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Reverse Seared Pork Chops – Compart Duroc Pork Chops

On this video, I reverse seared some thick cut Compart Duroc pork chops on my Yoder Frontiersman. I smoked them for just over 1 hour and seared them on my Grill Grates right over the firebox.

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Video Transcription

welcome back to my channel I’m drillsmoking Joseph it barbecue on today’svideo I’m gonna reverse sear some calmpart Duroc thick cut pork chops on mygyro frontiersmen stay tuned[Music]all right so what I’m starting with isfour inch and a half thick comp partdurock pork chops these are from MidlandMeat Company and these are beautifullooking pork chopsI don’t you guys can make out themarbling inside them the meat itself butI’ve never had comp part Dirac porkbefore I’ve heard a lot of things aboutit there’s a lot of competition cooksthat that smoke their ribs and stuff forcompetitions but these are somebeautiful beautiful pork chops they’renicely trimmed I’m not even going totrim any of the fat or anything on it solet’s get to rubbing these down the rubthat I’m using today is from Cattlemen’sgrill this is a Ranchero rub and I haveused this on poultry before but it’s forpoultry and pork and this I got to tellyou that it’s got a lot of really goodflavors to it it’s got a lot of herbslike fresh herbswe’re not fresh but you know I meanherbs and it really brings out theflavor of the food so it’s gonnasprinkle some of these or some of thisrub on these pork chops here and as akid we used to have pork chops quiteoften but my mom would just cook them ina in a skillet on the stove you knowgive them a little crispy on the edgesand stuff yeah they were good so justput enough rub okay as far as the edgesjust go ahead and pick up the pork chopand pick up any of those little F doughleftover pieces of rub here just likethatutilize all that rub man these aregood-looking pork chops I can’t wait allright I’ve got my Yoda frontiersmenwarming up see you guys outside staytunedalright so we’re outside of my Yodafrontiersman and the pit temperature is200 degrees on the top-left side nowwhen I normally start my frontiersmanyou guys may know him as Pepe I usuallystarted with two or three splits of woodwith a basket of charcoal this time Istarted with half a basket of charcoaland just one split of wood and that’sgonna give you a really low temperaturethat’s what I want to start with and donot leave this video because I’m gonnado something that has probably neverbeen done on a Yoda frontiersman or inan offset so do not leave so 200 degreestop left hand side and I’m gonna goahead and put my chops in there andthese are gorgeous looking chops okay soI’m just gonna put them right herethis rub I got to tell you when I triedit on some turkey I tried on somechickenit does not disappoint one bit so Ican’t wait to see what these pork chopsare gonna taste like so got a lightsmoke you can see it coming from the topthere I do have my damper 100% open soI’m gonna try to get a temperaturebefore I sear them I’m liking thetemperature about 120 degrees and atthat point again as I mentioned earlierdo not leave so you can see what thenext step is gonna be because you guyswill be amazed stay tuned all right soit’s been 30 minutes since I put thepork chops in and the internaltemperature of the pork chops is 85degrees so it got a little bit of timestill but the temperature is definitelycoming up so a little bonus footage wegot some baby portobello mushrooms hereand I’ve got a let me zoom you guys in alittle bit more I got half a stick ofbutter okay I’m gonna add some olive oilI’m gonna smoke these for about 30minutes some olive oil yeah and I’mgonna add some of the same rub that Iused on the chops again this is that redand cherry rub from Cattlemen’s and thisis Cattlemen’s grill this is good stuffhere so just gonna sprinkle some overthe mushrooms just like thatand once it starts to the butter startsto melt and these mushrooms start toshrink a little bit I’ll come back andstir them up and then three rosemarysprigs okay oopsjust like that let them get their smokeon stay tuned alright so it’s been anhour and five minutes since I put thechops on the temperature has beenmaintaining it 200 degrees let’s get aninternal temperature here 116 117 that’sperfect that’s what I want okay so I’mgonna pull them off and I’m gonnaprepare my smoker for the fury that isabout to happen you don’t want to missthis stay tuned guys alright guys sothis is my setup for the reverse searingpart of my pork chops these are thegrilled rates that they go on my Yodaweighs 640 pellet smoker they happen tofit right over the opening of my fireboxhatch and I just dropped a second splitof wood so for an entire hour running at200 degrees I used one split of woodthis smoker I gotta tell you isextremely efficient especially at thoselower temperatures because you don’thave that real hot fire like at 275 and300 or even 350 so the air is smoothnice and slow and that one split ofwould last me over an hour so I justdropped a good sized split of wood putmy grill grates on there I’m gonna letthese heat up for about 10 minutes andwe’ll be back stay tuned alright so it’sbeen 10 minutes now and these grates areextremely hot so just gonna grab thechops with my bare hands and they’renice and juicy put them on there andpress down hereyou’re that sizzle yes sir you knowwe’re gonna monitor the temperature porkis safe to eat at 145 degrees but I’dlike to take it up a little bit higherthan that probably 150 maybe even 155pull them off and let them restso I’m leave them like this for probablytwo minutes I’m actually going to startcounting now and I’ll bring you guysback when I flip them stay tuned allright so it’s been exactly two minuteslet’s go ahead and flip these and it ishot oh yeah look at thatbeautifulyes sir beauties so two more minuteswe’ll come back and flip them one moretimestay tuned alright one last flip andthese will be ready later that oh mygoodness I did check the entranceinternal temperature I’m sitting at 127so this is gonna do itoh man these bad boys look deliciouslook at that manall right I’m gonna let these cook foranother two minutes we’ll see you guysinside stay tuned all right so the porkchops are ready and I had them restingfor about 10 minutes I got to tell youit smells amazing in here okay I’ve gotmy mushrooms here my wife made some riskand potatoes and the beautiful porkchops let’s cut into it see what itlooks like let’s see if we got a littlebit of smoke ring oh that is beautifullook at that juicy that is extremelyjuicy look at that man let’s give it atasteall right so here we go look at thatnice juicy pork chop a little bit ofchar here we go man hmmI got to tell you that that sear on thepork chop and that rub man this is somegood stuff really juicy really tendermmm get you some of that rub you knowthat Cattlemen’s grill hmm let’s trythese mushrooms mmm that needs a littlebit of saltother than that amazing mm-hmm I got totell you that I don’t know why I’venever done a reverse here on myfrontiersman never did I think ofopening that hatch putting my grillgrates on there and doing somethingreversed here I got to try some morestuff maybe a tri-tip or something hopeyou guys like this video ask me anyquestions if this is your first timehere hit that subscribe button untilnext timeJoe smoking Joseph a BBQ see you

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