaica and how many days hold on can Ilook it up we’re going on vacationbecause we haven’t been long like anunplugged vacationI’ll pull my sandals app out pull it upbecause it’s got a countdown I was gonnaask you do they have a count de sadehere we goyou want to guess how long hours itgives me the whole nine days 13 hours 10minutes and oh nine minutes 58 it’sticking down right there nine days we’regonna be in Montego Bay we’re going tosandals Montego Bay if anybody’s therey’all come hang out please don’t drink adirty banana with us this is a vacationwith each other going by ourselves noactually yeah actually hate the candiesare going to but I mean it’s still kindof like you’re doing your own thing it’sjust nice to have somebody that you knowthat there will be a party I’m therewe’re gonna party yeah but it’s gonna bea week long now come not thinking aboutwork we’re not taking computers I’llprobably take my phone I can’t like anymob take my phone but you taking yourphone I got twobut we’re not checking emails we’re notdoing any of that at all and so ice cookjerk pork this way get ready that’s allthat’s where all this is going let’s getto the dartboard so how did you come upwith idea for a jerk poor cousin justjerk pour it we’ve done jerk pork beforeyou court buy it but this was jerk porkchops I was just thinking what would begreat grilled fast over some open flamesand ice and I was you know thinkingabout some meats awesome man you knowthink of chops that’s kind of the familypack you buy the flour frying oil youknow serving mashed potatoes those aremy mom’s staple recipes well I tookthose st. chops and you know top yousays challenger barbecue for the greatgrilled any College brush barbecue sauceoh they made some fire jam and jerkchops that’s probably I should havecalled Jamie’s our jobs I just call themjerk pork chops but it’s a thin cut joband man that you know when you buy thatpack they always put a few pretty porkchop Center cut on top and then belowit’s like that front end or they mayeven be somewhat porks think pork steaksunderneath there my mom called thosecountry cut pork chops or whatever butwhere it’s more it’s more up closer tothe butt and they’ve still got some bonein it but it’s you know it’s a lot ofother muscles too other than that Centercut long and everybody wants to buy porkchops cuz they want that big loin well Ilike all that other meat you know thosecountry cut or whatever you want to callit with the fat and all and it’s youknow it some of them don’t even havepart of that but where it gets down inthat spinalis part of it or the moneymuscle end of it depends on how theybutcher dozenthey’re just a commodity pack of porkchops that are that are cheap yeah andthere’s like I paid I don’t know six orseven bucks for the high yeah there’sbut there was what I didn’t show is Ionly cook whatever fit on that great thefirst time I don’t want it to lookcrowded the other ones I’ll just throwsome green go ahead and Grill Tim thesnack I’ll tell you the same way justwith Gringo’s those dark onesit’s a jerk cooking this the way I do ityou know I was gonna talk about theactual cut of the pork chopsI don’t think thick cut pork chops wouldhave worked for this recipe very wellmmm wait cook you’re cooking I’m hotyeahno no you would you didn’t do anythingman they’d probably burn up on theoutside before you ever got done that’sthat’s the whole thing we’re doing thatthing could be ityou could do it you just have to likesear it and get it over on the offsideor raise it way up again real slowbut the thin cuts where it’s at for thisone because yeah I mean I like I like agood thick chop grilled I mean it’s goodor smoked they’re really good chops yeahthey’re good but I just think for thisone the thin cut chops where it’s atit’s a great quick dinner I mean youcould marinate those that the morning ofso so the jerk process to me is allthese flavors you’ve got some spicypeppers like in Jamaica the scotchbonnet peppers well I can’t get thosehere I got habanero and then it’s gotall you know fruit juices you got limeyou can put pineapple in it you balancethat out with some acidity or you knowusually some olive oil for some fat togo in it and all these flight at some ofthe jerk seasoning and we put some freshgreen onions in it a little bit ofgarlic and I mean that you can kind ofput whatever you know won’t as long asyou stay in those jerk realm that’s thefoundation that’s the marinade thateverything goes in and soaks it had somesoy sauce on it yeah you put it wepretty much took your marinade in yoursauce recipe for your jerk chickenrecipe there’s no for me it’s no setthing that you have to have I mean yeahyou need some jerk seasoning that’s whatmakes that’s what gives you this jerkflavors you need some heat and you canget the heat as hot or mild as you wantbut I like some of the flavor causehabanero or scotch bonnet has a reallygreat flavor now they’re known to besuper hot peppers but if you put somegloves on clean them up get rid of theveins and chop it up and add it you geta lot of that from you know the freshpepper flavor and it kind of cookedthose weren’t super hot did you thinkthey were hot and I put a party good bigI mean it put a pretty good bit of thatpepper in there they were spicy but notin a way like it didn’t slow me downyeah well I marinated them for about anhourcuz we were trying to get the video donebut you could have put those in thatmorning let them sideovernight and grill them the next daymore the mortgage the longer you leavethem in there the more flavors I couldprobably get to um I don’t think youmarinate them for an hour no no it hadplenty of flavor yeah because I mean bythe time you get them in there and thenI took them and re seasoned them with alittle more jerk seasoning got my firegetting hot and I was I was cookingthese on my weber grill with my SantaMaria attachment from Gaby’s grillswe’ll talk about that later but what itis it’s basically a it’s a great thatyou can move up and down away from thefire so I cooked open fire styleyou could do this on two zone grill howwould you do it on like let’s say a PK Iput all