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Pork Ribs on the Asmoke Pellet BBQ (How To)

This was the first BBQ/cook on the Asmoke pellet BBQ grill. The first video I posted was a BBQ St Louis style pork rib video so it felt appropriate for the first cook on a new BBQ to be pork spare ribs. This cook was intended to put the Asmoke to the test and get a feel for how it performed during a longer cook. I, personally, enjoy the full spare ribs so that is what I cooked today. It is essentially untrimmed before it goes into the BBQ. I did not take the membrane off of the back but I did score it. I love the apple wood smoke flavor that you get from the Asmoke pellets. It goes really well with pork.

Cook summary:
1 rack Full Spare ribs
Season all sides with your favorite BBQ rub
BBQ at 250 degrees until probe tender (This took about 7.5 hours on the Asmoke) Your cook times will be different.
After 3 hours spray the ribs with 50/50 mixture of apple cider vinegar and water every hour
(Optional) Apply BBQ sauce to the ribs approx. 1 hour before they are done cooking.
Remove the ribs from the BBQ and let them rest under tin foil

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