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Smoked Pork Butt with the BBQ Bandit

10 Lb Smoked BBQ Pork Butt

1. Take a shot
2. Brine
3. Trim and apply dry rub
4. Smoke 1 hour per Pound if Pork Butt
5. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!
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1. Take a shot – I prefer whiskey but pick your own poison! Cheers!

2. Brine- When you Brine any protein it will add flavor and dramatically impact the tenderness of your meat. I would recommend a 24 hour Brine but at minimum 12 hours. A brine typically consists of water, salt, and other seasonings of choice .

BBQ Bandit’s Brine Mixture:
10 cups Water
2 cups Apple Cider Vinegar
1 cup Apple Juice
1/2 cup Whiskey plus 1 shot for yourself 😎
3/4 cup Salt
1/2 cup Brown Sugar
2 Teaspoons pepper
1 Teaspoon Dominican Oregano or just any Oregano
10 pieces of Star Anise ( Can use cloves also)

3. Trim and Apply Rub – Its completely up to you how you trim your meat and the fat or skin that may be on it. I prefer to only have fat left on one side of my Pork Butt. Rub spices and seasonings are also completely up to you!

BBQ Bandit’s Rub Recipe:

Heinz Mustard – completely cover the entire Pork Butt in Mustard and this will make the rub have a base to bind the rub to the pork but nicely.
Black Pepper- Cover and be Generous
Brown Sugar – Cover and be Generous
Garlic Powder – Cover and be Generous
Memphis BBQ Pre Mix – Cover and be Generous
Himalayan Sea Salt – Cover and be Generous

4. Smoke – Key Points
-Smoke 1 hour per pound
-Once internal temperature reached 160° you should have a nice bark and to avoid burning you must wrap
The pork butt in foil or butcher paper and keep in smoker until internal temperature reaches 185°-200°
-Use a thermometer or thermometer probes(sets can be purchased for under $50 on Amazon ) and these can give you alerts right on your smartphone.
-Once you pull off grill unwrap the Pork Butt and Allow to rest for 30 mins at least to allow the meat to relax and stop cooking.

Hit me up for additional questions or pointers!!!

Thanks for checking out my first video! Much Love!

