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hello back with my video yes I cooked mybarbecue chicken and I’m doing a mud bagon it and yes like I said before makesure you like comment and subscribe itdidn’t bear notification so you werenote 1 assisted girls posted thank youthank you thank you for coming back tomy channel I really appreciate it thankyou to my new subscribers thank you tomy lower subscribers that’s been herethank you for everybody that’s beenwatching I think you think you thank youthank God for you I’m just happy happyhappy that you come and see my videos Ireally appreciate it I and I’m gonna doI’m up banks and let me say my prayersgod I thank you for this food let ithurt I killed me prepare the hands thatcooked it and jesus name a man alrightand then I made me a salad I’m not atypical salad type of girl I love it tobe green and red and pretty and yesI love all that I put everything on mysalad yesso yes how you do today it was a prettyday in Tulsa Oklahoma and I enjoy todaywent out a little bitexcuse me I went out a little bit kindof go down a little bit and it was justreally nice they opening up stuff slowlybut surely up here so you know ok youstill you know of course go through thedrive-through restaurants they opened upsalons they open up the nail shop theyopen up some fitness centers not a lotsome and that I saw and you know peoplestill not sitting down at restaurantsand everything but you know I like tocook my own food anyway yeah so thislong as they keep all having grocerystores open and keep on stocking I’mhappy about that as long as they keep ondoing that so yes oohit turned out so yeah and at thebeginning of the video I showed you howI like it and how I make itand the seasons that I use I love herecountry seasoning below their barbecueit’s not a paper motion or anything butI love I just love it you know now thoseare seasoned that you’re saying I use Ijust love season some people play PSA’sthat you go to they’re not seizing theirfood with it I love my food to beseasoned yes I turned out really winningthe taste that you can we taste theflavorif you familiar with the Olive GardenI like the Olive GardenI like the olive oil on my salad andthen the little ranch on my salad I puta little bit so on like overpower theart of gardening tastes hmm now you canget it from Walmart this Olive GardenItalian right with a dressings are andof course the ranch right where thedressings are I like the cucumberstomatoes and I had some either left overI had ball when I had my secret ball andyou see that video soand I love my purple onions the purpleonion just give it a taste like a flavorI put it on my barking chicken asyourself yeahyou just give it just a different tasteso what is the first thing you’re gonnado when you get out of this point in allthe way fully I hope we get added by May13th of this my birthday I want to gosomewhere but I’m just letting just youknow let everybody else go out and seehow it’s goingthen when I don’t lose everything isalright then I start kind of maneuver myway to different races I’m guessing whenhe opened up the mall you know what’sreally I was okayonce they were opened up woman here’s mylittle garden it’s so goodI don’t need it they bring it I thinkit’s little sticksI will be even barbecue chicken playingwhen I’m out with where I’m standing youknow how good they’re there’s one thingabout me I love a good Saturday I caneat a salad every day of course I lovechicken too I have so much chickenleftover I had to fry some overbut I used to two parts to glass bowlsyou know I have some leftover stuff yeahbut they will make a wickedcomment down below what you’re gonna dowhen this is all overhmm I hear back time by taking a tripI’m going to visit loved ones this islike the Hawaiian bring it I just got alittle time if they’re telling youlittle biscuits a little rose not a lota whole bunch of talk about cuzeverybody’s not really doing anythingyou know have a Babylonian scram talkabout what everybody’s doing I’m nerv Ijust got for lifeI love Jesse whoo just did Jesse whooyeah I love her live her singingso yeah I watch you know YouTube watch amovie I love the masked singer and Ilove empire or something that’s stillcoming on and it’s some other movies Iwant to catch up and look at andeverything there’s so much stuff onNetflix and Hulu and I let so much thatyou can watch just you catch up on yourmovies play games play dominoes and Ijust bought a new game sorry I just hadit when I was here no I said oh nodominoes sorry gang you know I see a lotof people doing that Ginga yeah soyou’re not keep yourself busy and evenand someone tried this and kind offollow my little recipe which is easy toyou know but just on the down below letme know let me know if yours turned outgood like I said I let my cook for liketwo hours 15 minutes on 400 you justkind of cook a little bit and then Ialways like to put the the head countrysauce I’ll barbecue sauce whatever yourchoice is I always like to put it onthere and put it back in the oven so forlike 30 minutes so the cooking time isdepends on how big your pieces of mediais I say about about 45 minutes and thenanother 30 minutes with the sauce onthere and put it back in the liver yeahthat’s how I like to cook it everybody’sdifferentsomebody else might cook there’sdifferent but look I like to cook nowwhat I like to that sounds just to siton thereyou just baking left yeahyou have to watch how much you pulltheir touches so you know dick woody alittle biteven accidentally posit a whole thingoff in there the whole dresser that’salrightI will appreciate the comments that youmake on my video I already do let meknow to somebody that they’re watchingand that you enjoying the content andwhat else would you like to see me makeI’m gonna comment down below that I’mwilling to tryI’m willing to try and make it my mom isstarting to give me some little recipescuz I win man you should try this I’mlike we’re giving you a silent try youwant to drive with me you want to cooktogether and show a young Gemma but mymom was good I wish she would get on thecamera and cook with me one day I’mgonna get out on her what she have cookwith meyeah I’m trying to commit checkI’m not I say you’re supposed to takethe ski and after to me but that’s myfavorite partthe speedunder the skinsay what someone else I like to watch umI was watching the type of him what manam i huhI haven’t got through all of it but yeahand that’s close balance and Oklahomayepit is close by this I’m gonna tell homo he’s not that faryeah I went to one of those sanctuariesand Broken Arrow we have one our familyunions and we went out there so I’vebeen one of them sanctuaries like thehair I’ll know if it’s still there I’mnot but yes it was deep took a while toget there but really nice yeah how kindof stuff you have Tigers pageseverywhere so yes I have been to one ofthose sanctuaries but for the commonside to wear yeahwe even had a picnic after mm-hmmwhat I was thinking seem like I’m insaneentire gene before they’ve been a longtime ago but it seemed like I see Iprobably have I appreciate you I hatethat chicken that was really did itplease try it let me know I came out Iput it on i season it I washed it up Ialways watch out my meat season it hadall my little seasonings and put it offin the pan and I coated it again withsome more hickory and put some moreseasons on there how to love seasoningand then as you see I put some sprinkleonions on there purple white yellowwhatever color you want I like purplebecause I love that it tastes and then Iput polled a little water just to kindof coat the bottom just so it won’t burnand put it on 400 hour and 45 minutesand then I put it in there for another30 minutes with the barbecue sauce ofyour choice on there easy it was reallyreally good so thank you thank you thankyou for coming back to my channelanother successful mealI wanna thank you I appreciate you Ilove youmay God bless you and your family andkeep smiling and keep enjoying you andgetting to know you so thank you thankyou all right I always like to leave youwith something you can still do you in2020 you just still get yourselftogether still make better choices stilldo whatever you need to do in 2020 Iheard a lot of people say 2020 is overwe might as well cut 2020 out no no cutit out for what no well you want to cutit out it’s still a learning thing thanthe learning process that we were goingthrough you know people before us wentthrough lot worse I think we are rightpeople before us went through a lotworse I think we’re okay[Music]you


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