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Pork Tenderloin

The Grill Dads show us how to make pork tenderloin and their grilled mango sundae.
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Video Transcription

(upbeat music)
(audience cheers)(audience whoops)I have it.(audience whoops)
Wait.It’s okay.Look, okay, we’re about to get downand really dirty.Grill Dads have been here before.They are no strangers.This is Ryan Fey, and this is Mark Anderson.Hello, are we gonna do it?How you doin’?How you doin’?The guys are excellent cooks.They’re also dads, that’s why they’re Grill Dads.What are we making?Come on, you guys.Alright, we have some really fun stuff.We don’t even want tailgating season to end,so we kind of inspire this.We love the XFL, we’re going 10 more weeks with this!Okay!
Alright?Yeah, you guys know!(audience cheers)
Alright,today we got a stuffed pork tenderloin,we have buffalo chicken wonton cups,and grilled mango ice cream sundaes.Oh man!Wendy, extra spicy for you.Yeah, extra spicy just for you.Alright, so we’re gonna start withthe pork tenderloin, alright?So what we’re gonna do is start by sauteing some onions.We’re gonna caramelize these in balsamic vinegar.First of all, there’s nothing like a pork tenderloin.I agree
You can’t do this even–Yeah, do you want me to show youwhere it is on the animal?Yes.
Back up.(audience laughs)Alright so–You can’t do this wrong even if you’re a bad cook.No, exactly, you can’t mess this up.All right, we’re gonna butterfly this,which means you cut it really thin.We’re gonna take some cream cheese.Yeah, you know what?We’re gonna smash it in here.Yep, you got it.And then we’re gonna add a little basil, fresh basil.We’re gonna add some moo-zzarella cheese.Did I say it right, Mark?No.Okay, and then we’re gonna put some bacon in here.And then Mark’s gonna add the onions.Now what we’re gonna do is–Balsamic caramelized onions.You got it.We’re gonna roll this, okay?And we’re gonna tie it up with some butcher’s twine.Wow.And then, what you’re gonna do iswe’re gonna forward sear this.So we’re gonna put this on a hot grill.Okay, super hot grill.You’re just gonna get it kind ofblackened on all sides, brown on all sides,and then let it rest for a little bit,put it in the oven at 300 degrees.Okay, for how long?Eh, it’s not about time, it’s about temp.140, get it out.140.Here’s the thing.You like that.Yeah, all the stuff that you added in there,you could actually taste it, it did not leak out.Thank you very much, it’s actually a very balanced dish.(audience claps)
Thank you very much.All right, well we can move down,do you wanna move down to the next one?Yeah, let’s do it.All right, you ready for spicy?We’re doing buffalo chicken wonton cups,perfect for a tailgate.So we’re gonna make the sauce first.This is all hot sauce, Wendy.Yep.You can use your favorite.No cilantro.Scallions, sour cream, we got a little blue cheese.Yum!And some butter.So we’re gonna mix that all around,and then once we get this all mixed around,we’re gonna add the chicken, right?This is grilled chicken thighs–This is what’s in here?You got it.So we use chicken thighs.If you’re gonna cook it twice,use the thigh ’cause it’s gonna maintain the moistureIt’s gonna be tender rich–Everybody says that about a thigh.So delicious.Right, they’re so nice.Thighs are moist.(audience laughs)You heard it right here!All right, so we put it in the wonton cupsthat are part-baked.The magic of TV, everybody look away for two seconds.Look away, okay, and–Look at that, they’re done!Wow, all right!
(audience cheers)We’re gonna top it off with blue cheese,some scallions, and then, Wendy.I don’t even need any more.You don’t need any more?No this is, mhm.These are something you can get ready, have this all done,and then it takes five minutes to make it–Yeah, you can pre make this stuffand then have a rockin’ party.All right, keep going,we’re gonna move down to some dessert now.Ryan, what is this?All right, this is grilled mango.Whoever’s grilled mango before,you should do it, it’s fantastic.All right, take the skin off.Put it on a grill, little olive oil, little sea salt.You’re gonna grill these,and what we’re gonna do is take ’em right off the hot grill.You can quarter them.You can chop them.Whatever you wanna do.And then we’re gonna add any topping you want.Uh-oh, where’s the other one?I’m just getting it ready.All right, so we have some Biscoff cookiesto add to this as well.Mmm, I like this.All right, got a little chocolate sauce,and then I think we have some hazelnut pieces.Mmm.And this is yours, this is what it looks like.You can have whatever you want.Some whipped cream?Yeah, want some Ready Whip on there?No, I want it–(can hissing)(audience groans)(Mark laughs)I knew that was gonna happen by the way.We have like a whole bet going for that one.Wait, I just wanna taste it.The grilled mangoes are so sweet,but they still have a little bit of that earthiness.Actually, it reminds us we got a lot,so we’re launching our pod cast,it’s called Bone-In with Mark and Fey.You can check that out, all right.And we got your friend Rocco–And Rocco DiSpirito’s coming on.(audience claps)I love guys that cook.For more information on these fantastic recipes,go to, Mark.Thank you so much!(audience clapping)Thank you, thank you.Grill Daddies!(groovy music)

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