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Honey Barbecue Chicken Wings (Air Fryer recipe)

New Orleans native Charlie Andrews demonstrates on how to make Air fryer Honey barbecue chicken wings. This recipe makes 8 chicken wingettes and 10 chicken drumettes enough to serve 2 people or you can have all of the wings for yourself. It’s made with Real Barbecue sauce and you can also double or triple the amount of wings for the recipe to serve more people. Give this recipe a try if you like. It is absolutely delicious.

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Video Transcription

[Music]your thumb in your evaluation for eachother coming at you with another videotoday I’m gonna be showing you how tomake my air fried honey barbecue chickenwings with a little spiciness to it nowit’s important for this recipe you gottahave an air fryer all right it comes foryou to make ten chicken wing it’s andeight chicken from it’s enough to servetwo people or you could be like Charlieand have it all for yourself because I’msure about to eat this whole plate ofchicken wings by myself that’s right nowthe good thing is is that this neighborreal barbecue sauce and you can alsodouble or possibly triple the chickenwing gets and chicken drumettes becausethe barbecue sauce you don’t have todouble that because you’ll have enoughor anything you’ll have to do this useyour air fryer more than one time allright and I’m sure your hind looks thisis how it looks right here I just atesome of them not too long ago damn goodabsolutely deliciousyou don’t really like so without furtherado let’s get started all right here’sall what y’all gonna need to make yourair fryer honey barbecue chicken wingslet’s get started you will need twopounds that’s eight wing its andtenderness you will also need somecanola oil now if you don’t want to usethis you can use any other type of oilif you like you also need two six ouncecans that’s twelve ounces total ofconsummate Oh paste and also add it inalong with that you will also need somevinegar molasses honey liquid smoke andsome sugar and for your seasonings youwill need some saltTony statuaries Creole seasoning now ifyou don’t have this you can use these aDuran’s Creole seasoning slap your mamaCajun seasoning you will also need somechef poppadoms porcha magic onion powdergarlic powder and some cayennepepper and for your air fryer you willneed a 5.5 liter air fryer and this airfryer is by or morick now I’ve done afull review on this air fryer and if youwant to look at the review or if youwant to purchase this air fryer I’llhave the links to that in thedescription box and there we havealright let’s get straight to itwe’re gonna start by adding our chickenwing it and chickens on net pieces intoa strainer and we’re going to rinse thisoff with cold water now I like to dothis as a precaution to rinse off anyblood or particles or anything thatmight be on the chicken okay all rightwe transferred our chicken pieces onto achopping board take some napkins I’mgonna Pat the chicken dry alright we’vetransferred our chicken into a mediumsized container let’s add some seasoningwe will sprinkle 1/2 a teaspoon of salt2 teaspoons of Tony saturates Creoleseasoning 2 teaspoons of Chef poppadoms4g magic 2 teaspoons of onion powder 2teaspoons of garlic powder and since I’mfrom New Orleans I’m gonna add oneteaspoon of cayenne pepper using yourhands coat those seasonings onto thechicken and I want to give you a quicknote these seasonings can be reducedabout half if you think it’s too muchseasoning gonna cover this with a lidplace this into your fridge for one houror you can let this marinate overnightnow let’s make the barbecue sauce in amedium-sized bowl add 9 ounces that’sone and one eighth of a cup of tomatopaste no salt added 1/4 cup of vinegar1/3 cup of liquid smoke 1/3 cup ofmolasses1/4 cup of honey make sure you get thatin there get a little spatula to getthat in there 1/3 cup of sugar 1teaspoon of salt and because I’m fromNew Orleans you gotta add a half ateaspoon of cayenne pepper using a whiskstir all ingredients together untilcombined and deadly have a homemadebarbecue sauce made from scratch doesn’tget any better than this now let’s beginair flying our chicken wings we’re goingto add two teaspoons of canal all usingyour hands you’re gonna coat that canolaoil onto the chicken now remember youcan use any type of oil if you likefootage recipe okay all right we’regonna start by opening up the drawtiteair fryer and we’re going to take ourchicken wing it and chicken drum atpieces and we’re going to add it intothe air fryer basket on a place to drawour back into the air fryernow you’re going to air fry this on 360degrees for 15 minutes or according toyour instructions on your air fryer forair frying chicken[Music]all right time is up gonna go ahead andopen up the drawer to my airfryer and asyou can see here the chicken has beencooked thoroughly on both sides so wedidn’t have to flip it over anythinglike that now we’re going to take ourchicken wing it and drumette pieces andwe’re going to add them into thebarbecue sauce I’m going to take a spoonand I’m just gonna up stir that barbecuesauce and coat that chicken with thatbarbecue sauce okay now we’re going totake some tongs and we’re going toremove the chicken now you want to makesure you shake it to remove some of thatbarbecue sauce off the chicken andyou’re gonna add it back into your airfor our basket now I’m going to place myairfryer drawback into the air fryer nowwe’re going to air fry this on 400degrees for five minutesor according to your air fryersinstructions on air frying chickenall righty time is up now I’m going togo ahead and remove the drawer to theair fryer oh man look at that those cameout beautifullynow you’re gonna let these cool forabout two to five minutes before servinghere is the final presentation and thereyou have itair fried honey barbecued chicken wingswith a little spiciness added to it madeby New Orleans native if you like mychannel hit that subscribe button hitthe bell button if you want to benotified of my videos you can also checkout this recipe along with all of myother recipes at Andrews commyou can also find me on Facebook and onInstagram under the name Charlie to cookAndrew stay tuned as Charlie’s tastetest is coming up next nice sounds wayto take a back oh boy it’s about to getmessy in hereoh my I love honey barbecue chickenwingsmuch I wonder chicken wing yes nowoh boy that was good oh man the ephoddid a very very good job the chickenwings are nice and juicy on the insidemy outside has a nice little crust andthat barbecue sauce barbecue sauceactually has a nice little spiciness toit which is why she called this recipeairfryer spicy honey barbecue chickenwings but it is what it is that a titleat the beginning was long enough anywaysbut man this is really really reallygood oh man I’m telling y’all try therecipewon’t be disappointed anyways I hopey’all enjoyed the video and until nexttime have a blessed night peace[Music][Music]

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