my coals on one side have me acool spot on the other side I would getthem seared first I’d get them searedfirst boo them over to the cool sidestart saucing them as they heated up Iwanted to get them back get a littlemore color and move them back and forthit’s just a lot more moving yeah on a tozone oneI mean it’s perfectly fine to do it andI’ve even you know I’ve done a lot thefirst time I did jerk pork jerk chickenI think that’s what I did i searedeverything on one side of the Weber Ihad me a pan set up on the opposite sideand moved it over to the cool side letchicken finish so you don’t overcook itbecause you know you’re building theselayers of flavors and you want it’s likeyou want a clothesline I thinkeverything’s caramelized and charred butnot burnt and the way I’ve seen jerkdone when we’ve been down in Jamaica ordown the Caribbean is these guys willhave a 55-gallon drum split in halfturned on their side they’ll have Boydthat they’ve been burning down and theydon’t I mean it’s not everybody you knowyou see people commenting on my thing ohit’s not authentic you didn’t use twominnow wood well I don’t happen to knowwith those guys what would they haveyeah if they had ochre hickory theywould use ochre Hickory is just aboutusing what you have as a fuel source soI used some lump charcoal to get goingadded some posto cord to mine just forsome flavor but you could use whateveryou wanted to to burn it down and makeyou know good bed of hot coals but theyhave their hot coals on one side of thatbig drum the other side is kind of theircool zone and then they’re working thatgrill there around it moving chickenfrom one side whatever you’re cookingand it’s you know that’s kind of what Iwas trying to do with this withannamaria top taste when I started itdown low over the fires I’ll let thatpork start dripping the mayor andyou know drippings hitting the wood thefires coming up kissing it a little bitit’s charred I’m getting some color onit and I’m moving this thin chops aboutevery minute or so two minutesflipping I’m turning them flipping themjust move them around and then when Isaw they had some color to them I startcranking it up a little bit and crankingit up a little bit and then I had mysauce ready then so I just took one ofthe sauces that I’d used on another andkind of adapted it the same way we didthe marinade made a jerk sauce to me ajerk sauce has a sweet element has alittle spicy element you got to havesome jerk flavor from the jam and jerkput back in it you could use whateverjerk grub you want you know it’s kind ofthink of a a Caribbean barbecue saucekinda I mean I don’t have the sameelement is like a barbecue sauce butit’s sitting it usually has a chunkyelement yeah green onion garlic and putme put all kinds of stuff in there somepeople say you put ginger in it yeah youcould do some different flavors you cando chunks of fruit in it if you wantedto mango it up or something like thatyou can make you can make it your ownbut to me that jerk flavor is kind oflike that allspice flavor because it hasthat clove cinnamon there’s some nutmegall those kind of flavors of spicethat’s what that’s what goes in jerk andso it goes with it one thing you saidwhen we were cooking is if you didn’twant to make the sauce we could use thewas it the Buffalo Wild Wings they havea good one I always get there’s twowings I get it Buffalo always look threenumber one is the jerk I like there theydon’t call it jerk they call it wellmaybe they do call it Caribbean jerkokay being jerk Buffalo Wild Wings thenI get the Asian zing it’s kind of theirplay on a it’s a little spicier thanteriyaki almost like a sweet sweet chilikind of Asian flavors really good andthose you know those two things kind ofgo hand-in-handbecause a jerk is a lot like that Asianstyle sauce it just has more of thatspice element give it that Caribbeannotes but I mean still it’s there’s verysimilar c-suite balance got to say gotsome savoriness to it got the heat fromthe peppers they just use like a Thaichili pepper and then they’re using thescotch bonnet hopthere oh you know so they’re verysimilar what’s the main goal of it youknow it’s weird sometimes I’ll go thereand I don’t get to go to Buffalo WildWings very often but when I do I’ll getyou know think it’s a medium or large orwhatever again they’ll let you split itup there four different flavors yeah andso I’ll tell them like give me fourmango habanero and then split the restCaribbean jerk and buffalo that way Ican get those and get some heat goingand get a little sweat going and thenand they enjoy the jerk in the agencybecause you watch it man I’ve got themsometimes they put it to it sometimesyou give them a smile I don’t know ifit’s just who’s tossing I’m not day orhow much they put in there but yeahbecause you know they’re not mixing upthat sauce ya know it’s born straight ofa bottle there did it say you know addit to this big boat awesome we used yourjamming jerk seasoning which is a newseasoning yeah came out with three newMalcom’s lines of say there’s like mypersonal ones but I wanted to dosomething yeah there’s some other thanbarbecue something that I use and thatwe use all the time I love the jerkflavors I went I didn’t go to theCaribbean the first time that we gotmarried we went to Jamaica we went tothe grill for our honeymoon and I fellin love with that style of food this isget me wrote all over that’s that’s kindof my dream barbecue on a beachsomewhere where you know you’re on yourown their time I don’t think it’s donewhen it’s done if you’ll come up set itmy little Hut and trick a beer and eatsome barbecue all this grill that’s finebut that’s that’s not that’s myretirement plane no worries I can’t waitto go but they saw that was then I did aMexican season because we do a lot ofMexican food that’s you know here hername though we got five differentMexican restaurants two miles from myhouse they eat a lot of Mexican food butyou that with then I did the Cajunthat’s another one my favorite was theking crawl I think all three of themwere stellaryeah the one thing that’s kind ofmissingAsian you do like Asian flavor have