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Perfect Pork Dry Rub Recipe with 8x BBQ Grand Champion

Kansas City barbecue legend Jeff Stehney shows how to season properly and set up the grill for his award winning recipe, with details on his unique low & slow approach…

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Video Transcription

so now we’re gonna go and close up thecooker and go ahead and let the cookerstart to generate heat we’re going to becooking at 225 degrees on thisthermometer and this one over here willend up about 200 degrees another Stannyprize-winner pork shoulder steiniprefers Boston but in competition Itypically cook bone in Boston but it’san it’s one of the easiest cuts of meatto find get to know your local butcheror find a good butcher at one of your atone of your local grocery stores whenyou can definitely get your meats andcryovac I choose to leave the bone in inmine there’s a little bit of fat caphere if it was more than let’s say 3/8of an inchI might trim a little bit of it off thisis a looks like a broken blood vesselhere that you know isn’t gonna isn’tgonna add it I don’t know if it’s gonnahurt anything but it certainly can’t addto the flavor of the meat so we’ll justlook first look for stuff like that andcut those out this one’s got a littlebit of excess fat right here on the topthese are now ready to be seasoned andgo on the smoker here in just a fewminutes I really think that the spiceblends are the are the most importantingredient to really good barbecuebarbecue is an art but you also have tounderstand the science of applying heatto to food or heat to meat to get it tocook and I think that you have tounderstand that cook things at the righttemperatures understand that differentrubs different ingredients in your rubswill react different to differenttemperaturesI’ve had several different rubs we’veused in competition but this one isreally a great combination what we’regoing to use today is a is a combinationof a couple commercially produced rubsthat we do under the cow town labelthese are real similar to the oldOklahoma Joe’s products that a lot ofpeople the backyards and competitioncooks did those products aren’tavailable anymore so we came up withCowtown stain he shares his sweet secret- a great road the most important thingis to understand that you need a lot ofsugar in your big cuts of meat rubspeople don’t understand how much sugarthey need to produce really goodbarbecue so two parts of the salt andsugar one part each garlic powder onionpowder chili powder and paprika thenyou’ve got to have a blending of peppersI think blending pepper is a real realimportant part of barbecue any rub thatwe have here at Oklahoma Joe’s oranything I’ve ever used in competitionhas black pepper red pepper or cayennepepper and white pepper in it all threehave distinct characteristics and needto be used but you’re not going to usethem in too big a quantity so maybe onlymaybe a quarter of a part of each one ofthe peppers that’s a real good basic rubright there add a little bit of sometype of a powdered citrus like a lemonpeel to your brisket rub add cumin orsage to the pork rub now it’s time toseason the product and one of the thingsthat I like to use is any type of aspray release type of product becausewhat it’s going to do is it’s going tohelp that rub stick to my productsand make sure it’s extra heavy on thetopside because when we cook when we putthe pork butts on they’re gonna be thisway they’re gonna be this same fat sideup and we’re not ever gonna we’re nevergoing to turn them or rotate them oranything in the cooker steini says it’scrucial to stay aware of your fire themistakes some people make when they’rehaving to add fire every let’s say houror two is I had too late when the firehas already died down and you’ve got toadd whenever that fire is really hotthat way it’ll you’ll get a niceconsistent burn temperature one of thethings I like about adding cold charcoalon too hot is all that smoke that’sbeing generated right now it is awonderful flavor so I always add coldcharcoal to hot we’ve just added thecharcoal and we’re gonna open thisbutterfly damper all the way that’sgonna allow as much air as possible inthere because we do want to go ahead andlet that let that charcoal catch as soonas possible since we want to get it upto temperature within the next half hourthese are ready to go on the cooker nowour cooker gets 225 degrees over thereon that door just like we said we’regonna put the larger brisket on to thecompetition cooker and I like to startmy briskets and pork butts up in whatI’ll call the top left of the cooker andwe’re gonna take the larger pork buttand do the same thing and we’re gonnaput them right up there and they’regonna be just fine like that forprobably a good two or three hours untilthat rub sets up and starts to form acrust we’ll get some smoke working withsome add some wood right now

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