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Social Distance BBQ Pork Ribs

You saw it here first. The first time ever… Social Distanced BBQ Spare Ribs. This is technique is great for any BBQ pitmaster who at the end of the cook simply wants to have easy presentation of food and it is instantly ready to eat with no cutting or slicing required. I am not convinced this is the method I will be using for all of my cook but it certainly was a fun way to cook some BBQ Pork Spare Ribs this Memorial weekend. Cheers!

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Video Transcription

all right what we’re doing today aresome sociallydistanced spare ribs that’s right youheard it here first we’re doing this soall these ribs are way too closetogetherthey are not maintaining six feet ofseparation aparti mean easily wait one inch there we wegotta get those things separated soto do that we’re gonna go on from theback side we’re leaving the membrane onfor this cook hereand just gonna split these guys rightdown in between the bonein between the rib bones here let’s justdo thatleave the leaf hand like there he’s alittle ugly in the end but that’sthat’s not a problem we still love themanywayyou guys see as we go down here this ribbone is kind of coming out at an anglemake sure you’re keeping track of thatso you cut right in the middle so youget bothmeat on both sidesnow we’re anglingall right very laser too to lift them uplike that so you can get like auppercut action on thereokay a couple more to doso there you go got your sociallydistanced ribsbeing safe being healthy okay go getsome rub on these guysyou have a good little fire going in thevery bottom here in the middlei figured as it burns it’s going toexpand out and getthe rest of charcoal lit you keep a goodstable temperatureto start this thing off i just use thesame thing where i normally dothat’s a little bit of woolly wood linkin the description for what i dothis big log here is post oak got topick it up from abig pile from bucky’s i love that storyhere’s the tricky part keep these guysseparated when they’re cookingand you know they’re gonna want to getcloser to each other too when thatwhen i close the lid so we have to makesure we keep an eye on themthere we go beautiful275 until we’re done it’s to be awesome[Music]i’m doing pretty good i’m happy with thecolor on these guys looking absolutelyincredibletriangle close up here burn the cameraoffthere we go great colorsee how we’re doing a couple hours inawesome little spritzyou’re wondering this is just applecider vinegar and waterabout a half and halftype of arrangement you nice and gentlewith this fritz hereand you can kind of see too is whatwe’re going for it’s amazing pull backon the ribsthey were out here originally you cansee it when we say pull back that’s whatwe meanpull back from the edge of the boneon the meat and now i’m also wonderingtooi’m going for at 200 degrees internaltemperature on these guysand it’s like 170 but you can see that ican’t see that so it was likethis guy if i can see that guyyeah so we’re we’re getting pretty closei didn’t want to wrap them because againi want to keep them socially distantand i love the bark you get from notwrappingthese guysoh awesome and i’m pretty sure we’redoneyep i’m calling it that looks awesomethat’s itall right here with my sous chef readyto ready to try these guysso ah let’s hold it that’s hey let’s putthe camera down okay i’m gonnabe a little easier okayokay ready okaysorry here we go okay so which one youwant to tryum all of them red okayan eye on this one all dayuh can’t wait social distance ribsagain nothing new here i’m gonna givethis a shotgo ahead that’s that’s right at thewell that’s the bone right there you’resilly right yum yum besidesremember we don’t use forks because weare americanrightthat’s great good flavor good rubjace canola gq barbecue good stuffgood mm-hmm yeahone more uh bite to show you thepullback on thisvery happy with how how it didthere you go pretty good soone thing i like about this cook i don’tif i give them the choice given theopportunity i don’t like to wrap themi think wrapping in tin foil or aluminumfoil oraluminium foil you getuh there’s too much of a steam effectand youlose the barbecue uh character of themeatso i like this rib hereyou see that like there’s a good cruston there and the crust kind ofdisintegratesor becomes not such a hard crispy crustif you put it in tin foil again i’vedone manymany many cooks with tin foil on thischannelat home not on this channel but if i canhelp it i like to do without tinfoiland then the wife know i like it wellwithout thinking oil too she likes thatgood crust on thereeverybody’s different do what you dowhich i like to do this showcasingwhat i do i did for this cook let meknow what your favorite thing to do isin the comments below until next timethanks for watching everybody have agreat daysocial distance yourselves even withribskeep our book in america cheerswhat do you think let me hearwhat you think of it give your opinionwe’re done with the video manthis won’t be included what do you think10 10 double thumbs double thumbs up20 thumbs up 20. this is twoall rightwhere the smoke goes it alwaysfollows you when you go to sleepi’ll be up still cooking barbecue takesforeverall night long

4 Replies to “Social Distance BBQ Pork Ribs

  1. Your Sous Chef is growing up quickly. Was the cook time less than when in a slab? Ya’ll stay safe Brian.

  2. Love ribs, wasnt sure if i should wrap for todays video but think i will give it a miss after that advice. Thanks

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