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1 pack Pork Ribs

1 Tsp Smoked paprika
1 Tsp Ginger powder
1 Tsp Cajun seasoning
1 Tsp All Purpose Seasoning
1 Tsp Black pepper
1 Tsp Onion powder
1 Tsp Garlic powder

1/2 Cup Fresh Orange Juice
1/4 Cup Honey
1/4 BBQ Sauce
3 Spoonful Ketchup
3 Tsp Dark Soya sauce
1/4 Ketchup
3 Spoonful Brown Sugar
Add Remaining Seasoning

3 Spoonful Dark Soya sauce
Spring onion/Ginger

Cook for 1 hour 15 Minutes Total On a low heat!

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Video Transcription

hi guysit’s jody welcome back to my channeltoday i’m gonna make some orangebbq honey pork ribsokay so i’m only using one pack of ribsso these are all of my seasoning here ihaveone teaspoon of smoked paprika oneteaspoon of ginger powderone teaspoon of cajun seasoning oneteaspoon of all-purposeseasoning one teaspoon of black pepperone teaspoon of onion powder and oneteaspoon of garlic powderbut if you don’t have all this seasoningthat i’m using you can always usewhatever season you have at homeokayso now i’m just gonna season my ribs sofirst i’m just gonna addjust some salt just a pinch of salt nota lotand i’m gonna also add some olive oiljust to keep it nice and miceat least three spoon yeahthen i’m just gonna blend all myseasoning togetherjust make sure it is all combined[Music]so now that my seasoning is all blendnow i’m just gonna sprinkle it all overon my ribsokaythen i’m just gonna take my hand andjust rub all that seasoningall over on my ribsso i’m just gonna flip my ribs over andi’m just gonna carry onwith the same process okay[Music]so i’m just gonna take my hands and justrub all that seasoningall over on my ribs and guys make sureit is allrubbed in okay because you want yourribs to tastenice and full of flavor so make sure yourub it all inyou can always leave your ribs tomarinate for at least 30 minutes or evenovernightbut guys if you don’t have the time youjust cook it as it isbecause trust me it’s still like a teais good because that’s exactlywhat i’m gonna do right now yeahso these are some of my ingredients formy saucehere i have half cup of fresh orangethat i squeezeand as you can see i’m just adding it tomy bowlguys i’m telling you this sauce is soso so good and that’s my honey rightthereand i’m adding just quarter cup of honeyand quarter cup of barbecue saucejust use your favorite barbecue saucei’m using the hpbarbecue sauce itself here in the ukit’s really really goodthree teaspoon of darksoya sauce and you just want to mix itall inquarter cup of ketchup because theketchup is gonna give it the rednessokay and i’m also gonna add guyssome brown sugar you can alwaysuse granulated sugar you just want tojust mix it all inso now i’m adding my sugar and i’madding at leastthree spoonful of my brown sugar okaymake sure everything is all combined andguys as i saidthis sauce oh my gosh it is so soso so good you guys are gonna enjoy thisrecipeit’s really really goodi’m gonna add my remaining seasoningthat’sleft because i didn’t use all of myseasoning i usemost of it okay and i’ll leave back abitso after you had it guys you just wantto make sure you mix it all inand you can see the sauce you can seethe color of itthat’s exactly how you want it perfectso here i have my pot on my stove and tomy pot i add at leastthree spoonful of vegetable oil and mystove is on amedium each okay so now as you can seei’m adding my ribsand you want to make sure you space yourribs out and i’m just going to allow myribs to brown guysfor at least four to five minutes andeach sidebut make sure it doesn’t burn okay[Music]so it’s been just over four minutes sonowi’m just turning my ribs and as you cansee guysit is nice and golden and that’s exactlyall you wanted per per perfect yes[Music]you want to make sure that you’re brownthis sideon your ribs alsoso all my ribs is all brown and what idid guysi remove most of the aisle from my potbecause you don’t need all that aisleso make sure you remove most of it okaythen i’m gonna add some of my dark soyasauce to my potat least three to four spoon yesyou just want to sprinkle it all over onyour ribs yesso after i add my dark soya sauceno i’m just gonna add all of thatdeliciousflavorful sauce oh my goodness i meanjustlook at itso i’m just taking my spoon and i’m justbasting all that sauce all over on myribshonestly guys this looks so so good it’slikefood prawn trust me this recipe is amust tryit is absolutely deliciousso i’m just gonna add just a smallamount of choppedspring onions scallion and you just wantto just sprinkle it all over on yourribsi’m telling you this is just gonna makeit taste soso so good and some ginger alsojust a small amount of ginger we allknow that gingerand pork go so well so guysmake sure you add just a small amount ofginger as i saidand you just cut it up okay and you justwanna justtake your spoon and just base it alloveragain and i’m just gonna cook it guysforone hour on a low eat okayso i’m just gonna cover my pot[Music][Music]so just over one hour that’s what myribs look likehonestly guys it look amazing betterthan anytake out trust me this recipeoh my goodness and the sauceis nice and thick i mean justlook at it and full of so much flavorwhat i’m gonna do guys i’m gonna leaveit uncoveredfor at least 10 to 15 minutes okaybut make sure your stove is not turnedup too highbecause you want your ribs to be niceand stickyyes and you also want it to be tender[Music][Music][Music]so my ribs is finally finished and guyswhat i’m doing i’m just poking my forkin my ribs to seeall ten dirties and that’s to my likingokay it’s been cooking just overone hour and at least 20 minutesokay[Music]so i’m just plating up my ribs guysplease share this video to your familiesto your friendsand all over on your social media iwould reallyreally appreciate it i worked so hardjust to get this video out for you guysso pleaseplease support my youtube channel and ifyou have been supporting methank you thank you so so so much fromthe bottom of my heartthank you don’t forget to give me a bigthumbs upsubscribe to my youtube channel and eatyour notification buttonfor whenever i upload a video you willbe the first to see itokay i’m just adding just a bit ofparsley to my ribsit’s totally optionalso i’m serving my ribs with some mashedpotato and with some mixed vegetableyou can serve it with whatever youpreferred okayguys i thank you all so much forwatching this videoplease comment below and tell me if youtry this recipe and let me know whatit’s like okayi hope you all enjoyed this video thankyou so much for watchinguntil next time don’t forget to keeplaughingkeep smiling no matter what because godis always on your sidebye guys love ya[Music][Music]you


  1. Jody you are the official sauce maker !!!! You are brilliant when it comes to cooking, baking n everything ! God bless you. Nice dish

  2. Yes!!!!! Just what I’ve been waiting for 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️💃💃💃💃💃🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺thank you soooooo much 🤗🥰

  3. You really know how to season your meat it’s looks so tasty 😋!!! keep the moisture going Jody

  4. Oooh my these ribs must be super delicious..i love this and it being a bbq season we have to feast on these this coming weekend..thank you for another spécial one.

  5. Oh my Jody! This is so great orange honey BBQ ribs are my favorite to go with potato fries and salads on the side for meal prep! It’s so goooooood😋😋 I really like it! I’m

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