BBQ Pork Recipes

How to make the best pork chop ever!!

14 day dry aged pork chop, cooked in the Sous Vide then grilled!! It doesn’t get any better than this!

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Killer Hogs barbecue:

Anova Sous Vide:

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Pork Chop:
145 degrees in the Sous Vide for 1 hour
Grill for 1 minute on each side make sure grill is hot just need to seer the meat, it’s already fully cooked


Olive oil just enough to coat the potatoes
sprinkle garlic powder to taste
Italian parsley to taste
salt and pepper to taste
Red Pepper Flakes to taste
Cook at 425 for 45 minutes depending on the amount of potatoes it could be shorter time frame

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Video Transcription

Oh oh yeah Wow they have come backhungry people I hope you’ve been joy inlife I know it’s kind of crazy out thereright now but you know what we stillgotta eat so I got a great thing thatcame in the mail from Miranda she doeswoodworking I’ll have the descriptiondown below of how to to see her websiteand maybe buy some stuff she hasunbelievable stuff she’s very talentedand in this thing I’ll give you a quickglance of what it looks like she justtook my logo and made a cutting boardout of it so that is pretty sweet shedid an excellent excellent job theperson that made this logo named guynamed Ryan he’s an excellent man man thedude is very talented artistically alsohave his logo are not local but websitebelow so this episode a couple episodesago we’ve had all the dry-aging we hadto dry aged beef the pork and the baconwell today we are gonna do the porkchops I can’t wait for this we’re gonnaSoviet the su v–‘s of getting readybehind me we’re gonna have that 145 forjust one hour then we’re going to finishit outside at the grill will kind ofshow you the grills that we have just togive you a look of what it is this was apork loin that was dry aged we cut itgot all the the dead stuff off now thedifference between that and an actualpork chop this was an actual pork choplook at a different color now if we haveleft this more than 14 days these wouldhave been the same color as this and itactually turns into almost like red meatit’s really weird but that’s way thedifference is should still taste thesame same kind of meat in everything sowe got a plate full over there all we’regoing to dowe’re gonna put a little bit of pepperon it we’re gonna salt it and then weare gonna put some I’ve got some hotbarbecue killer barbecue sauce so we’rejust gonna sprinkle these genderly withthese these will be mine we have someteamerbarbecue sauces down for my other familymembers I don’t like spicy but make sureyou get it nice and good nothing worsethan having barbecue pork without anyseasoning whatsoever if you hung on on adiet or on the Weight Watchers this rubhere for this pork chop of be probablyabout 2 points if you’re adding uppoints or whatever but not too badso that’s all we do as we get those niceand good will ziploc bag these togetherwill keep them separate from one rub toanother will pop them in there here in alittle bit we’ll get this cookingprocesses started all right go back wegot about a half an hour left on thepork chops here in the Suvi meantime Iwanted to make up some potatoes that wecan eat with the pork chops we got thoselittle little potatoes I’m not sure whatthey’re called off in what I did waschop him up into fours we put them intoa bowl we add a garlic powder we had ourown Italian parsley that we dehydratedand made it into our own seasoningwe got the red crushed peppers just togive it a little kick and then we usethe barbecue rub that we used on thepork chops we sprinkled it on top thisis kind of what they look like now soall we’re gonna do is put these in theoven at 425 degrees for about an houruntil they’re until they’re softer doneI will put them oncake pan or cookie sheet and just putthem in there like I said we used all ofvirgin olive oil just lightly put alittle bit of oil on them that way theeverything sticks to them and it cook toget a nice little brown crust on it sowe’re gonna pop those in when our ovensready we’ll have the pork chops here outin 30 minutesbe grilling by the time we get that alldone that those will be done everythingwill be done at the same time hopefullyif I do everything right so we’ll seeyou in a bit all right here we are withthe final product man I hope you guystry this stuff out it looks amazingsmells amazing and I know what’s amazingso I got a couple of the potatoes heretotally done took about 35 minutes ishin the oven at 425 so nice and tenderthe red pepper flakes gives a littlecook yeah I’m a man that loves potatoesif you love potatoes try that out sohere we are with the pork like I said wesous-vide it for one hour put it on thegrill I has tons of moisture in it Iknow that camera ain’t gonna show it hastons of moisture in it so here comes theflavor babyOh oh yeah Wow that has a lot of flavora lot of oh man that’s goodthat is real good the barbecue with itmanmy mouth is still watering with theflavor in it excellent excellent flavorI would recommend to dry aged your porkchop man that makes that pork come alivea lot more flavors in it man I hope youguys enjoyed this episode make sure yousubscribe it should be up there one ofthose placesremember down below will always be therecipes and the things that I use andthe links to the people that hooked meup with a cool logo and the cuttingboard god bless enjoy your life enjoyyour time with your family and above allfeed your belly later

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