comeout Big Buddha reverse Confucius youknow people don’t tell me about thegrand beggar like it’s offensiveI guess offensive to me hilarious somepeople say I don’t think he knows whatthat meansgrande I’m pretty sure that’s big verybig and great gay man I got that coveredI guess if you think that you’ve neverreally left in your life not a happyperson you know yeah but I think KingKarl means big a big crawfish you and umI need a cab used to that was our mascotwe had some of the autograph beads withthe crawfish shallot I know we call itKing Karl you’re the big fan of thecrawfish thing you got the King Karlnecklace on your the big make anothercrawfish ball that’s where it came fromthat’s exactly where they came fromI had one with the crawfish it so Andyyeah but he made him one he just got himsome Mardi Gras beads and he had an oldrubella crawfish lure took the hooks offoh because it had the original one oh Igot that one down in New Orleansand he said I’ll make me Walter so hehad the fish so but getting back to thejerk chops that marinade in that glazeit could have been used for chicken ohyeah man you could use it for anythingyeah you could it’s any kind of pour anykind of porkI mean jerk they do dress yeah the threethings that always at the jerk shack wego our pork chicken and fish so youcould use it in a man I’m telling youwhat you put some fish fillets in thatmarinade and then grill it and you mightnot want to finishthe site wouldn’t be bad but they put itin school yeah that’d be greatyou’re not gonna go wrong with the porkand chicken wingsfantastic you know jerk beef that’s onething I don’t think I’ve ever tried Ineed to I think experiment with it yeahsee what it’s like I dohow is just not me cows down there it’snot that’s no they’re known for beef Imean I mean that’s yeah they’reimpoverished you know my under grace toomuch cattle for shame everythingeverybody based more than likelyimported I would guess rice chickens andpigs how hot was it cooking those chopsit was very hot it was windy that daytoo it’s always kind of huddled upcloser to the brick wall so it was I Iwas limited on space I had to get inthere though it was fun you got throughso far yeah you wouldn’t want to do thatin Julyit’d be hard if you don’t be to UM bebad some people ask that she used somany coals to get it really hot what doyou do with those calls they didn’t wantto be wasteful okay good good more Imean granted if you’re doing that youcould probably got by with one chimneyyou know doing that styleI was just want a good hot fire and letit was about 15 minutes total probably Imean two chimneys of coals it’s not thatmuch I wouldn’t even the quarter I meanit’s probably third of a bag and thentwo chimneys didn’t I poured a littlebit extra on top but you couldn’t pullthe attachment off put the lid on yeahdudes on it yeah and let it out andreuse that lump yeah you could do thatfor sure you do that all the time I doit on my a I’ll do it on Weber a wholelot but the PK and the PK in the egg Iput it out all the time and then sift ashout and then relight it back up yeahso how’s the great thing about usinglong you can’t really do that briquettebut the long works reallyyou know if you don’t burn it all theway you can keep going and get some moreuse out of it the kick ash basket workokay yeah I need to get one of those formy Webber I know they just don’t have itfor the Big Green Egg and they can getone for my Webber I think they’d make aPython make a PK one now maybe give methose two yeah who is it the shape of ashape that’s the difference I knowthey’re just yeah yeah I’ve got allkinds of stuff for the PK now samepeople aftermarket stuff making likesnake trays and ways to set it up forrunning for long cooks and stuff we haveone that somebody sent me I’ve never I’mgonna think of it still in the garageI need to yeah try it it’s like a traythat goes in one side to kind of createa two zone fire in the PK 360 I’mprobably use that Sun coming uphow would you cut the heat down if youwanted to if you had the spice take takethe whole back substrate another pepperI’d bust from those little tri-coloredsweet peppers or something put those inthere if you want a mild version yeahsomething something little you know notas not as hot CI habanero Scott’s oneday they have a real sweet element tohim so it’s like a sweet pepper that’ssuper super yeah that’s what the theflavor so good Adam and so there’s alittle try I know you’ve seen thoselittle tricolor peppers like aboutsupermarket for garnish yeah those wouldwork great with the you know no helittle yeah it’s like a little small youknow small looking jalapeno shake pepperbut they’re red yellow or orange theycome in three different colors oh theycome in green no do they mm-hmthis is really good little peppers iMichael we make pepper flowers out ofthem yeah and they’re great for ifyou’re doing stuffed peppers likejalapeno bites or helping your poppersor whatever day be teased that you don’twant the heat on those you couldsubstitute those dry colors as wellthey’re kind of like a super mild so ifyou were gonna serve this for dinner youtouch briefly on this in the video butwhat would you serve it with I wouldserve it with like a traditionalJamaican dish rice and peas or it’s riceand beanswhat kind of main like a bite man uhthey they use like a little pinkishcolor almost like a red bean but it’s alittleit’s different you know I don’t know theexact species name of it but you couldI’ve seen on the croaker over there andkind of what’s the International Islewhere they have stuff from the wallthere they have they have some differentthings and they had they had theJamaican style peas or beans but that’swhat I would start with it someplantains would be good like you knowcooked in a little skillet it kind of ifyou think almost like a salt take onthem and put some butter in there littlebrown sugar show you them but they’rekind of neutral yeah they’re good I’venever done them on the grill I wishthey’d be good in the cast I do I needto do that sometime you want to get itreally they get you some Spanish uncleman Spanish right yeah they do it