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How to make Tender juicy Pork Chops in Onion Gravy

Pork chops
Salt pepper paprika Montreal steak seasoning garlic powder parsley flakes pork base (jamon)
Water or broth
God bless enjoy

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi everybody everybody I’m backeverybody Gina young us back and I’mback with yet another amazing recipe Iam so excited today because pork chopsare on the menu not just any ordinarypork chops today Gina Young is going toshow you how I make pork chops in anonion gravy this recipe is so easy itdoes not require a lot of ingredientsand if you make a Tina young Stella it’sgonna be so tastyhere are the lovely ingredients you willneed you all never had my pork chops inan onion gravy you better make you somehere’s what you’re gonna need you willneed some pork chops these pork chopshave been washed with lime juice salt incold water you will need some ranch dipmix this is just the ranch powder if youall never had this on your meats youhave to give it a try it’s absolutelyamazing and this right here is hamflavored concentrate it’s going to giveyou amazing flavor with anything you putthis in right here I have some paprikasome garlic powder a little bit ofparsley we have some Montreal steakseasoning this is salt and pepper wehave some Tomatoes just because andmoving over this way I have some baconbecause we’re going to have green beanson the side of these pork chops I havetwo cans of green beans we have someyellow squash I have this yellow squashjust set it in a refrigerator so Ifigured why not throw it in with mygreen beans so that’s what we’re gonnado you will need some flour and onions Ihave some Kitchen Bouquet KitchenBouquet it’s gonna give you thatbeautiful color that we all love when wethink about gravy we have some soy saucefor our gravy and some Meggie poyo righthere is my rice you all that arefamiliar with me you know that Iabsolutelydoor the rice in the back all you haveto do is boil your water salt that waterthrow your rice in the water for 11minutes and you have the most perfectbeautiful fluffy rice every time makesure your hands are impeccably cleanlet’s get started with this amazingreally quick and simple yet so tastyrecipe so now here’s what we’re gonna dolet’s go ahead and get our meat nice andseasoned don’t be afraid to seasonalright so we’re gonna put some paprikapaprika is gonna give you an amazingcolor it’s gonna give a little bit oftaste as well make sure you do not usesmoked paprika I’m not a fan of smokedpaprika I rarely rarely rarely use thesmoked paprika this right here is thegarlic powder just like so alright alittle bit of parsley flakes justbecause it makes everything lookbeautiful it’s not really gonna give itany flavor now we’re gonna let thesemeats set with the seasoning on it foraround about 12 minutes before this evengets fry you never want to take yourmeat right out of the refrigerator andstart to fry it up because once it hitsthat hot pan or the hot oven it’ll justseize up and you’ll have dried meats letthat meat always rest let the chill comeoff so you’ll have a nice juicy meatevery time alright so now we’re gonnaput some of the Montreal steak seasoningand just because it’s called Montrealsteak seasoning doesn’t mean you can’tuse this on any meat that you would liketo use this on any meat it’s amazingokay we’re gonna go in let’s a littlebit of this salt and pepper that I havebe very careful you don’t want to usetoo much salt pork already has salt init just like so all right beautiful nowI’m gonna open up my ranch packet we’regonna put a little bit on both side andwe’re gonna season the other side aswellokay I’m gonna try my best not to pourtoo much because a little bit goes along way trust me if I can get it out ofthe packet here we go beautiful itsmells amazing and it tastes good tooyou hearme who and listen here all of theseseasonings that we put on the meat todayalong with this ranch powder you canthrow these bad boys in the oven andthey’re gonna be delicious you don’thave to fry them and a good thing aboutthese pork chops today is we’re notgoing to coat these pork chops incornstarch we’re not going to coat themin flour either we’re just gonna frythem straight up all right so let’s givethese a turn over just like so we’regonna season the other side and I’ll beright back everyone let’s go ahead andget our rice in the boiling water I’mgonna make two bags if you have achicken Boyan cube throw you one andit’s gonna give this writes amazingflavor if you have a beef Boyan cubethrow that in I don’t have any Boyancube so we’re gonna put the Boyan powderin which is the Meggie poyo just alittle bit goes a long way it’s gonnareally season up that rice and give youan amazing flavor just like so elevenminutes and that’ll be done take a lookat these pork chops they look so goodbut we can’t cook them now we need tolet them set for about 12 minuteseveryone let’s go ahead and get ourgreen beans done we have our ricecooking which will be done reallyquickly let’s go ahead and get thesegreen beans done that way when we cookour pork chops only thing we’ll have toworry about is your pork chops and gravyyou don’t want four and five pans goingat one time save yourself the stress doone thing at a time all right so here’swhat we’re gonna do I had some yellowsquash in my refrigerator that I wantedto use up so why not throw him in withthe green beans that’s exactly whatwe’re going to do okay so then here’swhat