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What’s Cookin? Grilled Pork Loin! Cooking While Camping

Here’s a new series on Kemp Outside called “What’s Cookin?” Kevin will cover his favorite recipes as well as tips and tricks for cooking at the campsite. On this episode, Kevin shows us his favorite grilled pork loin recipe using a half pork loin cut into 1 inch thick chops, marinaded in Carolina Sunshine BBQ Sauce and topped with minced onion.

Our grill is a 2 burner cook stove and grill box made by Camp Chef. Follow along for more recipes sure to make food the least of your worries on your next camping trip!

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Video Transcription

hey everybody this is Kevin with Kempoutside where your inside source for allthings outside start a new video seriescalled what’s cookin one of my favoriteparts about camping and fishing isgetting to eat I love to eat and I loveto come up with different things to eatat the campsite I love to cook fish thatkind of thing so we’re starting a newseries called what’s cookin and I amgoing to do some grilled pork tenttender pork loin today and so I’m goingto show you how I do it what I use formy marinade and and then I’m going toshow you my camp stove setup so staytuned if you like what you see hit thatsubscribe button and follow along forall kinds of outside tips and trickscamping videos gear reviews how-tovideos how to maintain your gear fishingvideos all kinds of stuff so with thatstay tuned and check it out[Music]okay so today on what’s cookin we’regonna do some grilled pork loin so Ihave a half pork loin then I’m going tocut up and what I do is I marinate itnot for very long I don’t even marinateit overnight just a couple of hours liketwo hours or so I use Carolina sunshineyou know get the label in there Carolinasunshine barbecue sauce it’s a it’s aneastern North Carolina style sauce soit’s a vinegar-based sauce I like tosoak my pork loin in that for a coupleof hours before I put it on the grill Idon’t leave it on too long it can alittle goes a long way I was saying withthis marinade so I just put it on justfor a little bit and then I also throwsome minced onion on top so with thatI’m going to cut my pork loin and we’llget it marinated and then we’ll throw iton the grill okay so the first thing Ido is I cut my pork loin into basicallylike like chops that are about an inchan inch thick so what I’ll do is I’llwork my way down I like my not going tobe pretty thickand I apologize if you hear mydishwasher running unfortunately itdoesn’t like it when we stop itmid-cycle so I gotta let it go let it doits thingso this is this is a great meal eitherfor at home at the kit in the kitchen orat the campsite oftentimes if I do thisat the campsite what I’ll do is I’ll cutthis ahead of time and then I’ll keep itin a couple of ziplock baggies likegallon-sized ziplocks baggies and thenI’ll take the marinade with me and I’llput the marinade on you know like I saida couple hours before I’m gonna cook itI don’t leave it in the marinadeovernight you just want a hint of theflavor you don’t want to overpowering alittle bit about Carolina sunshinebarbecue sauces it’s made it’s it’s it’sout of a it’s right out here out ofLithia Florida which is where we livejust near Tampa and it’s owned by afriend of mine and so I love giving hima little little shout out if you likevinegar-based barbecue sauces you shoulddefinitely check them out I will put alink to his website in the descriptionand you can order stuff from him and hedoes have it in a few local stores herearound around the Lithia area so ifyou’re local you can find it at the AceHardware here in in Lithia shout out toanother buddy of mine and runs the AceHardware and you can get it there like Isaid you can buy it straight off theCarolina Sunshine website okay so afterI get them all cut up I basically putthem in a panhopefully you can see this on the videoI just kind of stack them in there andif I have to go multiple layers which Iwill this time what I’ll do is I’ll goahead and put the minced onion as alayer but I want to wash my hands beforeI touch that I’ll be right back okay sookay and then second layer now what Ilike to do with these is I like to makemore than I’m actually going to eat in asingle evening because they make greatleftovers you can even put them on asandwich toast some bread or get somenice buns or something like that andreheat them at the sandwichwe often reheat them at the campsite sothere we go and then again I’m not shyabout the Carolina sunshine try get anice layerokay and then what I’ll do is I’ll leavethat sit in the frigerator maybe an hourto before I’m ready to grow so when it’stime to put it on the grill will startto meet you again okay so we’re justabout ready to put our pork loin on thegrill but I wanted to show you my grillsetup I’ve run a camp chef camp grillit’s I run the two burner grill theymake two burner and three burner grillsI don’t have the high high altitudegrill because one of my own highaltitude hardly ever Mihir at sea levelin Florida so you know Tampa is not veryhigh up and then I don’t get out west inthe high altitude very often so I justhave the standard camp chef grill and Ialso use their standard grill box Idon’t know if it’s available anymorethey have a different grill box I see ontheir website now I have the old stylewhich I like quite a bit and I’ll justsay this right now Imy last grill died the burners died andI looked into replacing the burners andit just wasn’t wasn’t worth it so ifthere’s a grill company out there thatwants to sponsor the what’s cookingseries of Kemp outside I would love toto get a new grill and to you know showshow all the different recipes and stuffI cook