theydo another dish it’s almost like aturnip green or a kale it’s a greens andthat they they start that’s a realcommon you know Jamaican style dish butit’s like a bitter green I don’t knowwhat its species of green it is but it’ssomething that you say sir so that Icould say turn you could you could usesome spinach or kale or something likethat that you sauteed would be reallygood with it you can even do a spiced upversion of like a creamed spinach orsomething like thatyou know that’d be to go really give itthose jobs creamy de to balance out someof the heat yeah maybe add a littlecoconut milk to it or something justanything you do different cooks or ohthey were going I want some right nowedges were around the edge I think it’scrispy but it still melts in your mouthwhen you take a bite over it was spicybut it was a good heat like it warmedyour mouth but it didn’t burn you downyou were you were dipping them in moresauce well honey up I thought they hadyou know that’s all you had done in aminute what do you say you’d like tostop stop it oh yeah and the meat aroundthe bone was really good they reallyreally good so we use the Gaby’s grillattachment for that cut yep and that isa saint in Moorea that’s the wood it’sbased on Santa maria-style grill kind offamous I guess oruse most often over and on the westcoast okay where did you find out soSanta maria-style cooking is a culinarytradition rooted in Santa Marina Valleyin Santa Barbara County along theCentral Coast a floor of Californiatraditional Santa maria-style barbecuewas actually copyrighted by the SantaMaria Valley Chamber of Commerce in 1978so we can’t is it like this is like thebig game we can’t say that stop cookingy’all check them out it’scalifornia-based that’s for what so it’sout there so but it’s traditionally usedfor tri-tipthey traditionally used live oak or redoak because that’s what they had onwould burn down yeah but it wasdeveloped because that area is so windythat they tried to actually utilize thewind which oxygenates it makes it makesit yes more oxygenated fire and insteadof the more traditional restrictive yeahin the grill yeah well I love this stylebecause if it’s cool to me to cook overlife fire like that and it’s typicallymade of iron and has a hand crank yeahthat’s and that’s what lowers the gradeup and down so you create your differentzones of cooking so you’re to zone orwhatever you want to call it indirectstyle of cooking by raising it andlowering it so what what they do theyhave a huge huge fire great you knowthat’s that’s the typical Santa Mariagrill most of them are squaresyeah nice you build your fire down inthis box kind of you know but that’syour metal compartment where you burnyour wood down you create your coal bedthat’s where your heats coming fromcloser to that you are the closer youare that hot the hottest direct so andthen so the grate is kind of on thischain system it’s usually has arms thatcomes up and over it and it’s got a bigwill to turn it and that’s how you raiseand lower it to get it and more indirectcooking so as you start now if you’vegot stuff that you know is getting toohot your fires getting away from you cancrank it up or you can if you want toget something done faster you move itdown close it’s really cool a lot ofgrills you know a lotstyles of grills have taken that kind ofthing with the charcoal grills where youcan move the crates up Ivor’s and stuffinside a closed grill but I don’t know alive fire might not be for everybody Ilike it I mean having that fire burningand getting it going and hot now you’repoking around in it making sure thecoals are going to add more wood to itit’s falling you got your towelyou got your tile yeah there’s nothinglike it smells juices and the smelldripping down on that burning fire andwhat comes off of it I mean the hogguarantee the whole neighborhood we weregreat job with the wind blowing like itwas because man it was the smell of itis fantastic you know a lot of those Imean there’s places out in Californiathat’s kind of center of the restaurantyou know you’re centered around a grilllike that or you know that’s it’s kindof a it’s just something to be seen yeahnot like you want to be stuck off in theback you want to see that grill you knowit’s a showpiece yeah is your livelive-action cooking right there that’swhat I like about it when I get a placethat I have enough room I want like anauthentic Santa Maria grill that’s why Ilike the idea of the attachment becauseinstead of adding a whole new grillwhich we have plenty of we have morethan we have places to put them yeahthis is just an attachment that went ona you know whoever ya know any kettlegrill really probably makes them fordifference that I was gonna say Gabby’sgirls might make them for different Ithink different things other than WeberI just happened to like attachments formy Weber the only bad thing about it isthe storyit set in the garageand I would kick it until I finally gotsmart enough to put it on the top I putit up on there’s a boom top shelfwell I mean when after you store it Imean that doesn’t have a cover anythingso it’s gonna be cobwebs on it it’sgonna pick up stuff you need it what Idid was I started that fire but thatgrill attachment on there let it getgood and hotreal dirt scrubbed it down riald it letit get seasoned and it’s good to go thisis just metal it’s just like expandedmetal great heavy-duty steel it’s on awire the design of it’s simple but manit wideout workvery it works fantastic now cook someother stuff when I’ve done some othervideos with it isn’t it yeah I forgotwhat you cooked the last time I don’tbut you know I need to do some tri-tipon i got a couple tried to freezer soit’s to Saturday yes so yeah I toldy’all we’re goodlast week kid but it was something thatI wanted to we you know we try to stayup on our Instagram and and let you knowkind of share what we’re doing withfolks but we took a day last Saturday towhere we were gonna spend the whole daydoing nothing but Instagram stories andwe tried to get good shot so get littlevideo clips we mixed in jail had hercamerait wasn’t like how to stuff it was justwhat