I’m gonna do I’m going to cut thisbeautiful yellow squash just like so andnow this yellow squash will not go inright away it’s gonna go in when mygreen beans are almost done because theworst thing that you want to taste isovercook squash it can get really mushywe want this to still have some nicebike so we’re gonna put it in maybelet’s just say seven or eight minutesbefore we turn the green beans off okayjust like so seems prettywell that’s because it is everythingthat I do in this kitchen you all can doas well trust me and it’s gonna turn outexactly like mine’s would so now righthere I’ve taken a little bit of myonions that I have for my onion gravyand I’m just gonna chop a little bit upmake these canned green beans have someflavor he only need a little bit onionit’s just a little bit goes a long waynow I’m gonna use the water that’s in Iput this in there let’s look let’s juststart all over let’s just act like it’sokay relax everybody it’s okay let’sjust act like I didn’t put the squash inthere all right we will put the squashin the last seven to ten minutes like Isaid all right so as far as that let’stake it out just like so pretty simpledon’t stress get your green beans in thepan with the onion all right come onGinathen come on Gina let’s have some fun inthis kitchen guys all right green beansgoing in we want to put a little bit ofbutter and we’re gonna chop up some ofthat bacon all right let’s get somebutter Ian around about a tablespoonwill do the trickbeautiful let’s get some Maggi puyol inthere Maggie poyo is gonna give youamazing flavor I mean amazing flavorwhen it comes to green beans this issomething that I always use in my greenbeans all right so now I want to putthis on a little plate we’re gonna comeback and we’re gonna chop up this baconthrow it in with our green beans when Iget these green beans on the stove whenlet’s go ahead and get this baconchopped up and I’m gonna be honest withyou it doesn’t have to be bacon that youuse any meat that you like you know ifyou have a smoked sausage on hand if youlike turkey bacon feel free to put thatin your green beans but whatever you doalways add flavor you hear me don’t beafraid to season things and some peoplemight not like the bacon cooked this wayfeel free to fry up that bacon fry thatbacon up before you throw it inokay so I’m gonna give this a nice swirlaround and remember once my green beansare done that bacon is cooked the onionsand the Meggie poyo and butter hascooked together when I feel like this isjust about done ten minutes before thatwe’ll throw that squash in just let itcook for a few minutes and you’re gonnahave some amazing gravy everyone ourgreen beans are on the stove just gonnalet him go and forget about everyone Ihad to sanitize my cutting board so wecan cut these Tomatoes let’s get thesebeautiful tomatoes cut I know a lot ofyou X me Gina Y all the timedo you use Tomatoes that’s because Ilike fresh tomatoes I like cookedTomatoes anyway you can put a tomato I’mgonna try to incorporate it now theseTomatoes they’re beautiful I’m justgonna put them alongside in my plate I’mgonna put a little bit of salt andpepper on them a little bit of parsleyjust to make them beautiful and I’mgonna eat them right alongside of mypork chops that’s what I’m gonna doall right I know a lot of times you allhave seen me when I make gravy I like toincorporate fresh tomatoes but we’re notgonna do that today we’re just gonna eatsome nice fresh tomatoes right alongsidewith our dinner now watch this let’s getsome salt and pepper on there saltreally brings out the beautiful flavorin these tomatoes look at that nice andbeautiful a little bit of parsley to dothe trick just make it nice beautifulbrings a little bit of freshness to ourdish today take a look at this beautifulrice we’re just gonna fold in a coupleof tablespoons of butter this isKerrygold butter look how beautiful niceand fluffyevery time and remember to salt yourwater a little bit of parsley is gonnamake it nice and beautiful the rice isdone and out the way take a look atthese beautiful green beans I want tolet the green beans cook for about tenmore minutes and then we’ll throw ouryellow squash in the last 10 minutes ofthe cooking processnow let’s have some fun let’s fry somepork chops we’re gonna take these porkchops and I’m gonna try to fit three inthe pan be careful you want to hear thatsizzle if you don’t hear that sizzleand see that says Lane don’t put anymore in you want to make sure your oilis nice and hot every time you go tocook something or it just won’t turn outright if you don’t okay so it looks likeI’ll be able to fit three which makes mevery happythis will be cooked on a medium-highheat all right we’re gonna throw thisone in and I’ll do the fourth wouldseparate beautiful let’s get a nicegolden-brown color on these and thenwe’ll flip them over don’t worry aboutcooking them all the way the reason whyis because these are gonna simmer andthat beautiful onion gravy I’m gonnashow you how to make this really quickand simple yet so taste everyone nowit’s time to put our squash in just likeso you’re gonna mix it around and let itcook for seven to ten minutes it’s gonnagive that zucchini or the yellow squashthe perfect texture you don’t want tocook it too long make sure your bacon isalready cookedmake sure your green beans are alreadycooked before you put these in becausethese don’t take long at alllook at this it’s gonna bemouth-watering oh look at that heyeveryone let’s talk