BBQ Pork Recipes


Hi MUKBANG FAM! Eat Korean BBQ with us at home! Pork belly wraps, kimchi, brisket and steak! YUM!

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I can’t gather enough words to explain to you how grateful I am to be apart of your lives! I know it may seem silly, to eat and talk in front of a camera, but you all have truly become a big part of my life as well. I started uploading mukbangs, on my first channel, because at the time, my dinners were alone, so I needed a friend. You guys quickly filled that spot up for me, and I’m truly thankful for that. As time went by, mukbangs became my life, and I’m so glad I started a separate channel for it. I appreciate you all so much, thank you for allowing me to be unapologetically who I am. Your kindness, love and support never goes unnoticed. I hope we will always enjoy meals together! Bonappetitties!

Welcome to my Mukbang Channel 🙂 If you’re a food lover like I am then you are in the right place! I’m excited to share with you a variety of different foods from all over the world in my videos – whether we are cooking or enjoying a meal together. If you’re not familiar with “Mukbang” videos, these originated from South Korea, it’s an online eating show where individuals enjoy their favorite meals in front of the camera while engaging in conversations with their followers. I’m really happy to be sharing how I make and indulge in my favorite dishes, now you will always have a friend to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner with! This channel is a place filled with positivity, please always remember to be respectful and kind to one another as we share our love, appreciation and culture through food! Hope to see you in the comment section, love you lots and I hope my videos encourage you to be open to the world around us!