I was cooking for for the Superbowland so I did end up doing several thingsthe main focus was doing since the 49erswere playing the Kansas City you wantedto kind of do some things along boththose teams so I did a Gold Rush hotchicken wing for the 49ers CaliforniaGold Rush you know kind of 1849 rightHope theme going for the team yeahversus talking Kansas City had to do thecity style ribs and so that’s what wedidso what how do you come up with idea forthis instance aturday cuz your real ideaisn’t just cook your real idea is tohave people over and show kind of abehind the scenes of a cook abouthanging out and stuff we were just kindof dipping our toe in the water see howwe go but you know it worked great wehad a lot of people interact yeah a lotpeople followed us that day and lookedat the stories we picked up you knowsome followers on Instagram so this issomething we’re probably gonna continueto do and you know we might we weretalking about doing it maybe once amonth if we can fit yeah yeah it’sreally I’m excited about bringing otherpeople in and let’s all do something andthey you know they can use theirInstagram and we’ll use ours and kind ofcollaborate and do some cool cool videosand coolyeah so let’s talk about the wingsalright Gold Rush wings I took so am Ithinking what that wasnow I wanted to do a sauce that was kindof that golden yellow goldish colorthink of might think a mustard barbecuesauce meets sriracha for West Coast feelbeats a buffalo wing sauce I used thekiller hogs hot sauce mixed with butterall that went in so I just made a basicmustard barbecue sauce that and thatkind of gave me the yellowish tones youknow I kind of had that gold color goingfrom that I had of the sriracha kind ofdeepened it up and then mixed it withanother orange the orange hot wing sauceif everybody knows hot wing saucesthat’s how I got that flavor I added alittle bit extra honey to sweeten up soit had the spice from sriracha and thehot sauceit had the vinegar mustard eNOS from themustard sauce and it had the butter tosmooth it all out at the honey kind ofreally great sauce yeah it was reallygood it would be good on any wings allday long probably great on barbecue -yeah you really would I can see a pulledpork sandwich with that on it some slawbe excellent I’m not even crazy aboutmustard sauce for the wings I didn’t doanything crazy just I put them on themix crew I cook them on the Memphispellet grill run about 300 took about anhour is all it doesn’t take long I cookI cook them till they’re a little bit Imean that according to done the scalethey’re overdone but I like my wing toall the bones just pull away and I justgot a bite of me I mean wings hassomeone’s skin so much fat under thatskin that they stay juicy so you can getaway with overcooking them a little bitthey cooked – like 198 200 degrees whatI want to see and you know white meatsdone at 165 but but uh coffee on yourchin there but yeah so that the wingswere really good I mean they pulled theypulled apart perfectly I did a wholewing I like that I like a whole wingwhere you can just pull the flat and thedrama off and you still got it that’s myfavorite way to eatflat we get along great so I’ll leavethe drum and the new leads flat I likethe little flapper toocrunchy bite yeah I don’t mind knowingon that fiber it sauce but and I willhave to say this those wings werefantastic I will definitely be using outI might do a video on that sauce so thatwas kind of this is kind of where I wasexperimenting you know tests and stuffI’ll never cook that sauce and done Ijust it was in my mind and I throwtogether so I might turn that into oneone of these days a big good what to doyou season it with lemon pepper and APyeahthat was it I use Townsend’s lemon pennysome AP for foundation and limb to dropBrown them for about an hour actuallymight have been two hours because I knewlike I want to try to get them done atthe same time and so the ribs were goingto take longer so while the ribs weresmoking that first to our part I wasdrive around in those wings and thenwould come to under wraps when I fire apropeller girl and I got them on thatlast you know hour while the ribs werewrapped and they all come come off aboutthe same time everything is fresh andfor the kandacy style ribs I didn’t getoutside the box with these and reallywhere’d you get the ribsthey were Walmart ribs I mean I wouldjust went to pick up some spirit st.those cut spare ribsyou just bought whatever they had in thecount yeah yeah that’s that’s that’sstandard Kansas City rear they use a st.louis-cutbreed which is variable but you knowthat breast plate cut off the bottom Ididn’t do I pulled the membranesI didn’t squirt honey I didn’t squarethem up or nothing I just full eatingribs and seasoned them on the bottomside when I pulled the membrane off atthe hot rub give me little spiciness toprubs top side was all about color I didmy regular killer hogs rub I thought Iput a little mustard on them I mean Iyou know I just got season them up I waskeeping it simple this was the standardstandard like and it’s you know sweetestkind of savory read kind of rubs gettingto see style rub a bunch of good onesout there you could use any and got themin some smoke just a little bit ofhickory dickory wood for them put apiece of cherry on there just cuz I likethe way it smellssmoked him two hours didn’t do nothingto the old hickory didn’t didn’t a stonedidn’t spritz them didn’t butter themdidn’t do anything once they got thecolor that I wantedpulled out some full double layer and Iput the ribdown in it meat down nothing in the rapI just wanted to run these ribs just youknow pureed simple wrap them up put themback on this was about an hour and 15minutes I checked them I was seeing thatyou know 200 202 203 if I saw 204they’re done you know the bones kind ofmembrane what’s left of the little youknow thin membrane disintegrates on theback those bones start popping you gotto draw back the tip and they’re feelinggood pulled them off rest up just forjust a few minutes while I finished upthe wings and then put them back flipthem over drained what juice was inthere