about the pork chopsthese pork chops have a potential tokind of puff up a little bit becausewhat happens is the outer part which hasthe fat it starts to cook it shrinks andit causes your pork chops to puff up sohere’s what I’ve done you can see righthere where I put a slit into each onethis one has one and this one has oneyoudo that before cookie and that willprevent your pork chops from puffing upas well as your steak when I make steakI always cut that little slit when Imake pork chops cut that little stickslip that way they can lay flat in thepan and get evenly cook one let’s givethese a turn and see what they look like[Music][Music]beautiful gravy that way we’re gonna letthese go until the other side gets anice beautiful and golden brown as welland then we’ll throw that fourth one inand I’m going to show you all how tomake this quick and simpleokay everyone our green beans are doneour yellow squash is perfectly donelet’s go ahead and turn the heat offrice and the green beans are done andout the way one let’s get this last porkchop in right in with the same oilremember we’re not aiming to cook itwe’re just aiming to get it nicebeautiful and golden brown on both sidesthis want to turn it should be nicebeautiful and golden brownoh yeah see that right there my goodnessthat’s all flavor and these pork chopsand these pork chops have bled offamazing flavor into this pan and thisoil and all of this fun just in thebottom of this pan is going to createflavor in this gravy that everyone ourpork chop is donejust like so to let them set now let’smake our way over here and start on thisamazing gravy see all of this goodnessdon’t worry about it don’t pour it outand we have the perfect amount of oilthat we’re gonna need to make a niceamount of gravy so then we’re gonna putsome flour in this is just all-purposeflour and I’m gonna be honest with youif you just have self raising flourguess what don’t worry it’s okay it isokay you want to cook the rawness out ofthe flour what do you mean by cut thewrongness out well you don’t want yourgravy to taste like flour so let it cookfor a while before you put your liquidin you can use a chicken broth but beefbroth you can use water like I’m gonnause today it’s up to your discretionheck you could use some vegetable brothokay see this this is our roof that isgoing to create the thickness pour ourgravy all right this is what it shouldlook like the longer you cook this thiswill turn darker and darker and darkerokay and the flavor gets deeper anddeeper the longer you let that flowercook looks like I think I need a littlebit more just a tiny bit more because Iwant for these pork chops to be coveredin this amazing gravy you always want todo equal parts oil equal parts flour beright back here is the consistency thatyou’re looking for somewhat of a warmedup peanut butter you see how it’s thinbut it’s not too thick and it does notlook like plaster this should not looklike plaster now if you run into asituation where you have too much flourjust put you a little bit more oil inand equal it out just to balance it outit’s that simple okay gravy can be veryeasy to make trust me all right so nowthat we have this then I’ll let it cookfor around about two more minutesand then I’m gonna grab some warm waterI never use cold water or cold brothwhen I’m making my gravy we’re gonna usewarm or hot waterand we’re gonna drizzle that water inwhile I’m whisking with the other handwhere I put my liquid in let’s go aheadand start to saute up some of theseonions in with our roof okay this willreally help those onions start to cookup cuz this room right here is reallyreally hot it’s like hot Louisvilleright now alright now I’m gonna grab mywater and I’ll be right back okayeveryone I decided to put just a littlebit of cooking wine in with my room it’sgonna be a little bit of cooking wineguys and here’s the thing you don’t haveto use it if you just have some redcooking wine around the house you canuse that or you can eliminate it if youlike okay this is gonna deglaze the panbring all of those beautiful bits offthe bottom of that pan just like so isthis gonna taste like alcohol not at allnot one bit but it’s really gonna giveyou an amazing flavor okay so rememberwhen I spoke about we’re going todrizzle the water in and we’re gonnastir okay the drizzle isn’t going asslow as I would like it to but guesswhat we’ll work it out we will work itout you hear me better believe we willokay so now I’m gonna stir because Iwant no loss okay I’m gonna whisk thisuntil I get the consistency that I’mlooking for you know this right here isa little too thick so thin it out okayalways start off with a little bit ofliquid because you can never take awaybut you can always add too so startingoff with a little bit of liquid willreally help you when you’re a beginnerat making gravy can you see how it’sstarting to thicken up oh you canabsolutely you can it’s beautiful and itsmells absolutely amazing but waitbecause all of those beautifulseasonings that we put on our pork chopsthat’s what we’re gonna put in our gravyand we’re also gonna use the porkconcentrate some people call this jumboor jamon let me know if I’m pronouncingit right jammin hawhat I do know is that it’s porkconcentrate into this delicious let’sput some in we’re gonna put one wholepacket in just like so this is some goodflavor you hear me you all never hadthis before what are you missing out youare missing out if you never had thisand watch this nick city and oh