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My Easy Oven Honey BBQ Tender Pork Ribs…Lami Kaayo Kaon Ta Series 2

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Video Transcription

barbecue so yours honey barbecue andsome spices let me[Music]hello welcome to my youtube channel thisis Adela from fire although under thisvideo we’ll be sharing with you my veryown recipe honey barbecue tender porkribs I will assure that you will lovethis especially on this quiet interioryou will enjoy with your family and it’svery easy all the ingredients I’ve usedthere are what I only have in the houseso please watch and enjoy and let’s havefun this is the meat that we will beusing is from Smithfield extra tenderit’s extra tender and juicy hand trimcuts it was bought from the US on one ofmy friends and I’ll show you how Iprepared this very basically and it isreally amazing so let’s start so this ishow it looks like from the inside so Iwill be using everything cuz there’sonly two of us eating and that I thinkthat will be enough for usinitially I have heated up the oven to170 degrees and this is the ribs now Ihave lying down making sure the foilthen I’ll be bristling the olive oileverywhere on the bottom and upper partof it then barbecue sauce it’s honeyflavored and Himalayan build some blackpepper garlic Himalayan garlic salt andI also have here it’s a completeseasoning so it looks like this and Ihave been pepper chili powder paprikaand gonepepper so everything will be mixed sonormally when I prepare this I just puteverything I don’t have a specificmeasuring for it and actually I will addsomething later on that I wasn’t able toput here so I will show it the meter onthis I had never tried it yet so let mestart putting everything now[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]thing the brown sugar this is one of thethings that ignore me that I forgot tomention it helps to add a bit of flavorthen I will pitch a little bit moreagainthere you goand now I’ll be facing it and I’ll betif I have reheated earlier because Ihave paid sympathy this on the side soI’ll see and have drizzle some olive oiland also garlic salt and pepper Himalayashot so okay let’s see what’s happeningwow it’s almost done okay so when yousee it like this we have to turn it onthe other side so BRB needs from theother side you see it’s not just that solet’s say I wanted to put some oil hereit’s not gonna be easy[Music]see what’s happening with our hoodie[Laughter][Applause][Music]let me guy you wanna come yeah oh yeah[Music]and tomato Appetit there you go we’redone and it looks amazing it’s what theycall it pork ribs barbecue is honeybarbecue and some spiceslet me are you eatin enjoyhappy Easter and that’s it counter thisis what we have for dinner so we will behaving salad with dressings but some avinaigrette I have my salad dressinghere on the side also Caesar salad noand we have my big dinner rolls bigpotatoes and pork ribs so salad herethat booze and we have fried rice wehave pink lemonade and tomato on theside and don’t forget water to hydrateand that’s ittanta yummy happy easter everyone it’sall out of this yummy potato Nowe’ll do it next time I guess[Music]

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