because I did still render out alot of juice brushed them with the sauceand I cheated on the sauce I usedstraight-upyou asked me he’s like what sauce is sis fantastic he won’t know what I’ll Imixed in it it’s normally I whip upsomething I use my sauce and add to itand this was I’m just going for like atypical King City flavor yeah and I saidwhat what what can I get that’s morecloser than that I just said some verylow head country that sauce has beenaround a long time people use it it’sreally convenient how could you not sayit’s not like based on a Kansascity-style sauce when I think it came tosee how stole that’s what those flavorsare what I think I use it straight outthe bottle and you heard you thought wasfantastic it was really good I said Icould definitely see how this would winyeah it says barbecue no nice you getthat mm-hmm and you want another one nono they’re eating ribs yeah so I glazedthem both sides put it back on what 15minutes 20 minutes tops let that saucetighten up a little bit brought a mountsliced them and the Kansas City Chiefsstyle ribs walked all over those I don’tknow I don’t know if it’s because Ihadn’t had cook ribs like that that’sprobably November you know like thatit’s been a long time at home cook itsome eating ribs we didn’t cook them allwinterwe didn’t doing doing different stuffand all the turkeys going in Novemberthey probably back in October since I’dcook some good they those ribs arefantastic they’re so good they werebetter than any competition have I hadthe weekend before at the show yeah yeahI thought so too I meanyou know what I know what it is whenwe’re doing competition stuff it’s soeasy to get carried away with you gottause this combinations of flavors and theseasonings and you’re using a coupledifferent things and you’re putting allthis stuff in the wrap your clay youknow you know we’re doing this you’retrying different stuff and then you knowand then all of a sudden you know it’scalled everywhere jammed up so I wannado that yeah and you cook somethingsimple like I did for that and it’s likeman this is what I ribs supposed totaste like it was so good it tasted I’dlike to think that’s why the Chiefs wonbecause I cooked those ribs my ribs areso good nothing to do with it’s gonna beand I’m not a cheese fan or anythingthat’s an easy rib recipe to recreateman everybody needs to try that oneyes there’s nothing good it’s two threeingredients – it was regular theybarbecue rub hot rub and head countrythat was only thing I put on those riband you could do it if you got yourfavorite rub just go and just don’t goheavy with it I mean that’s how I did Iheld by I held back on the season I hadsome good smoke going in the smoker youknow I stopped them when they got somegood color on I wrapped them up withnothing in the wrap and I took him offand called him at the perfect time whilethey were you know I checked them at thehour mark and I said you know they need15 21 minutes tops checked them backthen and they were done that was it thatwas that came down to technique it was areally good so the Chiefs won so you dothe next day we Super Bowl Sunday I didI had so much fun doing Instagram onsided ass up I jumped up some cook somejambalaya and did some steps on Sundayand we did and I did it was fun I cookeda great pilot unblocked yeah we tookhalf of it I’m glad we did that I waslike why don’t we just leave half of ithere for the house yeah we took half ofit in a crock pot to the Superbowl partyand we left half of it for dinner Mondayyeah great I made like a real fastshrimp étouffée kind of sauces and whenit poured over the top of the jump lawand wound it back up it was almost likea whole different dish it wasthat shrimps whatever you did with thatit was good yeah it was just I don’tknow what it was I didn’t follow arecipe I just started on I made me aroux and then I sautéed me somevegetables the onion garlic pepper sweetpeppers and celery and then I added acan of drained a can of chopped tomatoesand threw that in there and then startedadding a little bit of broth andthickened it up and up of a shrimpseason my shrimp up some of the Kingcrowd threw that in there and just kindof like a two-faced I was kind of like ashrimp gravy yeah that’s what it wasand you answered yeah but the jehan bowlthe microwave then says it come out ofmy court eight minutes but in some let’srip gravy over it’s gated did you do anygambling on Sunday I did I did I gotover to buddy’s house and they’d all hadbets in we did squares I didn’t you knowI didn’t squares you did squares andMichael did squares if I did or not butyou won the first you won $50 the fartit’s like they did $1 square half paysat the endMalcolm took it out of my hand you tookI took a picture everywhere that I mightbe posed up so let me see your phonestop to give me that money and you paidI bet a half-time bit there’s a parlayI took the Niners and over and I wouldhave won the Niners partners it was tiedcuz I’d caught a point but then I neededfour more points they called that big umand what they were to I’m very confidentthat that was a pivotal moment in SuperBowl when George kid will caught thatdeep bomb right before halftime andthere was a settlement first and goal inthe for just a few second and why theyweren’t taking their timeouts beforethat turn over therechange the position I do not know but ifhe would they that had not have beenoffensive pass interferencethey were scored a touchdown I wouldhave won my first half parlay so I had aone like I don’t know it was it was a$50 parlayhumbugs something like that but I wouldhave one there San Francisco would havehad the rest of the momentum going intohalf I would come back and dominated thesecond half they don’t want a Super Bowlbut because I lost that betthey lost does all that sound crazybetween the ribs the day before sothat’s how I lost your $50 and then Ilost another $50 because I had justaccepted win the game for 50 bucks andlost that too so I don’t know why I wasbetting on those gold rush wings at theKansas City ribs told me who to bet onso that’s gonna be my thing next tobunker who’s in it we’re gonna do