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Video Transcription

[Laughter][Laughter][Applause][Music][Applause][Laughter][Applause][Music]I wasn’t even the muse I wasn’t sure ifyou liked it you want me to cook thisfirst and I’ll hope we didn’t even spankmy friends I didn’t know we like reallystarted I thought I thought I was stillsetting up you know go ahead with myfriends oh my to my channel today we’rehaving Korean barbecue something muskyanalysis so long not alive what are youeven doing it thought so you don’t getme what they what the hell everybodywhat we have oh oh it’s your channelthough momocho go right here we havesome cold noodlesah friends I’m so hungry can’t eventhink we have some lettuce we orderedthis from our favorite Korean barbequeplace which very grateful they’re openwe have some rice Pete breath stopalmost kaanchi oh my love you so muchI said I love you in Korean come hereThailand Heyoh my I know I nailed it maybe youshould say son hey yo what it is formalOhinhale and then we also have behave asmore kimchi and then we have braised wehave a bunch of softest and we haveradish cabbage a lot of meatsyeah sizesthe final love is not gonna walk right Ihope not it did it last time oh yeah Idon’t think of the doors opennot going to have the toilet super wideas well let me know if I see any animalthat is moving a dog I surrenderit’s all you please I said God we gowatching you play they give me nightthe lower games lower I feel like whereif you are older its new so I thinkthat’s why it’s so sensitiveno lies our defensive until there comessuper begging againgoober I have nothing for me talk to medon’t Cooper do you know what personalspaceman I can’t wait to put you intraining I eat thisfair balanced yeah oh I feel it I justfeel it coming okay hopefully it goesout okay I shut the fan onoh yeah yeah yeahmy friendwe need to tell them again why I cookwithout books because Jesus is go free[Music]I thought you were doing easing yourmouth you know just did a bad what’s soannoyingnone of that babies after the annulmentyour brother[Music]/ No[Laughter]doingtim has a fear of rodentsbut look what wandering into the dockit’s perfectly really a favorite yeahyou need itoh ho I can eat it every dayas concerningthe styling noon potatoesbut applicatorright into me bars oh it’s a lot ofreally a lotactually my god[Music]I don’t eat it that much but when I do Ieat a lotme with sugar drink yeah looks so bad Ican drink like three favorite drinks inone nightdo you have a sugar drink and I have acar thing but you know it’s weird Idon’t much sugar like give my girl ahigher lowerokay yeah he just loves sugar you knowEvan come on ice-cold dreamsWow[Music][Applause]you hear not only this tiny gunner foryou keep Iran yeah put it’s such a smartmoveI mean real estate Assessor longevitything I mean that right now but that’sjust crazyit’s not gonna get you just frickin buya house in Palm Springsoh no she bought a thirty five milliondollar home in LA and then she boughtthe land that she’s building a house inPalm Springs and I just bought a lot inLAokay wait so this new house that she gotwas in LA I get there resemble her fromher Christmas or this igloo buyer wouldeither go bywhoa no more wasn’t alright you officeand work they put these a dangerous jobthey got betternot as to me and it works for the firsttime where I mouth I saw that they hadon this pieces result little that’s thethe family and the son eight oh yeahbeautifulI think I’m gonna choke you tomorrow I’meating Mexican soupwoo the seafood oneokay all rightthey get up a lot for one word you justfor one serving yeah that’s itgot one well you don’t have to the partand I said this feels wrongwell good feeling from milk running offyeah I’ve been trying the Bach thing butI’d really mine orange eventually kindof saucehmmhow friend this is yummy if you likedinner thingI feel like I have days where I likeeither one you like that betterright I really like Facebook this isgood I love their birthdaythe birthday is my favoryou know if every Korean barbecue placecut their brisket I would be dead overfor someone you don’t I feel it they’renot a very big beef person if you likeyou go towards pork more than B’s forconcern they have giant pirates trim onthere many of those like oh my god areyou shrimp to grill yeahalmost empty this time instructors butyour favorite one is I follow myselfeveryonecoming to the bar you consider I know weleft the packdid you tell her how I was trying toprotect heryou laugh every timeso what is Madan protected or is he notprotected but does did something wrongthe other ways remember I am yeah sohe’s unprotected at the moment Oh Madonnoh my godgood boy right now sucks studying forthat beeping you know uh yeah he’s hotalreadyyeah he’s a senior and I see you nextyearoh my god I think when I met you fiveyears ago he was a favorite when we metin one of it thoughmaybe studying for SATs but I don’t knowwhat the application is situation isanymore though right nowyou hear the beep developingand some arrests on campus yeah likethey’re only taking a few people andwhat should I think is that you think itkind of sucks so because all therestaurants were closed for a lot ofthings Cinco DeMayo oh yeahpatroclus for bars but you know what Ithink it’s I think it’s sorted ifeverything stays on because I need toget more businesses like July I thinkyou dumber than I and yeah is is when atleast the restaurants in Orange Countylike the beach area what is that wereused towell thank god they still deliveriesit’s like some mom-and-pop restaurantoh we know I couldn’t imaginelet’s take a goodwould you ever send Castro back totrainingno David wouldn’t really have much to dowith them then I’m saying but yes peopleend everything to me spill it huh yeahthey’re cool Bernie said oh man does notoh yeah[Music]but the me reallyI love whatever it is that he wasof the yearI’m so gentle with your dog but I wonderwhat would happen if I am I onnot you and I could to