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[Just eat] Try samgyupsal -Korean Grilled Pork BBQ in Shinjuku

This is my new series- “Just eat”, chill and enjoy great food!
I’m always a big fan of samgyupsal – Korean grilled pork belly
Today I went to Shinjuku and had this BBQ, which was pretty nice!
If you like my video, let me know. I will make more like this 🙂
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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

There are many Korean restaurant where you can find samgyupsalFor me, almost every place offers same qualitythe difference I can find is the taste of sauce, and kimchiif you want to have more options, try Shinokubo areaToday I visted Shinjuku so I just picked one nearbythere are more good side dishes you can find in any Korean restaurants

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