tworecipes cook up see which was betterthat’s who we’re putting our money onbaby so we had a great Super Bowl ribsand wings they’re real good yeah yeahsomebody cooked some bacon-wrappedjalapeño poppers that were really Justindid those I was gonna tell us aboutthose so when he comes back that’s whatwe’re talking about I did a jalapenopopper cheese ball that was really goodfootball it was one of those nailed it’sthat you really did do good yeah and Ikind of took someone’s recipe andmodified it added some fresh dicedjalapenos to it and it was cream cheeseand regular cheese and I shaped it inthe shape of a football and then coatedthe outside and crumbled up bacon andusual cheese thinly cut cheese slicespicture of it to put on your mitt – Imeant to but I’m gonna turn that into areal risk I also did now I know Imentioned last week that my favorite youchecked out on bringing some food youjust may dip or whatever the KathrynRodney’s did with the pepper jelly I wasgoing to share that on Instagram wedidn’t ever get around to itbut we did and boo use those forsomething and I also did the appetitethe mini cheese and smoked sausage onthe cracker with the pickle so couple myfavorite little easy appetizers but whatsee I did my famous mac and cheesethat’s what yeah that was you know Iwouldn’t had anything over there I thinkI grabbed one cookie on the way outgerm-free I was I don’t want to get thefollies kids are good dick I’m Flay Ithink it’s Inc you really wanna get sickthis like I told you taking me over thisfoot you’ve got all this place it’s aperfect place with a puck of buffetstyle eating everybody said we touchedit I said no not this guy never kidthese eyes cold blood lunch I hear justcooler right Bobby nobody I got that Ican run them we can go home and I caneat some coal job la a great time I didget sick when you tried all kind ofstuff a bit didn’t you hey sir mo is inthe peak of flu season you wanna talkabout getting sickgoodbye Super Bowl party with a bunch ofthose snotty nosed kids chances are highyou know that’s everything yeah I stayedoutside for there’s good cold air thefire go and sanitize and stuff yeah justfist bumps don’t handshake sanitizer topocket I was pretty sick oh come I feltit coming on like Tuesday morning byWednesday yeah I needed a day to recoverone thing I wanted to touch on realquick before we wrapped up today and isauthentic recipes and cooking know cuzevery time we put out a recipe prettymuch almost every recipe someone tellsyoumy house done and then you get otherpeople saying man you nailed it you knowand I started thinking about it I’m likewell let me put this into perspective Ican understand you know like let’s sayMemphis dry ribs or Memphis ribs you cango to five different places in Memphisthat are famous for the memphis-styleribs and they’re all different they’redoing all different yeah yeah go torendezvous he’s gotta go to Central thengo to barbecue shop there you knowyou’re right it’s all different to meauthentic I mean is there any what’swhat’s the such thing as long as I meaneverything I do I liked it it’s myinterpretation Oh to me that’s hard doit I mean insight you know the past tworecipes I did so meatheads Chicago styleItalian beef you know I caught some flakover that but to me that was that’s howI would my take on an authentic style ofItalian P well see the funny thing thisis not I know this is not really how youdo a chicago Italian beef you had justas mean people saying you got it rightyeah yeah and the jerk sign wager is itis it like uh I’ve been Jamaican headjerk all kinds of different way yeahthey’re not all the same yeah I meanthey have same things commoncharacteristics I’m not saying anythingI do is the be-all end-all but I justthink it’s my take on stuff you knowcall it I’ll take on authentictraditional whatever I’ll roll that’sright and you know I keep the jerkI really do cuz you’re not using thepimento wood you don’t have the bigbarrel still the other day tooI’ve been great but I don’t know mything for authentic cooking I think itleaves some room for interpretation Imean I’m not gonna do something and sayoh this is exactly how you have to do itthe authentic way it’s a race thrownaround it’s done around a lot you see ityou knowuse a lot but doesn’t mean food ingeneral or recipes they’re greatguidelines but to make them it’s kind oflike art I mean is there a right orwrong way to paint a picture or you knowdo something that’s kind of that’s theway I think of it to me if it’s personalinterpretation it is it is personalinterpretation it’s a I mean I think youhave regional styles and things you knowthe areas and that’s where maybe theauthentic thing goes around and but whatpeople’s what some people think sup thenit may not be I’ll think somebody else alot of it’s like what she was raisedwith and how you have you know you mayhave been having it wrong the whole timeit’s you it’s authentic you know I meanthat’s that’s a good way to look at ityou could have lived in Chicago you’reher life and this is what a little shopbuy you had Chicago Italian beavin youthought it was all to me because that’sthe way you grew up with it but is thatreally the way you know somebody elsesays I don’t know it’s it’s too muchroom for interpretation and at thispoint I don’t think there’s no right orwrong I just think there’s yeah exactlywhat some foods so I made a list well Imade a very short list of what somephase like people say is this isauthentic fill in the blank wellprobably I don’t know a lot of Mexicanfood comes to mind you see that all yousaid that a lot of times authentictamales or you know carne asada and allthese things and there’s so manydifferent ways to do the authentictamales are not I prefer the whatMississippi Delta stuff yeah that’s awhole different it is you know those areauthentic to me that’s what I think it’samale’s that’s what I think uh but thenI say yeah sure that’s misused all thetimeauthentic Mississippi farm raisedcatfish and it’s these big giant filletsthat somebody serving you packed with aninch and a half of batter that’s nicethere’s nothing I’ll think about thatI’m sure it’s