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Ribs in the Oven: Easy BBQ for a Casual Dinner or Encounter

Cookingconspiracy presents an easy casual method for bbq pork ribs. If I had a smoker I would use it… but I don’t! But I won’t let that stop me from having good ribs in Italy! This method is easy to be consistent and with out a ton of effort you will be making 8/10 ribs every time. I like this method because I can do it anywhere in the world. The trick is to go low and slow. This takes about 6-6 1/2 hours from start to finish using 4 store bought ingredients. You have your ribs, apple cider vinegar (or apple juice), your rub (grill mates mesquite) and your sauce (sweet baby ray’s). Pretty much remove the membrane if you wish, season your ribs with the rub, cover in a baking pan, and slow cook around 200F for 6 hours. Remove from the oven, slather in sauce and pop it back in a hot oven or grill for a few minutes to get the perfect glaze on top and serve quality ribs every time. If you want to be keto or atkins or low carb friendly skip the sauce.
Song is Cats Searching for the Truth by Nat Keefe & Hot Buttered Rum.

I really hope you try this method of slow cooking bbq pork ribs or baby back ribs! They are really easy, simple, and delicious!

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Video Transcription

we’re remaining today to go whatever wemake[Applause]Heyright oven cooking conspiracy and todaywe’re doing barbecued ribs in the ovenyou know I don’t feel like messingaround with the grill you need theirrecords your rub it some apple cidervinegar or apple juice and then I feellike it wet I have some sweet baby Ray’sthe finish and maybe a sharp knife ifthey’re gonna pick up my lap all rightso if you flip your ribs over there’sthis little membrane thing on the backyou know some people will take it off Iusually leave it on but I’m gonna try toshow you how you would take it off soyou just kind of get it started with aknife here okay this was fatty I’llleave that to flavor[Music]okay got most of the membrane off truthbe told that kind of like the membrane Ilike the texture gets especially when Ifinish these on the grillit makes them stick together a littlebit better and a little bit chewy andyou know the whole fall-off-the-bonething is great if you want to fall offthe bone but you don’t want to befalling all over the place you likepeople pull them and pull the bone andget it to your mouth and there’s grillmates mesquite road going to service itliberally and as art it makes theproportions are right – on the back foothere both sides okay see that it over[Music][Applause][Music]and a cup of that cider vinegar[Applause][Music]I thought we heated to about 180 200Fahrenheit so we’re there[Music]see those a final turn on for anotherfive hours I’ll probably go for six[Applause][Music][Applause][Music]you

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