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Smoked Pork Ribs – St Louis Style | Masterbuilt Gravity Smoker 1050 | Heath Riles Cherry Rub AMAZING

These are bar far some of the best Ribs I’ve ever tasted!
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Heath Riles Cherry Rub

Heath Riles Pecan Rub

ORIGINAL JUAN Kettlewood Pecanwood Smoke and Bourbon Vanilla BBQ Sauce


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San Antonio Premium Coarse Ground Black (12 MESH)
Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt(2-pack)3Lbs
Amazon Brand – Happy Belly Granulated Garlic, 24 Ounces
These recipes make about 2 lbs. and fits perfectly in a 33oz shaker.


Put all ingredients in a bowl.. All measured in cups.
Ingredients for the SPG:
1 1/4 Kosher Salt
2 Coarse Ground Black Pepper
1 1/4 Granulated Garlic
Mix all ingredients into a bowl and add to the shaker.


Products used.

Pink Butcher Paper Roll – 24 ” x 175 ‘

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Pink Butcher Paper Roll – 24 ” x 175 ‘


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Video Transcription

[Music]all right everybody how you doing myname is Tommy and this is the gallerybackyard barbecue and we got a specialrequest show that I am a super pumpedfor Baron or tiga a viewer of mine asent me a very detailed a message on arack of ribs that he makes using some ofthis heath Ryles pecan rub and he throwscherry rub along with this pecan wood asmoked bourbon vanilla okay so look I’mpretty pretty jacked about this I tastedthis pecan and this cherry rub and I’lltell you this cherry rub is just on afinger taste is out of this world so youknow I’m really looking forward to thisrecipe I got my head rolling at 275degrees Fahrenheit and I’m rolling pecanwood and also cherry wood in the pitokay and I got a nice a small of st.louis-style ribs now I did a littleresearch on mr. riles and I know helikes to uh he’s a binder in his redusing mustard so I’m just gonna kind ofplay that by ear to see if I’m going toor not I’m using a combination of hisrecipes also barons recipe and also ofcourse my little spin right so here’sour rug nice a small of st. Louis ourribs right we’re gonna see do a littlecleaning up here right what we like todo here is just take this end off rightthereI’m just gonna clean these up a littlebit right I’ll give these to uh not goodthese to Molly so what kind of just nowe’re just gonna kind of square up therack right now the back any of thisstuff that’s kind of hanging you couldtake off so here’s our st. Louis cut ofribs I’m gonna square them off rightI’ll give these give that to Molly thesilver skin has already been removedokay so there’s no silver skin on hisrack and I’m not going to use a binderokay I’m not big on the binder like Isaid mr. Roth Ryles is but myself not somuch so uh gonna pass on the binder andwhat I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna gowith just a light coating of a saltpepper and garlic I believe Baron saidwhen he made this recipe that he hadwish he had used a little bit saltpepper and garlic so I’m gonna just do avery very light coat SPG very lightright in from the SPG I’m gonna go witha coating of this pecan rub and againalways taste a new rub right and thishas that yeah very very little bitewhich I like and definitely has a bit ofa pecan or pecan taste to it so this isup it’s like pretty good stuff so rightI’m gonna go with a yeah I’m gonna standup here and do thisthere we gonow thenow this cherry rub right here on ataste is out of this world I mean thishas a very cool very nice cherry flavorwhich i think is gonna pair well withthese ribs so so I’m definitely excitedabout this and I want to go with a nicenice coating of this charity oh yeahthere we go and remember you never wantto rub always Patand you could see you could see somenice coarse grain a salt-and-peppercoming through this rub we got a nicelight coat of the pecan rub and a a niceheavy coat of this a cherry rope whichis giving it a nice flavor all right andagain we are gonna finish this off atthe end with this smoked bourbon vanillaok bdq sauce smoked bourbon bourbonvanilla ppq sauce and I’ll have all thelinks of these on if you want to makethis recipe I’ll have the links down inthe description again I want to thankagain I want to thank Baron for the forthis recipe and obviously Heath mr.Heath Ryles for the rubs and got my pit275 degrees Fahrenheit and I got acherry and pecan wood and the and thepit okay so let’s take this over to pitand get these ribs onall right so remember anytime anytimeyou put a rack of ribs on you want towas but the need will kind of scrunchtogether right so you get that niceperfect wrap all right everybody here wego we are at the 1.5 hour or one and ahalf hour meet check and a spritz rightlook so when you check your meat youjust want to make sure that the rubsitting up nicely the meats not gettingthem to dry and you want to give it alittle bit of a spritz I’m doing thatyou got 50/50 water apple juice anddon’t forget to a spritz that up bottomand we are running like I said at 275 onthe pit and we’ve gone straight throughwithout a change[Music]I’ll let these bad boys go for a anotherhour okay so we are at two and a halfhours and we are looking pretty good therub is sitting up nice I’m very happywith the color and I think it’s time toget these boys pulled off now look ifyou weren’t happy with the color and thepullback you let them go for another 1520 minutes every Iraq it’s differentevery pit it’s different and I’m a supersuper stoked about dia about the colorof these ribs so I’m gonna get these offand get those up prepped up to get backon the grill[Music]and what I got here is a two sheets ofaluminum foil I mean you always want togo to sheets because you never want topuncture the foil of course like I saidthose ribs are perfect in colorso what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonnaget some of that a cherry a rub down andwe’ll also get some on the ribs why notthis stuff has a flavor that side wellthat’s pretty amazingand from there of course a couple ofribbons a couple of squeeze of a parquetmargarine did then what we’re gonna dois we’re gonna get some brown sugar downI am going to skip the honey usuallyI’ll put a little honey in there but heyDan yeah Jerry rub and the vanilla a DBQsauce is gonna be star this show and sowhat you want to do is tilt or place ofyour ribs and meat aside down right intothat mixture and give a nice wrap becareful again that you don’t punctureyour rod tin foil right[Music]you want a tight rat but also again youjust want to love be careful[Music]you’ll have a a lot of liquid inside ofthat foil so a of punctured foil willmake a a mess of your pitso what we’re going to do here is we’regonna get these bad boys back on the pitand we’re gonna run on a straight foranother hour[Music]and there you go so look we are a threeand a half hours in and basically whatyou want to do here is just be carefulobviously when you open it you have alot of steam in there again make sureyou don’t puncture the foil and justgive a look at the ribs look at thatpull back at you’re a little thermic inthe mom and out and you want to be over200 to 205 of degrees Fahrenheit and asyou can see we are exactly that so Iknow these ribs are done if you let themgo any longer will turn intofall-off-the-bone mush ribs and we’renot looking for that today and look whenyou hold them up they stay a nice andfirm and there’s a no separation andthat is what we’re looking for so that’sabout the 2:02 2:03 p.m. on the othergrapesso what we’re gonna do here is we’regonna get our bourbon a vanillabb2 a sauce I’ll have a link sit down inthe description and we were gonna usethat soil as a young boat per se and weare going to uh based out those gripsagain pit remains at 275 Fahrenheitwe’re gonna hit that with a littlecherry rub us oh hell yeahand we’re gonna run these straight for1/2 hour total cooking time on these badboys is four hours and Wowwater color I’m just gonna hit it with alittle because you saw some littlegorgeoussuper stoked to get into these suckersI’m India the color is just amazing[Music]yeah listen I want to thank mysubscribers as I pull these bad boys offagain and notice there’s no pull apartthese are gonna be firm listen thanksfor running checking out this videodon’t forget to hit that subscribebutton ring of the Bell so you getnotified when I doing uploading godleave me a comment down below and let meknow what you think it’s very very veryimportant to show and what we’re gonnado here now is we’re gonna take this inalive for a tastefest enjoy alrighteverybody look I mean the first thingthat pops out is just as amazing cherryred color on these ribs I’m reallyreally really excited about that uhCharlie rub I’m gonna get a see if I canget a slice off hereso they are definitely tender butthey’re gonna have some bite they’redefinitely not full off the bone andbasically total cooking time at 275 wasa four hours okay I’ll have the breakdown in the video as I go through thetime line okay so to stay tuned for thatand let me stand up here make sure weget a good shotand again it’s data it’s that deepcherry flavor that really is inviting onand so I’m gonna go in for a taste testdone got yours Wow guysI mean look I know I say this on most ofmy cooks but this may be the best ribthat I’ve ever tasted look I’ve nevertasted a you know practically almost acherry vanilla flavored rib but it’s soPunnett and flavor that it’s almostmind-boggling mind-boggling mind-blowingwe got a nice bite rightWow guys look this is no joke I’m gonnaleave all the directions and links toall the ingredients to make this ribsthis is a must make for you it’s amind-blowing rib I mean it is definitelyone of the best ribs I’ve ever made it’slike a it’s almost like a cherry cherryvanilla when you got that hints at thepecan in thereI mean you know Wow amazing time look solook if you like this video I’m gonnastick a couple more rib videos there youcheck those out and we will see you soon

