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22: Daily Vlog Day 12 – Making Whole30 BBQ Sauce and a Trip to the Atlanta Zoo!

Day 12 of Whole30 and I am getting the hang of things.

Overall, my hunger has waned and I have found that when I’m busy, I’m not focusing on what I can’t have!

Some Non Scale Victories that I hope to recognize over the next 20 days include:

* Less acne
* Less bloating
* Clothes fitting better
* Less constipation
* Less fatigue
* More patient
* More optimistic
* Less stressed
* Handle stress better
* Fewer sugar cravings
* Fewer carb cravings
* Feeling more in control of my food choices
* Fewer cravings
* Better sleep
* Better attention span
* More exercise
* Building new healthy habits
* More cooking

Program Rules:

Cooking Whole30


* No sugar
* No alcohol
* No grains
* No legumes
* No dairy
* No carrageenan, MSG or added sulfites
* No recreating baked goods
* No stepping on the scale or taking measurements

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Original of the video here

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