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The Ultimate Italian Pork Sandwich | La Famiglia #italiansandwich #porksandwich #bbqpork

The Ultimate Italian Pork Sandwich
#italiansandwich #porksandwich #bbqpork

In this video I made THE ULTIMATE ITALIAN PORK SANDWICH.. pork butts went on sale for .99 cents a lb!! I had to jump on them.. low and slow smoked with my choice of rub on my 22 inch Weber kettle grill for 2 hours.: then added Crushed Tomatoes , Peroni beer , Onions and Peperoncini Peppers to go back in oven for 1 hour at 300 degrees!

Sliced thin and made The Ultimate Italian Pork Sandwich!!!

Hope you all enjoy this video just as much as I enjoyed creating it!!

Love You All…. and Thank You for the continued support!!

Cheers 🍻

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La Famiglia
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Hello My Friends! My name is Kristopher Mainella and I have a passion for culinary cuisine and I would love to share these videos and recipes with you. I also Dry Age Beef at home, BBQ,Grill, and even Homebrew Craft Beer! I started this channel in October of 2019 and have been blessed with the people I have met and who follow me on my channel! I Thank You All for your support! I hope you all enjoy my videos. If you would like to contact me.. you can email me at

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