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Video Transcription

[Music]it’s your favorite dealer my name isWilly Willy caught me will glide onlinethey also call me the barbecue banditand welcome to the channel this is ourfirst video hook I’m gonna say I gottaplay this hand playing some TexasHold’em online you know you guys everwant to come on down we play the realstuff right here by the way we takeshots before we cook so right now I’mabout to have some of the world-famousyou wanna take a peek at that some ofthat famous Brooklyn water baby comes inLuskin Springs shout out top whale upyou knowfold that mmmso tradition goes like this before everyshow you start off with some shots – forme not for you just kidding whoa butwe’re still in the house over here withyour favorite dealer would you like takea shot everybody in everybody’s in nolet me wait you guys I’m waitgo get your shot glasses we’re alltaking a shot of whiskey right now soI’m gonna sit here wait you ready yetjust run overtake it straight out of the bottle butthis is a shot this is to our newchannel the BBQ bandit here we go guysthank you like and subscribe and I’ll dothis one right now hit the like andsubscribe button right now right downthere right there hit itthank you kids I like big butts and Icannot lie we’re doing pork buttshoulder this was a 24 hour brine rightin here we had everything from applecider vinegar water brown sugar starneed some peppers and onions and garlicoh what’d you do just let it sit in thewater for 24 hourslisten ballpark in the middle of yourvideo and once you pull it out basicallyyou’re just gonna marry you’re gonnabreak down the tendons in the meat ohand that’s gonna offer me salt pork butthis one in particular this is gonna besmoked for about ten hours because it’sabout ten pounds so you do about an hourper pound so my lovely lady videoingright now she came downstairs a littletoo late to catch me you know I’vealready covered it my muster to give mydriver up a vase right now we’re justgoing to start with that dry rub I havea big you smell smoke Hollow grilldownstairs that we’re gonna be smokingon you’re gonna be using some cherrywood chips makes me cinema ski and thatwill blow everyone’s mind got uh musttheir bass going down some brown sugaron you a little bit of pepper blackpepper like keep a little Texas styleyou know we are here injuries alright alittle bit of a a Memphis seasoningdon’t want to go too hard on dry rubstoo much easy not so good Plus is gonnaget a nice bark on it um you’re smokingit for about 10 hours you said earlierbut you do want to get a nice even coatso when this comes out it’s gonna benice Brown you could really put any dryrub you want I like to change it upprobably every single time that I cooksomething different something new gottalet this bad boy sit just for a littlebitthat’s a good 10 pounder right therenice and dry rub pull it over the toplike that beautiful all right so we’reback so this is the little homegirl thatwe got it’s not that little I know thatbut we have everything from an actualsmoker box the charcoal grill yourpropane grill and even a sear for yoursteaks on today we’re not using thewhole set box only because we’re allyou’re doingone port but so it fits on literally hasto grow so we’re gonna do use atechnique called just indirect smokingor so basically you don’t want the heatdirectly underneath of your meat so youcan smoke it properly you can see we useroyal oak hardwood lump charcoal notjust that regular break charcoal there’sso many different types of barbecuesmoking chips we can use today we’regoing with mesquite and cherry woodmakes you want that real nice smoke ringaround the meat this is gonna be a nicepulled pork but still we like to seethat smoke so we’re always shooting fora temperature about 225 so as you cansee we just got there we got littleprobes that we’re gonna be using todaythe probes are really gonna help usbecause you want to get to a temperatureof 160 um before you actually wrap thisbecause at that point of 160 degreesinternal temperature of the meat weshould have a nice bark for mindomohim so people do things differentlyI put a pin right inside as you can seeall the charcoals are offset there’slittle wood chips sprinkled in betweenso you don’t really need that offset boxon you’re not doing too much um so we’regonna go not much upside down friesbecause we want to use that to protectthe meat from getting to source andSmokey’s coming from underneath of themeat but just nice set on the grill letthat babysit remember you’re notgrilling if the grill is open so shutthat baby down keep an eye on yourtemperatures adjust your smoke as neededmy mine actually I have an openinginside that I can adjust the air um umjust remember the more air you let inthe higher that temperature is gonna gobut you do want to stay around a nice totwenty to twenty thirty degrees but uhwe’ll catch you guys in like five hoursto see how we’re lookingwe’re back but it’s funny anintermission who got some technicaldifficulties it’s already 246 in themorning in some sort of world not in thequarantine world it’s probably like 2p.m. in the quarantine world what happenis our fire is he kept going too lowbecause the temperature side is toofucking cold so I decided why don’t wesmoke some fucking ribs so half of thiswe did with this for the peanut bananaketchup the other half we did what mywoman loves and that’s a little bit ofBudweiser BBQ wholehearted American USAhere we go but over here on the rightside we got some of that Brooklyn watercoming straight out you it goes likethis like this like this now if you takea look inside look at these smoke ringsbut it out but wait till you cut insideof that meat and what do you get shitmore smoke cells no get it how you liveit I got mine you got yourswhoo the blood of a lifetime what flavoris that one deliciousboom 166 right in the area and we lookover here we have our beautiful porkbutt now this thing definitely got hisBart I’m going to take this bad boy it’stime to wrap them up so we’re gonnadouble wrap this guy still got thissmoke going better pull this over justwant to keep it from getting the seatsare folded to brine it soggy diet is anice buck on there okay wrap that up weget one secondsame thing right back in see you guys inthree hoursholla va metwelve hours 24 minutes later thefunding of this ready to wrap your giftkids is here we govideo number one dad cuz I like wow yeahus he’s hot I don’t know I don’t knowhow he’s gonna react because I’ve nevertouched this little guy he’s little bluetwo three stars to tell you what to doI probably would have fell asleep look Ismoke cigarettes I smoke weed a nursemost important but today I did and theonly reason I did it perfect is becauseI got it to a hundred ninety degreesthanks to this little guy putting thislittle guysomebody told me off the video I thinkhis name was slap yo daddy BBQaward-winning champion he told me thatif the meat comes off the bonewell shit you did a good job so I figureyou guys get the first glimpse make thatrain bullshit I bet you do look at thatevery time you stick just walking it’sjust juicy okay my friends let’s take adeep look you see that pink ring that iscalled a smoke line this littlemotherfuckercuz this one for 12 hours I said 10 butthe fire went out so we had to go alittle longerlet’s do one more slice and see whatthat looks like alright you readyoh look look at the juices when I pressthe knife look at the juices what isthat a waterfall or is that a pork buttI don’t know you didn’t sue Franco layin a pork butt right you got a littlebonus enter and here’s this big portionwhat we have right here these slicedouchey portions let’s call the moneymuscle that’s not who people love themost I mean what’s the best part youdon’t but you are about to see this boneright hereright in here that is called the horn inthe Warren Ohmakes me horny baby are you right we’regonna get it now so this is actually thebest part of the entire pork bite thisis why pork but it’s like bone marrowbut it’s actually me like should we justpick it out of there oh my goodnessphenomenal thank you guys for tuning inthis is the first episode I don’t knowwhat I’m really doing with smoked buttsbut did we do ityou be the judge see you in the nextround

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