real catfish crawfishbowls uh-huh I don’t know I don’t neversee you see out there net crawfish ballyou know there’s a lot of wrong ways toI mean isthat’s how you do it tasteless not notdelicious yeah yeah you’re just notdelicious yeah I might be good to somepeople but what’s your definition of aMemphis to you what is Memphis ribs wellwhen I think of when somebody saysMemphis ribs the first one cuz of bondto me is a driver yeah a long back RiverDrive season on it but we’ve also we’vealways had you could get them both waysor you get them buddy and so it I guessthe number one thing you say may be sureto me is a long back rib seasoned withthe you know it’s it’s little sweetspicy balanced balanced out usuallyreddish in color with or without sauceif it’s dry but more seasoned on it whenit comes out if it’s if it’s wet it’sserved with the sauce that’s been cookeddown just a little bit smutty that’s howthat’s how it’s always been to be when Ithink of it but this is room forinterpretation well you know what Ithought about is one of the most famousrib joints in Memphis is actually hasGreek oh yeah rendezvous yeah that’s intheir style of ribs it’s a choice it’smore of a charcoal grilled rib you couldcook them on the center Murry attachmentand come closer to their rib they’re noteven like a tender rib they cut themwith the knife that split them to whereyou can tear them but it’s more gnawingoff the bone and that’s a Memphisinstitution it’s one of the oldestjoints in town and been doing them thatway forever people go crazy oh they shipthem all over the world and it’s I meanthat’s they got to develop their ownstyle of Memphis ribs there all right Imean it’s you know you go there I gothere for the sausage cheese plate andthen the cold beer in the atmosphere infact while you brought that up we’regoing to do meatheads meet up in Memphisand it’s gonna be the dinner it’s gonnabe at that round division so if you cometo that you’ll get the experience rightaway yeah ladies Andrews calm and checkout their flow on that for real theCorky’s rib is really kind of theMemphisyeah and it’s me yeah that’s it’s upthere they I like I don’t see I’m notsure about for Vsauce Thanksyeah I like I like their dry rub the dryrub rub misses again and they do catfishand it’s not bad this is still not allthinning Mississippi stop catfishmore South yeah to get the be good toget the catfish that I think you gottago Delta central Mississippi area we doit all right up here at fish king ofMississippi I still gotta find thatblack that’s not my mission this year tofind my catfish King play you know Ican’t even imagine you sure Waylondidn’t have it I’m positive last place Isaw it I had it hanging up in the officewhen I was working at BH in 12 years agodid you bring it home sure yeah stuff Iwonder if that box is still somewheretook it off the wall because I had aEarnhardt jr. Dale Earnhardt clock itsto major award those I think that clockwent working and I punched out the thingand took out the law backing up and keptit so I got them in a box somewhere Ijust got I don’t remember concerns meembrace took picture of it this weekendwe’re going we got a class yeah it wasbarbecue it’s all about grilling we’regonna talk about the aspects of grillingwe’re gonna cover we’re going to go overa few foods we’re gonna do links I wantto dotri-tip and we’re gonna do ribeye steakthose are three things I think everybodyI’m neither doing a grill yeahbut we’re gonna field all questionsabout grilling kind of go over thebasics and how we set up our careers myfavorite girls to use and some of thetools and techniques and that you knowwe’re even gonna break out some pelletgrill and photon they’re marking JamesWan life’s going to be there with me andwant to have a good time there in thenext week because that one sold out thecustomer simply BBQ class well there’sonce he left and wants come but it’sgonna be down in Madison Mississippi atthe grills of Mississippi and it’s a baryeah yeah we’ve got Jay from Tennesseemojo and the Swan life guys again we’regonna do do chicken ribs pork butt andbrisket at that one and it’s gonna bemore about how to barbecue those toperfection anybody your friends andfamily in your backyardso that’s what I got coming up and thenwe’re going to Jamaica the next thing wedo that class on Saturday and we’releaving the next day but you got to goto Atlanta and then change planes andthen next time Montego Bay its what 37degrees here today I don’t care I’vebeen we’ve been counting this down for awhile yeah yeah a book window bookedthis trip Mike September some like thatbefore that I remember when we were onvacation July we were trying to talkWhitney and Destin and going with usokay so it was yeah it might have beeneight months again well was thereanything else that we’re covering onEpisode two know what you get coming upthis next week uh something for MardiGras like I’m feeling some some voodoosauce on some voodoo Wang’s have somegig it’s gonna be my version of Verdesauce oh there were no other videosauces I’m making it up I really am it’ssomething I got I got I’ve been writingthe recipe down and I got to throw ittogether I’m working this weekend alittle bit and test it out a coupletimes and hopefully it’ll be goodBishop pretty wings that sound good yeahit’s gonna be goodno that’s it that’s it we’re gonna finda show if you like to connect withMalcolm it’s how to be BQ right onInstagram Facebook Twitter and of courseYouTube if you’d like to connect with meit’s Miss Southern she’ll on is room heythanks for hanging out with us today andy’all fire them grills up this weekendsee y’all next week try try their motherjerk pork chops I could yeah

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  1. I did these on a 2 zone fire on my Weber. The were spot on! It was great meeting you guys in Bartlet Tennessee last weekend. My selfy with Malcom has given me instant street cred on FB.

  2. I started cooking outside all because of Malcom. He’s great. But, I just don’t get or understand this podcast thing. Makes no sense to me.

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