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Pan Fried Pork Chops

Let’s make some Pan Fried Pork Chops! This recipe is easy and delicious! The chops are brined overnight and cooking them couldn’t be easier. Here’s what you’ll need:

For the brine-
4 bone-in center cut pork chops
8 cups of water
4 cups of ice
Fresh rosemary
Fresh thyme
1/4 cup kosher salt
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon whole peppercorns
2 garlic cloves

For the cook
2 tablespoons of butter
Olive oil
Kosher salt
Fresh cracked black pepper
Reserved herbs and garlic from the brine

Be sure to use a heavy bottomed pan like cast iron or carbon steel for heat retention. Here’s a link to the pan I used in this video.


Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey everybody welcome to the channel I’m
Brandon carpenter I’m joined today by mysous chef Bach. If you’re new here do me a
favor click that subscribe button andclick that bell so you’re notified
whenever I drop a new video today we’reworking on a pan-fried pork chop
now this dish takes 24 hours I know thatsounds crazy but we’re gonna brine our
pork chops overnight make them superdelicious and super juicy then we’re
gonna pan-fry them we’re gonna baste themwith butter and herbs and it’s gonna
be bonkers trust me on this one so let’sget to it alright so here’s what we’ll
need we’ve got four beautiful beautifulcenter-cut pork chops these are bone-in
these are about an inch thick that’sreally about as thin as you want to go if
you go any thinner than that it’sprobably not gonna turn out as well as
it should but I got these from the meatcase I talked to the butcher let them
know what I was doing I didn’t get thatprepackaged stuff out of the of the big
cabinet so beautiful meat is the key toit so start there it’s gonna need a
quarter cup of salt we’ve got a handfulof black peppercorns we’re gonna need 8
cups of water we’ll need 4 cups of icesome olive oil 2 garlic cloves
we’re gonna smash those up a little bitnice bunch of thyme
nice big sprig of rosemary and atablespoon of sugar we’re gonna start by
making our brine we’ll do that right nowstart by bringing 2 cups of water to a
boil add your sugar and salt and stir itjust until it’s dissolved pour that into
a big metal bowl along with yourremaining water and all of the ice I’m
gonna stir this up until your ice ismostly melted and water is very very
cold you don’t want to be putting thosechops into a big bowl of hot water it
won’t turn out well trust me after thatadd the herbs the garlic and the
peppercorns and lastly we want to putour chops in make sure the water covers
them I’m gonna stick a lid on this andthrow them in the fridge for 23 hoursthe chops were brined overnight we’re
gonna place them on a rack for 30minutes that’ll help them drain and come
up to temp you want to reserve yourherbs and your garlic that were in the brine
we’ll use those later it’s been 30minutes we’re gonna pat the chops dry
with paper towels on both sides to makesure you have a nice dry surface we want
these to brown instead of steam whenyou put them in the pan
knock off any herbs or peppercorns thatmight be stuck to the meat then we’re
going to season lightly on both sideswith kosher salt and fresh cracked
pepperso I have my pan heating up over
medium-high heat get some oil downspread that around and it’s nice and hot
remember we want to brown that you don’twant to steam themand that’s what you should hearand we’ll do two of these at a time we’ll cook them in batches that way I know Ican get nice browning on them and I’m
searing and browning and not seeing steaming and boiling so we’ll come back brown these on one sideBrown the other and then we’ll get to basting I’m guessing these are gonna takeabout four minutes on each side for
these it go oh yeah beautiful goldenbrown that’s what we’re looking for
so this fat cap here on the side we’regonna Brown that before I turn these
overnow I’m gonna brown all the outer edges
of the pork chops this will help usbuild up a lot of flavor and your final
product will look a lot better on theplatenow we’ll brown the other side of our
chops my pants a little dry so I’m justgonna add a touch more oil keep things
moving in there and again when you putthese in the pan they should be sizzling
they’re not it’s great time to adjustyour heat you don’t want to go through
all this hard work and end up steamingthose chops you want to be nicely
browned build up a lot of flavor andseal in all those juices I’m gonna let
these go for four more minutes thenwe’ll take a temp on and make sure we
got them cooked through it’s been fourminutes we’re gonna use an instant-read
thermometer to check the temp on thesechops they’re both coming in around 140
that’s exactly where I want them youwant them more done cook them until you
get them how you want all right so I’mgonna chop the cook three this time to
base them we’re gonna put in twotablespoons of butter we’re gonna get
those herbs that we reserved out of ourbrine along with the garlic then we’re
gonna melt it and start basting themat this point I’m gonna turn my heat all
the way off there’s enough heat left inthis pan to do this ten times overif these mixed around you want to get to
butter flavored with that garlic littleherb and with the start basting themwe’ll do the same thing with my other
two chops if you’re only doing two chopsat this point get them on a plate put a
piece of foil on them let them rest forabout five minutes before you start
cutting into it so we’re gonna let theserest we’ll get plated up and we’ll see
the final productall right so my chops have been resting
about five minutes I’ll get some ofthis wonderful wonderful herb butter
that we basted the chop with just alittle drizzle on top we’re ready to dig
inso let’s see what we did here oh yes
nicely done let’s give it a taste juicytendermmm-hmm tons of flavor I did a pretty
good job and you can tooso hopefully you’ll try this recipe
excuse me for talking with my mouth full but thischop is dynamite do me a favor y’all
hit that subscribe button hit that bellso you’re know notified when I drop a new
video and as always good eating y’allhave a great day

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