19 Replies to “Smoked Pork Ribs – St Louis Style | Masterbuilt Gravity Smoker 1050 | Heath Riles Cherry Rub AMAZING

  1. What i do when i smoke my ribs is like when you pulled the ribs and wrapped them i do the brown sugar and honey

  2. Killing me Tommy, I was going to eat steak today, now I want ribs! When you said deep Cherry flavor is really inviting, I thought you said deep “Jelly” flavor! I was like where did I miss you adding Jelly to it, hahaha!

  3. Good looking ribs Tommy. Unless I missed it, it didn’t look like Molly’s ribs got wrapped. How’d she like hers? Cheers.

  4. Damn, Tommy, those look amazing. I’m not sure about the vanilla though? Sounds weird. The cherry rub I can definitely get behind!

  5. TOMMY!! JERSEYBRO!! He may be on to something there. Marichino cherry juice ribs would probably be bangin too. The Heath Riles Line is Awesome stuff, and a vanilla enhanced BBQ sauce? Hmmm, someone found one of my secrets. Lol.

  6. Those look like some stick to your ribs …ribs. I am going to St. Louie St Louie here come. They got a cherry vanilla way of doing ribs. I’m gonna get me some

  7. Great looking ribs Tommy! The best ever? That is a tough call, all your ribs look great, but I will take your word! You are closing in on 10K, congrats! You do a great job on explaining your cooks! Cheers!

  8. Amazing mate! You absolute legend. Thankyou so much, I’m glad you liked it. It’s a firm favourite of mine now.

  9. Looks excellent Tommy! For your spritz times, is there like a rule of thumb you have to say how long you want to go between spritzes relative to something you want to achieve (bark, etc).

  10. Health Riles has a garlic jalapeño that would probably good with that cherry. I tried the garlic jalapeño, honey rub and pecan after watching one of Health and Malcoms videos. One of my favorite combos of seasonings to use.

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