be you and to besome surface it’s hard for me oh I letit discipline them but then like uh butthey do get on my nerve sometimes thesomething has got to be still yet like Ijust dream fine mole[Music]and they gave you a lot of bestbreakfast good more what I’m not what Iwant just a little bit more a lot it isaliveI’m gonna cook itmore pork bellyyou want me to gohmmthenin Berlin I had elected thinwe’re doing you hundred days sometimesthick and says sometimes it is good I’venoticed I feel like you like six betterpoppies don’t laughs movies okay we gota new the nurse yeah it was this humanit was a hot day wasn’t it if it was acat in your dog’s gonna part this is theplan anything happens I booked it andthen I pushed that door I don’t marrybook it book you you got me like justfull-on straight book in and just look Idon’t care what like I don’t care ifit’s fix it just look at it and then yougo get Carlos so do what I like going togo stairs and productscuz I think appearing like that one timeyou put your body on me oh my godI was steadily afraid but I didn’t knowyou had no idea what was going onchiseled everybody just gave me theseblank PlayStation and gun burn myfavorite was the only ones I gave thatmuch until I started watching picked upall of them I thought it was a guy thingas I do that I think the means ofincreasingwhen this gaming vision used to be inthe bedroom I wanted to die[Music]well yeah like how did you even livehe led to fine but he would play in themorning and you know our our room looksmalleryeah you don’t was just right and I waslike you gotta migrate to the livingroom like I can’t do it anymoreI would you admit sleep and then youwould be like your grandma’s vagina nono need to know your mom and now there’sa law about the few words he’ll give youwords if there’s a few words that are yellow up and he’s don’t allowthat you didn’t hear not by I’m like I’mtrying to face the neighbors tomorrowyou knowthey’re so thin it’s like I thought whatthey use a razor a machine you try thesethat machine why does it generally heydo you not like this is your face I’mlike I want to cook everything and thenhave it ready and then ie a piece youknow Oh chuckles holy yesterday youweren’t worth itdidn’t that enough was it worth it no ohmy godCooper heard something you’re ready torun oh man did you get that attorneythis is shattering I’m not feeling wellI want to think the worst of mecan you fit this hole to get him out myname but me why do you tell me all thisoh shoot the rock is beautiful but maybeshe needs a bra to not act on my own I’ma good boy I’ve never had all month butI don’t want her to make it because Idon’t like eat too much of it yes yes dowe need more or do you want me to turnit off for now do you think we canfinish that or later just put just cookit okay yes I love the suit that oh mymain for me and Carlos with the dumplingyeah but if she can make it without thedumpling does he like really hitting mybirthday’s on a Saturday this year youknow that’s what we have for New Year’severy year every new year in the moviewhen it lets you watch it from the airat the ballyou know you came over on New Year’s Evethat didn’t you oh yeah I thought that’swhat happenedof that when I discovered that seaweedsoup Oh My Goddess how did you randomlypop out one you gave it to me after yourbirthday I was offendedyou’re offended every time you find meexperiences I’m so offended but it’slike I’ve even met all my life nothingwould ever send me more than that momentwhen you said I’m a Korean barbecuetomorrow and that’s the odds ass butthen you came over but then you cameover my eye it might know yes you did Idon’t need to invade myselfnowit’s still good in the summer I don’twhen it’s really hot[Music]the water is beautifulI was building a supple nothing likethis I’m holding my year old and then itjust kind of came at me he’s like it’stotally I don’t want to get excited hewas in greenweird right now we’re going to beplaying it I’m not pregnantI’m waitingyou firstI let her tell you why cuz I’m soexcited to be bankrupt if you have twinsoh my god oh my and I difficulty veryMUC slow start over drop it[Music][Applause][Music][Laughter]yeah when the ambulance is here I’mgonna be like I’m gonna call it over butfollow me so if I’m not in the ambulanceI don’t know right like they just happenlikeit happened to come and now they have todo you know what we need we need to finda cop friend we need a cop on our sidenothing no when you just buy a siren andonce it’s time I’m leaving all it isit’s illegalah we need a cop friend I know any copsno nobody no GMOs their cropsI used to mostly in the category ofproblems but not really a tough littlegirl oh oh yeah I’m sure Carlos has gotfriends and then Alex no but all themtogether could really could really besomeone up then yeah but then you do popoh how we get to the hospital I walkaway you drive crazy so you drugged meyes my dog okay beside you guys don’t besad just invited you didn’t give himanything and he said you always give himsomething and give you kisses laterbuddyif you could eat with one monthmo’fucker would it be and not good notPhil just to eat tonight I’ll just seeyou like it’s not work-related mommyTang mmm but I know there won’t be mewho’s vegan but she was the one thatintroduced the the veggie ramen noodleto me so not like personally mmm youknow I was watching her videos lastnight and she she’s the only person thatI could watch a 45-minute video not bebored really but she cooks for like the20 minutes and then she eats for 20 ohbut I just yeah I’ve loved her since thebeginning I loved her relationship withher daughters she’s cuteyeah so real with them she’s fun it mayhere that I don’t know that he’s stillangry when he games we’ve been workingon it


  1. I’m so glad to see you and “FRIEND” Michelle are eating together. I love when you both cook and eat together ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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