on it and that kind of thing soI’m not opposed to having sponsors Ijust don’t have any so you know heywhat’s what’s that scripture say youknow you don’t you don’t have you don’task so I’ll just throw that out thereand but I’m happy with my camp chef weuse it a lot we use it at the campsiteand I use it at home like I said becausemy girl died I use it an awful lot andso it is it does have some surface ruston it like most grills I do try to takecare of it but like I said I use it alot and and so sometimes you know itgets neglected a little bitbut with that let me show it to you andthen we’ll get it going and we’ll getthe pork on there and we’ll continue onwith the what’s cooking that’s this timewith the pork the pork loin grilled porkloin so okay so here’s my camp chef campstove so I hooked it up to a regularpropane cylinder and as you can seehere’s the basically just what theburner looks like there’s two of thosethey work really well for both cast ironif you saw my taking care of cast ironvideo you saw that I have a reversiblegriddle grill that goes on this campstove and so I typically put it on thatburner and that works excellentso this one is branded as browning so Igot it from Bass Pro Shopsso I guess Bass Pro Brown brands thecamp stove stuff as camp chef but thenhere is the grill box and so it is theirbasic their basic grill box like I saidI’m not sure if this one is stillavailable they have a different one ontheir website now but it’s very verysimple grill box with a grill plate whenI’m not using that burner I can just setthat down there and then that worksreally well we take that grill box withus in addition to the stove because ofour campgrounds we like to do like Isaid this this pork loinwe’ve real steaks sometimes when it’sraining like if we hadn’t planned ondoing hot dogs or brats or that kind ofthing or doing some kind of campfiremeal but it’s raining it’s really niceto have a grill with you that you canjust hey let’s just throw the brats onthe grill let’s just throw you know thecan of SpaghettiOs on the burner or justjust you know just go that wayso I really do like I said I really dolike this this girls setup it collapsesreally easily you can unscrew the legsand they pop off I have a storage bagthat it goes in and thenhave another storage bag for the campchef grill stove so our grow box so withthat I’m gonna get itlit and get it warmed up and then we’regonna throw the pork loin on there okayso I’ve got my assistant Garrett herethere he is and he is going to be mypork holder so I can get these things onthe grill being a little jumpy heretrying to do betterI’m gonna switch off and have Garretthold that because it is hard to do bothactually here we go we’re gonna figurethis out as we do more of the what’scooking videosthree more to put on here so as you cansee that grill the grill box is not bluethat could have been bad the grill boxis not huge but it is big enough you canyou can make stuff work you just got amake roomokay and I just kind of drizzle the restof the stuff on there just add a littlebit of flavorand it is hot so it’s gotta be carefulokayand we’ll go ahead and throw the lid onI’ll let them cook for a little bit andthen we’ll flip them so a couple ofthings that I wish a couple of thingsthat I wish we had and that is Camp Chefdoes make little wings that attach tothe camp stove so that you have placesto put things that would be really handywhen I’m at the campsite I take afolding table and I set it up right nextto it so that works for mebut here at home I don’t have my camptable so I have to kind of get creativewith things and have people hold stuffmaybe at some point in time I’ll goahead and get that on the from the CampChef website yeah but yeah for right nowit works just fineso with that I’ll show you when it’stime to flip okayso you want to make sure that you don’tovercook them but I do like to use somenice nice heat to sear it in so youdon’t want to you don’t want to dry themout and like most grills there are partsof the grill that are hotter than othersso I do tend to move my my pieces ofmeat around depending on what part ofthe grill is hot and what part isn’t butthat’s typical of most of most grillsanyway so it’s just something that youhave to get used to for every grill easelike you can see that this side is muchcooler than the middle so once I flipthese over oftentimes I will move thosefarther to the right and that’s justbasically because this side of the grillbox is away from the flame that theburner is centered right here so this isyour hotter spot this is your colderspot and then farther away down here inthe corner and not along this edge it isa little bit colder so like I said righthere these six chops right here aregoing to get the majority of the heat sowe’ll rotate these outalong the edge and we’ll put those innext time so as you can see what I’vedone is I’ve just moved stuff around Imove the ones that we’re cooking fasterto the outside edges and I’m working onthe ones that aren’t cooking as fast andso you just have to rotate things aroundlike I said but other than that itreally does cook nicely you just have tostay on top of it okay so we’re aboutready to pull them off the grill theylook and feel great very excited aboutthis what you can do is you can pairthem with vegetables potatoes weactually make stuffing a lot of the timeso we do some stovetop stuffing at thecampsite it’s very easy to do you justtake the box add water and then mix itin a sauce pan on on the other burnerbut we’re doing the stovetop tonight inthe house so with that I’m gonna goahead and pull these off and we’re gonnaeat so we’ll see you next time on what’scooking on Kemp outside

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