BBQ Pork Recipes

Oven Baked BBQ Pork Ribs

These fall off the bone BBQ Pork Ribs are absolutely delicious.  Perfectly tender, sweet, tangy. The key to getting that tenderness is time and patience.

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Video Transcription

hi guys hey what’s up look at me[Music][Music]just like so[Music]all right after you flip them over goahead and do the same exact thing on theother sideall right just finishing this side up inthere crimp them nice and tight don’twant any moisture coming out is backinfinity of it go ahead and flip thisover we’re going to cook the meat sidedown in the oven for around 2 hours 110degrees centigradeabout 250 Fahrenheit all right so we’regonna go ahead and put these in the ovenlet them bake up see you guys in a bitwe’re gonna go ahead and prepare oursauce you want to grab 1 cup of ketchup[Music]and then just give it another stir and abeat delicious we’re gonna put this onthe ribs when they come out of the ovenand then throw the ring back in the ovenfor five minutes just really great fishsauce up on thereall right so that’s all stirred up goahead give it a taste[Music]all right guys so those up in the ovenfor about an hour and go ahead big mouthI’m gonna counter flip them over andjust send them right back in the oven[Music]alright guys they’re done in the ovenwe’re gonna go ahead put it back in theoven for about five minutesone very high heat so on the broilperfect grab here with my puppet[Music]

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