and itsmells so good my goodness it likesmells like bacon alright now watch thisI’m gonna grab some spices same spicesthat we used for pork chops I’m gonnaput those same spices in give your gravysome flavor don’t be that person that’safraid to seize it okay you want thisgravy that tastes good and we’re gonnado that Montreal steak seasoning at alla little bit of parsley to make it niceand beautiful you don’t let’s see I’mgoing to taste it I’m gonna put somepepper in I will taste this before I putsalt in it okay because you don’t wantto over salt the gravy that you work sohard for alright looks like I may need alittle bit more liquid which is perfectand then what I’m gonna do I’m gonna putthree of those pork chops in since fourwon’t fit in the pan and then later I’llsmother that fourth one okay see thissee this beautiful consistency I’m gonnagrab a spoon so we can give this a tasteand see if it needs salt one now it’stime to taste this gravy it smells sogoodalright look at this here’s what I wantI want you all to come closer look atthe consistency of this gravy this righthere is what you call a onion gravy youhear mewhoo-whee I gotta taste it I have totaste it but it’s hot and I want to burnup daylights out of my mouthdoc gon ask that doesn’t need a littlebit of salt just a little bit don’t getcrazy don’t get crazy on me guys that’ssalt and pepper we’re gonna put just alittle bit of soy sauce just a littlebit when I see a little bit just alittle bit because it does have sodiumin it you can leave the soy sauce out ifyou like Kitchen Bouquet it doesn’t havemuch flavor but it will turn this gravyuntil a beautiful color watch this it’sdark all right I’m gonna whisk it watchit turn I have this on a medium-highheat right now we’re gonna turn it downto medium and we’re just going to letthese pork chops simmer down into thisbeautiful gravy I don’t have to taste itagain cuz I know I put the perfectamount of salt yet now as far as ourpork chops let’s get them back in lookat this right here beautiful make themfit we know we can fit three of them sothat’s what we’re gonna do whoo mommy ohbaby these pork chops are calling myname you hear me what are you bettermake you some you better make you someGina young style look at this look atthis I’m so excited like I can’t stopsmiling because I know that my stomachis gonna love me once I take a bite ofthese pork chopsI can’t wait everyone take a look atthis look at it it’s hot it’s bubbly andwhat I’m gonna do I’m literally I’mgonna let this simmer for around about40 minutes let’s go ahead and put thelid on it and these pork chops are gonnaget so tender they’re gonna be full offthe bony tender you’re gonna be able tofeed these pork chops to your grandmabut no teeth you need to look at thislook how beautiful that gravy is amazingit tastes so good the onions are niceand tenderthe pork chops are nice and tender wehave simmered this for 40 minutesif y’all enjoyed this video give me athumbs up and if you haven’t subscribedmake sure you subscribe make sure youclick on that notification bell so youcan be notified every time between ayoung uploads one of these awesomerecipes tell your family and friends andeverybody you know tell the whole worldabout Tina Young and what I’m doing inthis kitchen on a daily basisabsolutely let’s go ahead say our prayerright now so you all can have that firstbite heavenly father Lord Jesus Lord wethank you for today and every day wethank you Lord for your love time yourmercy in your understanding pleaseforgive us for our sins come into ourhearts we make you our Lord and Saviorsend your angels down to surround us dayand night your Holy Spirit to help usmake good decisions give us peace overour mind we pray there no weapons formedagainst us shall prosper no weaponsformed against us shall prosper in thename of Jesus Heavenly Father we thankyou for the roof overhead the food thelove the peace and the joy that youbring us every day Lord we thank you forthat a man everybody time to dig in youall get that first bike let’s go amenone more time to my beautiful prayerlook at this right here this is what youcall pork chop and onion gravy we havesome beautiful green beans and we havesome flavorant rice on the side likeThursday night couldn’t be any morebetter this meal was so simple it wasquick to make and it’s gonna bedelicious let’s goalright look at this I’m going here I’mgoing in you better take your bite lookat this look at this guys look at thislook at this look at this pork chopsJeanie Youngstown you want to make themfor your loved ones your family andfriends I’m going inso that mmm the pork chops are likebutter you hear methat’s how nice and tender they aretaste the rice mmm mm-hmmoh yeah when I came in this kitchentoday I was playing no games no gamesplayed today look at this my goodnesswhoo-whee you better make you some hmmin as always god bless each and everyone of you thank you all for watchinggood night mmm

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  4. Jamon is pronounced “Hah”mon. The “J” is pronounced like an “H”. In Spanish, Jamon means ham. HTH

  5. Jamon is ha-mon like you pronounced the first time! You did good– it means ham seasoning en Espanol! Weppa! ( You throw down gurl! )Love you Gina ❤️ cook on, que seges cociando!

  6. Ranch seasoning is very salty, I (me personally) would eliminate the table salt and Montreal seasoning and replace with Ms. Dash. Nice recipe

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